Tutorial: Protection (General)

A Tutorial For Protection of People, Homes, And Vehicles

This is a picture of a candle that was used for the protection and well-being of another person. This picture was submitted anonymously.
This is a picture of a candle that was used for the protection and well-being of another person. This picture was submitted anonymously.

Casting a protection is one of the simplest spells. This protection can be done by anyone, or for anyone.

Below I present to you a very basic protection spell. At its most basic, all you need is visualization, but for this case, I’ve incorporated focal points to help you out.

What is casting a protection?

Casting a protection is the placing of a shield or a barrier around yourself, someone else, or an object.

Why do you need protection?

A simple protection around yourself or your home can help to prevent illness, injury, accidents, break-ins, fires, or even protection from others who would try to cause you harm intentionally through any means. By erecting a shield around yourself, you protect yourself against harm done physically, as well as metaphysically. You don’t NEED protection in the form of shielding, but it’s never a bad idea.

What you will need.
What you will need.
What You Will Need For The Protection:

For this, you will want to sit alone in a quiet room. You can light candles if it makes you feel more comfortable; or if you want to have a focal point. Candles work great as a focal point for any spell.

If you use a candle, if you choose, you can carve into it the word “PROTECTION” or the person’s name who you are protecting even if it’s for yourself. You can use anything sharp or semi-sharp to carve into the wax of the candle, even your fingernail. You don’t have to carve deep, but you can if you want.

You may also light incense if you choose. They type and scent are completely up to you, however, I strongly suggest an aroma of calming; something that is not at all harsh. Incense is not necessary, but it will help to invoke the proper emotions for creating a strong protection barrier.

You can choose what phase of the moon to do your protection during. Although not 100% important, if you choose to harness the moon’s energy to help you for your spell, then choose your moon phase wisely.

If you choose to work with a specific phase of the moon, I have a list of what phases correspond with each type of spell. Moon Phase Guide For Magic

Because this is a protection spell, any of the phases can work because you are ridding the negative by protecting and keeping it out, but you are also attracting positive to use as a protective shield. I would suggest either full moon or new moon, however it really doesn’t matter; it’s up to you what fits best and how you feel about each phase. A full moon signifies the end of a phase, and a new moon signifies the beginning of one.

If you have one, you can use a picture of who or what it is you are placing the protection on. By having a picture of who or what is to be protected, this gives a better focus so that your mind doesn’t wander away from your intent. If you don’t have a picture of who or what it is you are protecting, and you can’t get one, don’t worry about it, you’ll just have to picture your target for protection in your mind’s eye.

Have a chant ready; something to recite that says exactly how you want who or what protected. I have some variations you can use, or you can look up different ones online. Protection Chants For Protection Spells

If you write something out yourself, that will be best because it is more precise. You can use other chants, but you should really have your own words added to the ready-made protection chant so that you get specifically what type of protection you want. However, if you don’t feel comfortable doing that, just use a basic chant, it will do the trick.

The Ritual. Follow the instructions given for the ritual to be performed.
The Ritual. Follow the instructions given for the ritual to be performed.
The Ritual

Now you can cast your circle, and call upon whomever you choose (God(s), Goddess(es), the Moon, etc.) to help you. You can skip this step if you’re not comfortable casting a circle; your protective shield will work with or without casting a circle. I work without casting a circle, so I know it works with or without this step. As in any spells, casting a circle and calling upon deities and elements is totally optional. Some would argue otherwise, but it IS optional.

Light your candles and your incense. Make sure they are somewhere safe so nothing catches fire.

Look at the picture of what or who you are protecting. Picture a shield around them; a white light sphere. As you picture the sphere, recite your protection chant and focus on who or what you are protecting. See the sphere engulfing and surrounding that person or thing. Keep reciting, and keep picturing. Feel the presence of the orb around your subject; know that it is there. Do this for as long as you need to, in order to make sure your protective shield is holding and secure.

When you feel you are complete, you can close off your circle and extinguish your incense and candles. Clean up and you’re done.

You may find that you need to reinforce the shield of protection every so often. If you do, you need only think about it to reinforce it. Think about the shield, and think about protection, or the protection chant you used.

If you feel better reinforcing it by going through the entire ritual again, you may do that as well; there’s no harm in that. Always do what feels right for you.

Alternately, you can charge an item for protection. You can turn any object into a protective amulet.

Tutorial: Charge An Amulet For Protection

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