Tutorial: Charge An Amulet For Protection

How to Charge an Amulet For Protection

Assorted stones, shells, charcoal, coral, and a pendant. Any of these items can be used as an amulet and charged with the power of protection.
Assorted stones, shells, charcoal, coral, and a pendant. Any of these items can be used as an amulet and charged with the power of protection.

To charge an Amulet (a pendant or any other object) for the purpose of protection, you first need to choose the item that you wish to charge with a protective spell.

Your choices will be based on who will be using it, if they are wearing it or just keeping it with them, also what it is for (to protect a person, a home, or car, etc).

If you are charging an item to protect your home or car for example, you might want to choose a special stone, or a talisman of some kind. You might even want to MAKE an object that you place the protective spell on.

If you are charging an item to protect a person, you might want to charge a pendant, or other item that can be worn by the person who is being protected by the object. Bracelets, necklaces, rings, and even earrings work to be charged for such a purpose.

There really is no limit to what can be charged and used as an amulet. However, stones and crystals tend to hold a charge really well and don’t deteriorate easily. But you don’t have to limit yourself to such. You really can use anything.

It really doesn’t matter WHAT the item is that is being charged with a protective spell. The only thing that matters is that whatever it is you are using, whatever the item, it can remain easily with whom or what you are trying to protect.

The Ritual. Follow the instructions given for the ritual to be performed.
The Ritual. Follow the instructions given for the ritual to be performed.
The Ritual (for effect, and to give greater power)
  1. Take your item of choice and place it on a table, the floor, or on the ground.
  2. Around the item spread a circle of salt.
  3. Set up 4 candles at equal points around the edge of the circle of salt. Candles can be white or of varying color. (I would use varying color, myself, but it’s a matter of choice and/or availability.)
  4. Recite the chant of your choosing. (I have some examples of pre-written Protection Chants that you can use if you don’t have your own.) Do this at least 3 times, up to as many times as you feel comfortable doing.
  5. Optional: Smudge (burn sage) around the area in which your amulet and circle of salt is located as you repeat your chant again to cleanse the energy of the protection and amulet. (This is an optional step, but for some people this helps them to assure they have a clean energy that will protect from any negative energies. I don’t use this step, but if it helps you, then do it, if not, then leave it out.)
  6. Extinguish your flames, and say thank you, all the while focusing on your newly charged amulet.
  7. Clean up your area; put away candles, sweep up salt, clean up any other mess that may have been made. (TIP: If you salted the ground outside, pour water to melt the salt if you can’t sweep it up.)


Your ritual being completed, you can now give the protective amulet to the person you wish to protect with it, or place it in the location which you wish to protect with it.


This is one (1) method out of many. Everyone has their own way of going about charging an amulet, but this one is mine. If you like it, use it. If not, then don’t. If you feel it should be altered (a little or a lot), by all means, alter it to suit your needs to make it comfortable for you.

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    1. The candles can be either inside, outside, or right on the circle itself. It makes no difference for the exact placing. As long as they are roughly set in place, and you are comfortable with the placing, it’ll be fine either way.

  1. Thank you for your wisdom and instructions but mostly thank you for being so open and encouraging for me to try variations that feel right for me and my protection.

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