Telepathy: What Would Life Be Like

What would life be like if we all had the ability of Telepathy?

A depiction of how telepathic communication works. Telepathy between 2 individuals, communication through waves of the mind.
A depiction of how telepathic communication works. Telepathy between 2 individuals, communication through waves of the mind.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about this world, and how we hide so many secrets from each other. Secrets that are not even really anything to be secretive about. Most of the things that are kept hidden from each other are the way we truly feel.

True feelings that are hidden are things like how we feel about each other, and about subjects that are discussed, and the things we see. We snicker, and we speak in a joking manner sometimes, but those true feelings remain hidden from public view.

Why do we do this? Why can’t we just be honest and open and transparent?

I know why; it’s because we are afraid to convey our true feelings for fear of other peoples’ reactions. We don’t want to be looked at differently than we are being looked at currently. Currently, we are seen as ‘normal’, and we ‘fit in’. We strive so much to be like everyone else, that we are afraid to be ourselves. This ‘fitting in’ causes a lot of stress that doesn’t need to be there, and we would all be much better without it.

Yes, by people knowing how we truly feel sometimes can and does cause hostility, but if that’s how we truly feel, then it should be known, not hidden. Everyone needs to come to this conclusion. If there is something that you would say about someone, or you think about someone, and you don’t want that thing to be known by the person you’re saying it about or thinking it about, then don’t say it or think it. It’s just that simple.

Most of the things that we keep hidden, especially when it comes to thoughts of other people, are negative things. If we could and would all be transparent, most of the negativity in this world would go away because it would have nowhere left to hide. This type of negativity holds our vibrational frequency down, and creates room for more negativity. It’s easy to be negative toward someone when you continue to do so, but if you remove that, and think positively, and convey positivity, that becomes easy.

This is where Telepathy comes in.

Telepathy, is when you communicate with thoughts, instead of words. It is something that is done through the mind, not the physical brain. It is a very real ability, and there are those who can do this with ease. However, there are those in the scientific community who think otherwise.

If we were all telepathic, we could not keep these secrets from each other. We would not be able to hide what we think about someone, and soon, we would not think what we do about people because everything would be clear.

Sometimes we have an impression of someone based on what we think we know about them, or the way they appear to act on the outside. There is so much more hidden about that person and if we were all telepathic, we would know those things. There are lots of things that if we found out about each other that we would no longer see the odd person as quite so odd. Those hidden things, that can only picked up through something like telepathy, would be clear and things would start to make more sense.

Not only would things make more sense, but the negativity would slip away. We would no longer harbor negative thoughts about one another. Negative thoughts are our secrets; secrets which we keep which we shouldn’t have in the first place. Most of these thoughts are there because we know they won’t be found out.

I’m not saying that it’s not ok to not like someone; that’s not it at all. You can like or dislike whoever you want, for whatever reason you want. But it’s when you hide those feelings and thoughts that is the problem. Be transparent about how you feel and how you think.

It’s said by many psychics and channelers that telepathy is one of the next steps in our evolution. That it is something that has been kept from us that will be given back to us all as a natural ability. If this is so, then we will have no choice but to change the way we see people and the way we think about them. Because if you don’t want someone to know what you think, don’t think it, plain and simple.

Not only would being telepathic take away much of the negativity that we harbor within ourselves, but it would also be much easier to communicate.

When you speak, most times, those words are translated from thoughts in your head. There are many words to choose from that have been created over millennia to describe what our thoughts are to convey those thoughts to others. The problem is, not every thought translates to a word or phrase accurately, but we each do the best we can.

With telepathy, our thoughts don’t have to be words; they are simply thoughts and are much more easily understood. Messages are clearer because everything we think is transmitted accurately to get the picture across of what we wish to say.

The Bottom Line:

Telepathy equals transparency. Transparency equals more peace. More peace equals a better society. A better society is best for everyone, not just for each of us to gain what only we want.

Nothing hidden means everyone knows what’s going on. If everyone knows what’s going on, there’s a lot less stress. We can all use less stress in our lives.

We don’t need telepathy to be transparent with each other, we just need practice. The problem is, no one will put in the effort to practice. So, telepathy becomes the surefire way to achieve transparency between us all.

If those psychics and channelers are right, then it shouldn’t be long now before we all have telepathic abilities. Some people have them now, either partially or fully. There are those who can read minds. I myself have been known to hear people’s thoughts from time to time; not often, but it’s happened.

Are you ready for a telepathic world? I am.

Are you ready for a telepathic world? It may be coming sooner than you think. Now is the time to prepare for telepathy.
Are you ready for a telepathic world? It may be coming sooner than you think. Now is the time to prepare for telepathy.

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  1. First, we will need to know our own feelings. Few, if any of us do that with any great degree of efficiency or honesty. That requires us to acknowledge every part of Who I Am. The more relevant question for these times is Can You Hear Your Own Thoughts? Because if you have your tv on or you listen the radio or you play mad computer games, you haven’t got your own thoughts yet. When you can sit in silence for hours on end and listen to your own breath in total peace and contentment, you’re in mode.

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