Beliefs are Not Truths and Truths are Not Beliefs

Flat and centered beliefs, how many beliefs are you still holding on to like this?
Flat and centered beliefs. Now believed to be false, the Earth once was widely believed to be flat and the center of the universe! How many beliefs are you still holding on to like this?


I channeled the beliefs vs. truths information on July 8th, 2012. It was meant to be shared right away and I never got around to it, until now. My channel tends to get angry with me (especially when I don’t listen), and you can feel it. Everything below was channeled by me, and even I don’t fully understand sometimes. For more information on channeling see: Channeling: You Do It And Don’t Even Know It


Challenge your beliefs every time you get new information! The difference between truths and beliefs is like the difference between needing and wanting.


Just because someone tells you something is fake, or there’s a video explaining in extreme detail why it is fake, don’t let that change your mind about it. Accept both pieces of information. Even when good solid evidence explains why and how it is fake, choose neither piece of information. Never let someone’s opinion become your own. Just accept it as another possibility.

Be skeptical but never close your mind!” -Unknown

Is it a cube or is it a pyramid?
Is it a cube or is it a pyramid? Our beliefs can alter our perspectives.


How can you believe something if you do not have all sides to the story? If you have a 3 dimensional shape that looks like a square and you only look at 1 side, you could guess that it is a cube, but if it is really a square pyramid, you would have believed wrong, so why do this with other information?

Certainty is an illusion” -Unknown


People's opinions on colors differ greatly. Beliefs work the same way.
Who’s right? People’s opinions on colors differ greatly. Beliefs work the same way. So why choose?

Information is just like colors. When we look at a particular color, some of us might think it looks green, and some of us might think that it looks blue; it is so close to being both that which one is it really? It is a mix of both and that makes both right; many of these shades are really both. So committing to one or the other, doesn’t make you right, it makes you wrong for not considering both. A person who thinks it looks greenish-blue or bluish-green is closer to being right. Even then, that now makes that particular color able to be thought of in 4 ways, green, blue, greenish-blue and bluish-green. Which one of these 4 choices is right? There are some colors that you can see purple, red and pink in them; it’s because the purple makes the red look pink and if your eyes are focused in another way you can see the red in it. Information works the same way, so why do you still believe it’s blue?


Multiple beliefs? We are taught in school that there is only ONE answer, is there?
Multiple beliefs? We are taught in school that there is only ONE answer. Is there?

When a piece of evidence can be taken multiple ways and you choose one way, you are not being a true truth seeker. You don’t want the truth, you want whatever you’re looking for to be colored in a way that fits your beliefs. You’re not willing to think “wait a second, my beliefs might be in question here” as this is a challenge to your beliefs. We are confused by holding two ideas at the same time, but this must be done if you want the truth.


If it can be taken multiple ways, you have to just leave it that way and you have to take it multiple ways every time you look at it. If a piece of information can be taken multiple ways, do not choose! You have to remain neutral with multiple pieces of information. Of course neutral can be dangerous, but that’s how you have to play it out when you are looking for the truth. When you are able to get enough pieces of information you know are true, then you can make a very good educated guess on that piece of information and determine if is likely to be true. This only narrows it down on what, out of the 3, 4, or 10 possibilities that is the most probable, but this will still only be a belief and a more probable truth since this is only a probable answer and not a guaranteed truth.

Anyone who speaks with certainty on [anything] speaks from prejudice, not knowledge.” “Relative impressions of “close” and “far” are subjective and depend on context.” – Eugene M. McCarthy


When does 2+1 = 4?
When does 2+1 = 4? or 2+2 = 3?

Why do the Catholic’s believe what they do? Is it because they’re afraid if they don’t believe it they will not go to heaven? Or is it because that’s what they were told? Their penalization is, if they don’t believe in Jesus, they will be left to burn on a hellish planet forever until the end of time. Because Jesus doesn’t love people who don’t believe in him? That’s what they are told! They are so afraid to believe in anything else, that if they notice something not fitting into their beliefs, they reject it, usually as evil, just as they were taught to do. “Anybody who doesn’t believe what I believe is the devil!” They will hurt, cheat, steal and even kill because of it, and they have. Just to hold onto beliefs and make themselves look good in the eyes of God even though they are making themselves look terrible. It doesn’t work that way! Why are you not choosing to believe what you want to believe?

Take everything in, believe nothing!” -Unknown


How do they depict Jesus? They show him as a very handsome looking young man, vibrant and full of energy. He is able to speak to crowds in the right way, use all the right words and say all the right things. He has a ‘salesman’s tongue’ and everybody is shown captivated by his speeches. So what else do we know that sounds like that?


What are car salesmen associated with? Duping you out of a sale, convincing you buy something you don’t necessarily need or want, selling you a ‘lemon’ or charging you more than it’s value. Politicians buy your votes with false promises. They say that the devil has a ‘silver tongue’, he can talk you in to anything; he is most devious and cunning.


Anger is a common emotion when new information contradicts your old beliefs.
Anger is a common emotion when new information contradicts your old beliefs.

Do these words get you angry? Do they make you feel uncomfortable? If they do, you are not ready for the truth. A rush of emotion is the normal reaction when you fear what you believed is not a truth. You can run, hide and hope that your beliefs will be found to be true, or you can stand up and choose to look at the other sides of that 3 dimensional pyramid.


You can’t tell what the truth is, it is impossible. They will ask you to have faith that what you read in the Bible and even school books is real and true. If you are being deceived and have faith in the wrong idea, you chose wrong! According to the bible and the catholic religion you are going to hell. All because you chose wrong! If you choose the wrong idol, you are done for?


The symbol the Illuminati use to indicate infiltrated organizations?
The symbol the Illuminati use to indicate infiltrated organizations?

The Illuminati have infiltrated and taken over all the major religions, governments, educations systems and banks; that is a fact. They got an inside man into them and manipulated them in every possible way that the masses would accept. They have done every single little thing that they can to push and manipulate them as much as possible and get them away from what they truly were supposed to be. That includes rewriting the laws, the Bible, misinterpreting them, getting their own man in as the leader, such as the Pope or presidents, and then having them change the rules.


The main reason Jesus is the best example is because people are penalized if they do not believe in him. Fear is the primary tactic to force you to choose sides. No real God is going to penalize you for choosing the wrong God. Why is it okay for a god to do that, but not okay for a brother or sister or mother to do that? If it’s okay for a God to do it then it should be OK for your Mother or Father to challenge your beliefs.


Our beliefs can be molded by these kinds of tricks.
Mind tricks. These drawings are only chalk, yet they trick our minds into believing they are real? Our beliefs can be molded by these kinds of tricks. The sidewalk chalk drawings and photography are by Julian Beever.

You are supposed to take your previous knowledge of accumulated information and use it to judge new information. But throughout all of our lives (or until you learn what I am telling you now) you choose to believe a given piece of information over another. You are not actually diligently verifying that something is true or not and in most cases you are just accepting what you are told from friends, family, teachers and the news medias. You are born and your parents do not teach you this. You go through your life picking your beliefs on all the information you are presented. Most of these different pieces of information have multiple beliefs we could be choosing, yet you choose one? Either because we are presented with a limited choice or blinded by our beliefs. We do this all the way though your lives and finally somebody gives us this information. You now have to go back and reassess all the information you learned from the time you were able to take information in and could make a choice on a belief. Now you have to go readjust it, and that is what a lot of these truth seekers are doing now, they are readjusting all of their beliefs. It’s time to stop choosing!


Puzzle pieces are like beliefs.
Information is like a puzzle, the pieces are like beliefs that fit together to build a picture.

If a piece of information doesn’t fit or has multiple beliefs, it’s got to be put to the side. It’s just like a puzzle piece that doesn’t fit in the puzzle right now. Put it aside until other puzzle pieces help you to see where it fits in. When given enough information a piece is removed from the side puzzle pile and placed in a new puzzle pile of probable fitters. This is due to the fact that sometimes a piece looks like it fits, only to find out later once more pieces are fit in that it doesn’t belong. All pieces should be up for review again when more information is given or when you have a possible chance to review it. Puzzle pieces are never locked into place and sometimes we have pieces from the wrong puzzle and they will never fit.


Now if you all did that, right from birth, every single person, by the time your children get the information, it will have been properly determined where the true path is by the people, earlier. Of course they should take this information and reassess it. This is where beliefs get dangerous. Beliefs are very powerful and effective weapons that can prevent people from finding the truth. Beliefs act as walls to imprison the mind! Faith is another term for this weapon.


The 'Belief Wall'. Your beliefs can imprison you entirely
Building a ‘Belief Wall’ around yourself stops you from seeing what is truly there. Eventually your beliefs can imprison you entirely.

People hold themselves in their beliefs and build a ‘belief wall’ around themselves. Your television and news media help to strengthen your beliefs and act as a kind of mortar, with daily updates to reinforce the ‘belief wall’, never letting it fall. People don’t want to come out of this illusionary building, mainly because they got comfortable inside it. New information challenges old beliefs that they have made long ago. They don’t want to go back and review all that old information, because it’s really uncomfortable to do and it’s just easier to keep it and stay inside the illusion of their ‘belief walls’.


Mental boxes of possibilities!
Sort information with ‘mental boxes of possibilities’ making notes of the most likely truths.

Another way to look at this in your mind is to think about each piece of information as being inside a box. With each possibility of that information having only one truth and never knowing what possibility is the right one. This puts multiple choices in each box. Make a note on each box of each choice that is the probable truth. Do not throw out the others pieces. Associate each box by drawing a mental line to the next box of information possibility. Then again to the next and make note of the most likely truths. Continue like this until there are millions of mental box possibilities with notes of probable truths.


Update the boxes when new information is presented. You have to go back now and then, when you get new pieces of information and add a new box with the new pieces of information or add a piece to an old box. Do not throw any pieces away, even if there is a reasonable doubt it may not be a truth. You keep it, it still may be truth. Quite often truths that seem impossible end up being the truth.


You cannot commit to a belief if it is not a guaranteed truth, and none are! You are the problem if you do that, and that’s what all these religions, your news media, your sciences and even your friends and family do. They put these people in boxes, they build walls for them and tell them what the answers are. They do not let them think for themselves. They say things like “Here’s the answer, if you don’t believe this answer, Jesus will not take you to heaven!” or “You are going to be punished for not believing the science that I’m telling you!” or “I have determined that this is how it works, and you better believe me, otherwise we will lose the grant money and will be punished with a financial loss.” or they are ridiculed for not going along with the crowd. The church or Jesus examples are the best ones for understanding this.


How can you base your beliefs on something equivocal?
The Law Vs. The Bible or unequivocal Vs. equivocal. How can you base your beliefs on something equivocal?

Any law that is written must be written to close all loopholes. It’s important to write a law in such a way that it can be interpreted in one way only! Lawmakers refer to this as being ‘unequivocal’ meaning it leaves no doubt about its interpretation. If a law is found to have more than one interpretation it is rewritten, usually requiring a lot of text to make it say only the one intended meaning. They call this ‘closing a loophole‘ or an amendment. The bible is written the exact opposite of the law, it is ‘equivocal’. This simply means it is open to more than one interpretation. Since it can never be ‘unequivocal’ (as the writers are not available to clarify their words) you must find and hold all the interpretations as possibilities and nothing more. Choosing one of the interpretations closes your mind. How can you base your life off something that is not unequivocal?


This is a term given to the ability of someone to point to information that has a more believable truth, but is usually not true. Your politicians and governments use this one all the time. It’s a good tool to push forth a political agenda. The idea is, because the truth is often stranger the fiction, people will always choose a truth that fits in their limited possibility boxes. So this gives them a possibility that is easier to believe! The trick is not to choose it as a truth; simply set it aside as a ‘possible puzzle piece‘. Probable deniability is always used as an information weapon!


Quantum particles are smallest detectable pieces of this reality.
From an atom to the atom’s nucleus to quantum particles. These quantum particles are the smallest detectable pieces of this reality.

Quantum Physics is the name given to the study of what this reality is built from; the tiniest detectable pieces of this reality. These ‘tiny pieces’ are what everything you can see, hear, touch, taste or smell are made up of. When these ‘tiny pieces‘ of reality are looked at, they react to the viewer by letting them see what they expect to see. In other words YOU control them simply by the thoughts you hold in your head!


Random number generator example
This is an example of how a random number generator works. While it is running, random numbers are pulled from the quantum reality that is reacting to your thoughts.

A random number generator is a tool that can show a viewer how this ‘Quantum Reality’ works. By just thinking of a number the ‘random number generator’ reacts to your thoughts and it displays a number as close as it can to the one you are thinking. The closer the number, the more in control you are of your reality. In other words YOU are in control of this ‘shared reality‘; all of you are! So why choose one so negative?

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