My "Windsor Tarot Psychic Reading Healing" ad on Kijiji, has clearly been copied, STOLEN from me, and is being used by someone else. Note the date on the right side. Mine is dated January 24th 2014, and the other person's is dated February 6th 2014. This was a search done for "tarot reading". You can see, I have altered my ad with a warning. I am not associated in any way with this "Loulo" person.

Ad Stealing: “Loulo” Stole My Ad Kijiji.Ca

My Ad Was Stolen By “Loulo” On Windsor.Kijiji.Ca Recently, I had my ad stolen, and copied almost word for word. I say almost, because the only things that were changed were the title (one word + rate), and the number of years of experience, as well as the removal of reference to my website. I […]

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