Tutorial: Candle Focus

A Candle For Focus, Meditation And Psychic Abilities

Candle in the dark as seen from slightly above. This makes a great focal point when meditating.
Candle in the dark as seen from slightly above. This makes a great focal point when meditating. (Click to enlarge)

Candles are a great focal point whether you are doing meditation, or working on enhancing your psychic abilities.


Often times people have trouble meditating, especially when they first set out to try. The biggest complaint is “I can’t do it, my mind wanders.” That’s ok, it’s normal for the mind to wander. Your mind wanders because you have not trained it to only focus on what you need to focus on. You have also not trained it to slow down, so that you can focus on what you need to focus on.

Let your mind wander. It will do that in the beginning, until you naturally allow your mind to settle. It will come in time, don’t stress about it. The whole point of meditation is to remove stress, not to add more. Your mind will eventually settle, and you will find that comfort zone where things are clear and you have achieved a trance-like state.

Meditation is about joining the mind and the body in a harmonious union where you can be at peace, no matter what is going on around you. It also helps to get answers for the questions that you have about things that are going on in your life. To find that inner voice so many people speak of, you must meditate.

If you practice enough, in a controlled environment (quiet, isolated place), you will soon be able to achieve a meditative state no matter where you are or what you’re doing; and it won’t affect what you’re doing, either.

Daydreaming: A Form Of Meditation

Do you ever find yourself staring blankly off into nothingness? Do you know the comfort of that feeling? If you’ve ever been in that state, you have been in a meditative trance. I used to find myself in that state quite often; not so much now that I’ve got kids, but I’ve been there often. It’s where you stare at something, and you’re not really focused on it, but you just stare, blankly, and zone out from everything around you. I’m sure most of you have been there at one point or another in your lives.

The point is, you had a focal point which brought you to that trance-like state where everything was comfortable, and thoughts and images set in that are unusual to your own ‘normal’ state of being. It is that type of focal point that you will be able to achieve using a candle.

Developing Psychic Abilities

To help to develop psychic abilities, a candle is also helpful as a focal point. It is important to be able to get into a meditative trance, and have as much focus as possible when developing your abilities. This is because if you can tune out the physical world around you, you can better sense what is there that cannot be normally sensed. This also helps when trying to achieve visions, whether past, present, or future.

I will have individual tutorials soon on developing many of the psychic abilities.

The Candle For Focus

To begin, get yourself a candle. The size, shape, and color of the candle does not matter; it also does not matter if the candle is scented. It is completely your choice when it comes choosing the type of candle you use. Choose something that you feel most comfortable with.

Make sure you have a candle-holder if using a stick candle; you don’t want it to fall over while it is lit. Also make sure there is nothing immediately around or above where you are lighting your candle; you don’t want to start a fire (other than the one on the wick of the candle of course). Safety first.

Another safety issue, you don’t want to have any windows open, especially if there is a breeze coming in or sucking out. You also don’t want to have a fan on. Basically, you don’t want any flowing, moving air where you are working with your flame on your candle. Not only can this extinguish your flame, it can cause unwanted jumping of the flame to nearby objects potentially causing a fire. Please take every precaution  possible when working with your candle(s).

Have matches or a lighter on hand to light your candle. You should also have something handy nearby to extinguish a flame, just in case something should go wrong; accidents happen, so be prepared. It’s unlikely that something should happen, but never assume. It’s better to be cautious than sorry.

You will want to sit in a comfortable position, but not so comfortable that you might fall asleep. If you can be eye-level with the candle, great, if not, it’s ok to be slightly above the flame. Eye-level however is best, whenever possible. If sitting on the floor, you might want to sit on a cushion or a pillow; trust me, when sitting for long periods of time on a floor or other hard surface (even if it’s carpeted) it starts to hurt, so you’ll want cushioning of some kind.

You also want to make sure you won’t be disturbed while practicing this. If you have children or animals, or take care of someone, make sure they are taken care of first before beginning, or simply wait until after they’ve gone to bed; you won’t want to be interrupted. Also, turn off any cell phones or other mobile devices, television, radio, etc. You don’t want any external distractions while focusing on your candle’s flame. It is also a good idea to use the washroom before sitting down to focus; you could be sitting for a long time, so you don’t want to have to get up in the middle of a focal session.

Once you’ve taken care of all the above, it is now time to light your candle; so go ahead and light it.

Your candle is now lit, and you can see the flame quite clearly. Stare into the flame and watch how it dances around. Watch it go left to right, front to back, circle around, get taller and shorter. Watch every motion the flame makes, even if it doesn’t move at all; pay attention. Focus only on the flame. Be taken in by the beauty of the flame.

With that focus, try to move the flame to have it do what you will it to do. Try to make it tall or short, or move from side to side. (Don’t worry if it doesn’t follow at first, the whole point is to focus to get your mind off other things to be able to focus on what you need to focus on.)

While you’re watching the flame, also notice how it feels, on your face, and your body as you stare at it. Feel the heat and the energy that comes off the flame. Focus on how that energy feels as the motion of the flame changes. Feel it, absorb it.

You are now ready to move to the next step. This can be done in the same session, or it can be done in a later session if you wish to keep practicing the above steps.

Now you can start to let your mind clear and go blank. You can either close your eyes, while still feeling the flame’s energy, or you can stare directly at the flame, and just let your mind go blank. If you stare at the flame, unfocus your eyes, and just stare.

If you feel your mind wandering, going over your worries, or your day’s events, etc, just focus back in on that flame, try to clear those things from your mind, and repeat the above step. Do this as many times as you need to. Your mind will wander, just don’t panic over it, and don’t let it discourage you, it’s perfectly normal.

It’s extremely rare for anyone to be able to get to a meditative trance on their first try, or even second or third, etc, so don’t worry about not achieving this goal right away. It is something that takes time, and it takes focus. If you keep at it, you will get it. The more you practice, the sooner you will achieve the meditative trance. Once you are able to get to that trance, you may not need the candle anymore to get there.

Once you have gotten to the meditative trance, you can now focus on specifics. For example, you have a dilemma, and you need to know what to do, you can ask while in this meditative state, and this is where you will most likely get your answers. I say ‘most likely’ because in the beginning, when you first start asking, it may take a few tries before you hear or see, or know, what you should do. Your answer will come, you have to be patient, and you need to know how to be receptive to it as well.

With a relaxed mind, you are more receptive to your ‘inner voice’ as it’s called. But if you stress over hearing or not hearing that voice while in the meditative state, you may miss it completely. Keep calm, be patient, and be receptive to what your inner voice is telling you. You will soon know how your messages come to you and what they sound like or look like. The message(s) will become clear, but you must be patient.


Using a candle for meditation is nothing more than a technique. I prefer the candle technique because it is difficult to ignore a flame, and it really does work to keep the mind focused.

Different colored candles will invoke different feelings in you, so if you are meditating over certain issues, you might want to choose a color that inspires certain feelings in yourself to help the process go more quickly. Likewise, scented candles can have the same type of effect.

Mind wandering is normal, especially when you first start out; it happens to everyone. Just because your mind wanders doesn’t mean you’re doing it wrong; in fact, you’re doing it right because you’ve gotten your mind to a point where you can more clearly see those things that are on your mind. If the mind wanders, start over, it’s not anything to worry about.

Don’t get discouraged throughout the process; it is a process that takes time and a lot of patience. If you take the time to go through the process, you will find that even your focus for other things will have improved. Keep at it, and do it often. You’ll be amazed at what you can achieve if you try.


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