The Cure For Cancer: What You Need To Know

A depiction of cancer with blood cells within the body.
A depiction of cancer with blood cells within the body.
There is a Cure for Cancer! Scientists, Doctors, and the Pharmaceutical Companies know this, but will never tell you!

Yes, that’s right, there is a cure for cancer. Cancer can be and has been cured, over and over and over again. And you don’t need expensive ineffective treatments to do it either. Those treatments don’t work and only make the problem worse. To understand how to cure your cancer, you must first understand cancer, what it is, how it lives, and why it grows.

Cancer already lives within each one of us. It is a fungus. It lies dormant (not growing, not active) until the proper conditions for growth and development are met. It is only when the state of our bodies becomes more acidic that cancer thrives and grows. It has been shown in numerous ways how cancer can be beaten. The trouble is, most people facing it won’t even give consideration to those solutions for fear that they won’t work and they will die. Sometimes it is not even the person with the cancer that is saying no to the alternatives; it is the people around them that don’t even tell them. The solution is right in your face but you have to trust that it will work and remove the need for ‘treatment’. The simplest way to eliminate the growth of cancer and to make it recede and die off is to alkalize your body. You need to go to an extreme level of alkalinity, because that is the opposite environment of that which cancer loves.

Cancer can be triggered by outside sources such as environmental factors (workplace as well as outdoors), chemicals, and vaccinations/immunization. Any foreign element which enters your immune system that causes it to turn acidic will cause an environment for the growth of cancer cells.

So, the cure for cancer is simple. Alkalizing your body will stop the progression of cancer development as well as to allow those cancer cells to die off allowing your body to flush them out.

To alkalize your body, you will need to change your diet and include acidic foods. Don’t be fooled into thinking that eating acidic foods causes your body’s chemistry to turn acidic; it is actually the opposite. Eating acidic foods will alkalize your body, whereas alkaline foods will turn your body into an acidic environment (which cancer thrives in).

Most fruits are great for alkalizing. Figs are (apparently) one of the best sources for alkalizing, alternately, cranberries are one of the worst, so you’ll want to avoid cranberries. Potatoes are a food that no one can seem to agree on as to whether they cause alkalinity or acidity. The charts shown below have potatoes on the acid causing foods list, however, I have found other lists that show that they are alkaline causing, so it’s probably best to avoid potatoes if you can just to be safe. Also, try to avoid GMOs (Genetically modified fruits and vegetables), as they will most likely only enhance the growth of the cancer instead of having the desired effect. You must be careful when choosing your alkalizing foods for this reason. Also, make sure to clean the foods well that you have chosen to ingest, mainly because of pesticides.

After your body has been flushed of the killed off cancer cells, you can now get your body back to a balanced state. If your body remains balanced, you should never have to worry about cancer again. It is important to have a balanced body environment, so once the cancer is beaten, to prevent cancer from re-appearing and taking over again, it is important to maintain a healthy balanced diet. You want to keep your body’s pH at a neutral level by eating both acidic and alkaline foods in moderation. Don’t allow sickness in by staying on the acidic side; that’s how you got sick in the first place.

Below, you will find charts containing lists of foods which either Alkalize or Acidify the body.  (I personally don’t agree with all of the listed foods, but this is what is recommended.) To rid the body of cancer, follow the alkalizing foods chart. These foods not only work to rid cancer, but they also help to cure a plethora of other ailments as well.

Chart listing foods that alkaline the body when consumed.
Chart listing foods that alkaline the body when consumed. (click to enlarge)
Chart listing foods that acidify the body when consumed.
Chart listing foods that acidify the body when consumed. (click to enlarge)

If you or someone you know is suffering from cancer, please, don’t take this information lightly. You can save a life if you trust the science of pH balance in a body. Many people have beaten cancer using these methods, so you or your friend or relative can too.

There is no need for the chemical soup (as I have termed it) that is chemotherapy. Chemotherapy does not aid in ridding the body of cancer. What it does do is more damage to the healthy cells, weakening them and allowing for cancer to take over those areas of the body. There has been much research done in the way of showing how chemotherapy is an outright hoax. You don’t need it; there are far too many alternatives which actually work to rid the cancer. Radiation is also not the answer as it also does damage allowing for cancer to spread more easily.

Natural is always a better alternative. You will NEVER hear that from the vast majority of doctors, because doctors are convinced through their onslaught of conditioning ‘education’ that tells them otherwise. Besides, doctors make more money off of sick people than off of healthy people. So of course, between doctors and the pharmaceutical companies, it is in their best interest to keep you sick.

Do your research and you will find that what is stated above is true and works. Unfortunately, in that research, you will also find statements to the contrary. Those contradictory statements you will usually find are made by scientists and other medical professionals; that doesn’t mean that those (contradictory) statements should be trusted. There are also paid agents that are sent from site to site to make sure that anything that goes against Big Pharma is kept under wraps. These agents will always say “there is no cure” for things like cancer. You can’t trust all that you read. You need to use judgment and common sense.

Out of all the people I know who have had cancer, and have undergone the radiation and chemotherapy treatments, none of them survived. Out of all of them, for the ones who were offered alternatives to help them rid the cancer once and for all, none of them would even consider trying those alternative methods. People are dying from the complications from cancer every day, and I cannot sit back in good conscience and not spread information that could save a life.

The cure for cancer is quite literally in your back yard. It is in your refrigerator. It is at your local grocery store or market. There is no need for a cancer-ridden society.

Foods are not the only way to rid cancer from taking over a person’s body. Baking Soda kills the fungus that cancer is, and things like Chlorine Dioxide (made from salt, and alternatively known as MMS) also kills off the fungus so that it can no longer grow. There are far too many alternatives to ignore for ridding a body of cancer.

Are you willing to give it a try? Or are you willing to put your full trust in the hands of those who either don’t understand cancer, or do understand it but would rather keep you sick? What have you got to lose by trying these alternatives? To NOT try them is a surefire death sentence for most people. So, for those who are labeled “terminal” or “incurable”, there is nothing to lose by trying alternatives such as alkalizing the body. When there is no other hope, don’t discard information like this, you have nothing to lose, especially if the life is surely lost without doing anything at all. It’s worth a shot. I know that if I was dying from cancer, I would want to explore every option before giving up. Wouldn’t you?


Please Note: By undertaking the methods described in the above article, you do so at your own discretion. I am not a doctor or a health professional, nor do I claim to be. Any regimen you set out on to alkaline your body to remove any cancer growth is your own responsibility, not mine or that of this website. This article is written from accumulated knowledge, common sense, and the use of psychic abilities.

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