Channeling: You Do It And Don’t Even Know It

Channeling is really quite a simple thing and is done by most people only they don’t even know they are doing it.

A simplified example of Channeling.
A simplified example of Channeling.

Let me give you an understanding of what channeling is, how it is used, and clear up some misconceptions you may have about it.

Channeling in its simplest description is the connection to another place, another frequency, another set of beings even, that you receive messages from. Channeling is telepathic in nature. It is not voices heard in the head. In fact, most if not all Channelers, do not hear voices; they receive telepathic communication which translates through in thought form. Some channeling even happens (for channelers) by another being taking over the body (as was done in The Law of One – The RA Material).

Channeling happens when you are (with or without knowing it) in a meditative state. It is those times where you are having those thoughts that you wouldn’t have otherwise been thinking. Those thoughts that come out of the blue, sometimes they make sense, and sometimes they don’t, are all forms of channeling.

Writers channel, this is how they come up with most of their stories. That’s why a lot of book writers tend to go away to somewhere peaceful and quiet to write their books. Their surroundings, in that peaceful place, help them to get a clear channel to the transmissions that are being sent to them for their books.

Psychics channel, this is how they get their information. All information that is not known from another source, is from the use of channeling. When mediums speak to spirits, this is also channeling. Séances are also a form of channeling.

You can think of channeling as likened to water flowing in a river. The river is a channel for the water. More specifically, you can also think of channeling as likened to a television or radio with all their different stations. All those stations are at different frequencies allowing for multiple channels. This is how Channeling works with humans.

Channeling, when it comes to humans, is the tuning in of the millions of frequency ranges that we cannot see with our eyes or hear with our ears; instead, we pick up those frequencies with our minds. The broadcasts on each of those frequencies are different, and come from different sources, much like a television or radio. There is a minor difference from television or radio; television and radio is a one-way stream, whereas channeling is two-way (or more, I’m not sure).

One problem with channeling is that when people channel, they don’t know who or what their source is (even if given a name) and so therefore can be easily fooled into believing everything that source tells them. There are going to be messages that are true, messages that are false, messages that contradict one another, messages of hope, messages of hatred, etc. The list goes on. People who channel tend to believe everything that comes through in the transmission they receive, and that is where the harm can occur.

You can’t believe everything that is channeled for there is no source who can possibly know everything. Things change from moment to moment that cause everything else around to alter thereby making things different than at the time of the channel. This also causes the contradictions that come along with channeling.

Contradictions in channelings are quite common. Sometimes this is due to sources, and sometimes this is due to changes that occur. Sometimes, it is a dimensional issue, where the messages are coming from another timeline or dimension so the things stated don’t make sense here.

As a Channeler, I understand that I tune into many broadcasts, and even though I get some transmissions that are contradictory to each other, I report them anyway. I do so because most of the messages that I get are beneficial. Even though some thoughts on things that come through (from the sources that I tune into) clash, they are all usually good views and I don’t want to discard them. No one knows everything, not even whomever is sending out these broadcasts.

To be quite honest, I’ve had at least 1 time, a channel come through where there were at least 2 ‘people’ sending me information, and they started to argue. Well, because this is a 2-way stream, I had to stop typing and tell whoever these beings were that they need to get their message straight before I can continue. One wanted to state things in one way, and the other wanting things stated in another. I couldn’t blend the messages the way they were coming through, so I made them take their argument elsewhere and come back when they could word things in a way that makes sense. And, they did. I’m not sure if it was the same day or up to 2 days later before I got back to that channeled document.

Another thing that will happen is if the entire channeling does not take place at one time (in one sitting), messages sometimes will be repetitive, or be worded much differently. I suspect this is because it is not the same ‘person’ sending the message. (I’ve had that happen a lot too.) I do try to get each message finished in one sitting, but it’s difficult sometimes with all the distraction that I have to go through in a day. I’m not lucky enough to be able to go somewhere secluded and isolated from everyone. However, although messages sometimes overlap, and end up repetitive, the message is clear.

Channeling is an amazing thing once you get the hang of it. I find when I channel, I slip off into a place in my mind where it is comfortable and I don’t have to think at all.  (Like daydreaming.) I’m sure most writers do the same, whether they use the modern conveniences of digital typing in a word processor, dictate their words into a recording device, or actually spend the time to write on paper.

Those daydreams you go into are sometimes the best channeling sessions. You should pay attention and start writing the stuff down that comes to you. I think you’d be amazed at what you write during those times.

(Most of this article was channeled. Whenever I write, I slip into a channeling session and allow the words to type themselves. It is only when I finish typing that I read what has been written and touch up what has been stated.)

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  1. Jacqueline Gregory

    I hope you see this, Bernadette. I have just used your spell for protection against harm and am now feeling such a release that it is positively heady. I have been subjected to such terrible vibes from certain people and I do not deserve it. I wish them only peace and love. Thank you!

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