Superman Occult Symbolism 33 Revealed

All Superman Occult Symbolism in All Superman Movies:

Super Aleister Crowley? Superman Occult Symbolism
Super Aleister Crowley? With all this Superman Occult Symbolism, are we really just watching Super Crowley?

I did not compare or read any other articles before I wrote Superman Occult Symbolism Revealed. I will be posting any Superman Occult Symbolism I have noticed no matter how obscure or bizarre they may seem.


We are using the following movies only for this write up:

  1. Superman (1978) 1
  2. Superman (1980) 2
  3. Superman (1983) 3
  4. Superman 4: The Quest for Peace (1987)
  5. Superman Returns (2006)
  6. Man of Steel (2013)

The Superman Occult Symbolism:

  1. New World Order agenda is pushed and mentioned throughout the different movies:
    1. Jor-El said “Chief architect of this intended revolution and author of this insidious plot to establish a new [world] order amongst us with himself as absolute ruler.” (Superman 1978 at 8:17)
    2. General Zod said “Yours could become an important voice in the new [world] order” (Superman 1978 at 9:12)
    3. General Zod said “today begins a new [world] order” (Superman 2 1980 at 1:09:50)
    4. Superman says “Because when you really look at it, it’s just one world.” (Superman 4 1987 at 1:24:27) this line even though subtle, is pushing a one world agenda and getting us used to hearing about it.
    5. Lex Luthor said “To think that one could create a new world with such a simple little object.” (Superman Returns 2006 at 26:15)
    6. Jor-El said “Artificial population control established.” (Man of Steel at 46:22) This is part of the New World Order’s agenda, artificial population control and is something they are again trying to get us all used to hearing about.
    7. Jor-El said “This is a genesis chamber. All kryptoians were conceived in chambers such as this. Every child was desired to fulfill a pre-determined role in our society, as worker, a Warrior, a Leader.” (Man of Steel at 47:03) Or what? Were they considered useless and disposed of? This goes along with artificial population control as undesirables could be disposed of before they are fully formed.
    8. Faora-Ul said “The fact, that you posses sense of morality and we do not. Gives us an evolutionary advantage.” (Man of Steel at 1:33:31) This is why the Illuminati / global cabal can do such terrible things to the majority of the masses. They have no remorse or compassion for any of their actions. They believe it to be an evolutionary advantaged over us that allows them to reach their goals by “any means necessary!
  2. Illuminati Symbolism:
    1. Superman’s Father Jor-El told Superman “They [the humans] only lack the light to show the way.” (Superman 1978 at 47:23 and again in Superman Returns 2006 at 53:00) Let the Illuminati lead the way, right?
    2. Couch upholstery looks like an “all seeing eye” with pyramid. (Superman 1978 at 1:00:54)

      Superman Occult Symbolism "all seeing eye" on Lex Luthor's couch
      A repeated pattern of an “all seeing eye” on Lex Luthor’s couch.
    3. Arctic Cargo logo looks very much like the Illuminati all seeing eye. (Man of Steel at 34:50)

      Arctic Cargo logo on helicopter in "Man of Steel"
      Arctic Cargo logo on helicopter in “Man of Steel”
    4. Sun rays, pyramids and “all seeing eye” symbolism on the door and windows of Lex Luthor’s Penthouse headquarters. (Superman 4 1987 at 57:04)

      Superman Occult Symbolism "all seeing eye" on Lex Luthor's Door and windows.
      Pyramids and “all seeing eye” symbolism on the door and Sun rays on the windows.
    5. Superman’s cape falls into the flame of the statue of liberty’s torch. (Superman 4 1987 at 1:05:20) The lit torch or flame is a key signature of the Illuminati brotherhoods. Its symbolizes the stolen fire or technology that humans stole from the gods. The humans that are illuminated into knowledge. Superman’s cape is fire returning to the flame.

      Prometheus's fire returns to source.
      The lit torch or flame is a key signature of the Illuminati brotherhoods. Prometheus’s fire returns to source.
    6. Prometheus, the god who gave technology to the humans in the form of fire is even brought to our attention by Lex Luthor when he said “I just want what Prometheus wanted.” Kitty Kowalski say “Sounds great, Lex, but you’re not a god. Lex Luthor says “Gods are selfish beings who fly around in little red capes and don’t share their power with mankind” (Superman Returns 2006 at 12:17)
    7. Jor-El said “…and in time they will join you in the sun Kal.” (Man of Steel at 51:45) This line can only mean that we will be Illuminated with superman in time.
  3. Baphomet? A skull of a goat complete with horns on a table in Lex Luthor’s subway headquarters; is displayed with a framed photo of Benito Mussolini, Lex Luthor’s idol perhaps? (Superman 1978 at 1:00:54 and 1:01:56) For more Superman mythology Baphomet Symbolism read the Supergirl and the growing Baphomet. Coming soon!

    Baphomet and Mussolini Superman Occult Symbolism goat skull found in Superman movies.
    Lex Luthor’s goat skull symbolizing Baphomet who is worshipped in occult practices and Benito Mussolini.
  4. Obelisks are displayed in 3 Superman movies, parts 1, 2 and 3. Obelisks represent an erect phallic form:
    1. Two obelisks and what looks like a bull? in Lex Luthor’s subway headquarters (Superman 1978 at 1:01:51 and 1:53:33)
    2. Two glass obelisks are on the table where Lois Lane and Superman are dining in Superman “Fortress of Solitude”. (Superman 2 1980 at 1:09:31)
    3. Two black obelisks are on Ross Webster’s desk in his office, Lorelei Ambrosia is wearing a white dress with red cherries standing in front of them. (Superman 3 1983 at 29:48)

      Superman Occult Symbolism Obelisks are displayed in 3 Superman movies.
      More Superman Occult Symbolism, obelisks are displayed in 3 Superman movies. An obelisk represents an erect phallus.
  5. The Occult numbers 33, 11 and 666, are significant number for the Free Masons and Illuminati.
    1. Directional vectors first: 30, second: 67, third: 117, which is corrected by Lex Luther to Third: 11, fourth: 7. (Superman 1978 at 1:40:40)
    2. When Miss Teschmacher is programing the nuke digital display reads 213. 2+1=3 is basically 33. (Superman 1978 at 1:42:39)
    3. Lex Luthor’s Prisoner number is 1246, there is also a two other 6’s, one on the wall, one on the machine behind him. Displaying three 6’s on the screen for 666. (Superman 2 1980 at 23:04)
    4. Lex Luther’s jail cell number is 383 if you remove the 8, you have 33 and if you add 8+3=11 you get both 33 and 11. (Superman 2 1980 at 30:27)
    5. The number balls Perry white pulls from the Jingo Bingo are 53, 33. (Superman 3 1983 at 9:50 to 10:40)
    6. Lois Lane address can also be 33, 2+1=3 is basically 33 again. Lois Lane said “312 Riverside Drive, please.” (Superman Returns 2006 at 49:17)
    7. Lois Lane says “So the uptown grid went dark at 12:36 and midtown 10 seconds before.” 33 shows up again 1+2=3 33 (Superman Returns 2006 at 1:19:58)
    8. When Lex Luther’s goons are playing cards, the cards have two 3’s, 33. (Superman Returns 2006 at 2:04:20)
    9. One of the Nurses in Superman Returns said “All right, charge to 3, 360.” 33 shows up yet again. (Superman Returns 2006 at 2:12:34)
    10. In the Man of Steel Superman said “I been here for 33 years...” (Man of Steel at 1:12:03)
    11. As well as General Zod said “For 33 years we prepared, until finally we detected a distress beacon which you triggered when you accessed the ancient scout ship. You lead us here, Kal.” (Man of Steel at 1:19:29)
  6. Nuclear man is born when Superman throws a nuke into the sun with some of his hair in it. This is similar what it is alleged Aleister Crowley did when they detonated the first nuke with a fetus in it. It was an attempt to bring the Antichrist in to this world by the occultists. (Superman 4 1987 at 42:20)
  7. Saturn is the first planet shown when baby superman enters our solar system. (Superman 1978 at 22:50 and Man of Steel at 19:22) Saturn is worshiped by Occult brotherhoods and many big corporations use the rings on their logos. It’s also spoken about many time in the movie Supergirl, link Coming soon!

    Superman Occult Symbolism of Saturn, worshiped by Occult brotherhoods.
    Superman Occult Symbolism of Saturn, worshiped by Occult brotherhoods.
  8. Superman is shown on the screen in the form of Leonardo Da Vinci’s “The Vitruvian Man”. Leonardo Da Vinci is believed to be an occultist, as he embedded secret is his works. (Superman 3 1983 at 1:42:43)

    More Superman Occult Symbolism, Superman as Leonardo Da Vinci's "The Vitruvian Man
    Superman is displayed as Leonardo Da Vinci’s “The Vitruvian Man”.
  9. The new Superman movie “Man of Steel” uniforms have a reptilian skin look to them. Reptilian worshiping is a common practice in the occult world.

    Superman Occult Symbolism snake skin.
    A very in your face Superman Occult Symbolism is the snake or reptilian skin.

Superman Occult Symbolism Revealed Conclusion:

With 33 (counting the subs) Superman Occult Symbolism items found, obviously the creators hid the symbols in these movies on purpose.

I do not consider this a full and complete list of Superman Occult Symbolism.

Did I miss any Superman Occult Symbolism? Post them in the comment section and if significant enough I will add them.

7 thoughts on “Superman Occult Symbolism 33 Revealed”

  1. Read this, it’s about the antichrist and the significance of the January 5, 2018 eruption at Papaua New Guinea, the Kodovar volcano, which happened on the antichrists 49th Birthday who is connected to San Francisco which is new Babylon. Let the person who has insight calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man. That number is 666. Revelation 13:18. Philadelphia is one of the 7 churches of Revelation. The Eagles won in 2018. Philadelphia to Canton Ohio is exactly 333 miles. Canton is where the football Hall of Fame is and is also where Marilyn Manson was born on January 5th 1969. Canton Ohio to Chicago is 333 miles. This equal 666 the root of the Beast. Chicago is where Anton Lavey published the satanic Bible also in 1969. Manson and Anton became friends and first met at Anton’s house in San Francisco where he founded the church of satan. Robert Stroud, the birdman of Alcatraz is buried cross country in Metropolis Illinois, superman’s hometown. Jerry Siegel created Superman in 1933 and died 33 years later on the Birdman’s Birthday January 28 1996. Johnny Depp was a good angel until he became best friends with Manson. If you ever watch the old 1962 movie “the birdman of Alcatraz” the first bird Robert saves is a Sparrow he names Jack. In pirates of the Caribbean Johnny Depp plays Captain Jack Sparrow. Construction on the Golden Gate Bridge started on January 5th 1933. On January 5th 1982 there was a landslide in San Francisco that killed 33 people. The 49 year anniversary of the bridge. Manson turned 49 years old this year. Manson was quoted as saying “Hopefully I will be remembered for the one who brought an end to Christianity” Manson said that in 1996 the same year he released his album “Antichrist Superstar.” He once had tens of millions of followers also back in the 90’s. Just google an article Manson wrote on being the third and final beast in revelation. Metropolis Illinois to Fort Wayne Indiana where I figured this all out at is exactly 333 miles. The Kadovar Volcano, thought to be dormant erupted for the first time in recorded history on January 5, 2018, Gods 7 year left warning bell before you know who gets back. This eruption happened on Manson’s 49th birthday, 49 is the number most associated with San Francisco and the Eruption also happened on the 95th anniversary of the start of the Golden Gate Bridge. Marilyn Manson is the beast and San Francisco is New Babylon.

  2. the Superman s on his chestis a snake and surrounded by a pentagram that is from a pentag a baphomet
    actually has the snake on its chestDr Malachi book and I’ve never seen it anywhere elsewhere is the Crowley had a big hand in creating Supermanhealth to the melanin of black people
    melanin comes in the form of his single curl that he has on his forehead
    enables him to gather the power of the sun

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