Uncovering a Classified Catastrophe: Evidence of Cyclical Pole Shifts

Ancient megalithic temple encodes astronomical knowledge of cyclical cataclysms to warn future civilizations.

A controversial book written in 1966 by former McDonnell Douglas engineer Dr. Chan Thomas proposed that cataclysmic pole shifts occur periodically throughout Earth’s history. Though dismissed initially, mounting evidence suggests his dire warnings deserve serious consideration.

Thomas’s book “The Adam and Eve Story” describes previous pole shifts where the Earth’s crust spun rapidly, moving continents and causing global destruction. He contended these disasters repeat every few thousand years, wiping out nearly all life. Myths of great floods support this cycle.

Mainstream archaeology insists civilization began just 6,000 years ago. However, sites like Gobekli Tepe contain carved pillars from 12,000+ years ago indicating advanced pre-flood cultures.

Thomas built upon Charles Hapgood’s crustal displacement theory, which Albert Einstein supported. Hapgood confirmed the poles drift over time and believed they could shift dramatically due to imbalanced ice accumulation.

Today, the poles are moving exponentially faster, nearing 40 miles per year. Meanwhile, Earth’s magnetic field weakens, suggesting a reversal is imminent. Geology proves such flips are common.

During past reversals, the planet was not immediately doomed. But they do stress ecosystems and satellite infrastructure. The greatest danger is increased solar activity that could disrupt power grids for months.

Thomas described in vivid detail the traumatic winds, floods, quakes and temperature extremes of a displacement event. Ongoing geology corroborates that such disasters occurred repeatedly.

Erosion around the Sphinx and buried Easter Island moai indicate cultures pre-dating Egypt and Polynesia were devastated. Underwater ruins near Japan and Cuba may be remnants of the lost continents of Mu and Atlantis.

No definitive evidence proves Thomas’s proposed displacement cycle. But our ancestors preserved myths for a reason. Ancient sites like Gobekli Tepe seem intended to transmit knowledge of recurring catastrophes.

As scientific confirmation emerges millennia later, we see past wisdom was underrated. While the timing remains uncertain, Chan Thomas’s dire warnings compel us to prepare accordingly. The testimony embedded in geology and antiquity demands due diligence to secure civilization’s continuity.

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