Superman Bible Similarities: 11 Revealed

Are these 11 Superman Bible Similarities just another coincidence?

The Super Bible - Superman Bible Similarities
Is the Super Bible really used by Hollywood to make super hero movies?

I wrote this article with not having read any other articles on this subject of Superman Bible Similarities. I will be posting any Superman Bible similarities I have noticed no matter how obscure or bizarre they may seem.


We are using the following movies only for this write up:

  1. Superman (1978) 1
  2. Superman (1980) 2
  3. Superman (1983) 3
  4. Superman 4: The Quest for Peace (1987)
  5. Superman Returns (2006)
  6. Man of Steel (2013)

When necessary the movie part (ie. part 1,2,3 or 4, etc.) and time are indicated beside each point for easy reference.

The Superman Bible Similarities:

  1. Superman emblem looks like a snake shaped “S” on a shield. Could this represent the Serpent from the bible such as in the Adam and Eve story?
  2. Superman is referred to as a god many times throughout these movies.
    1. When Lois Lane flies with Superman she thinks to herself “Here I am, like a kid out of school…holding hands with a god.” (Superman 1978 at 1:30:31)
    2. In Superman Returns Lex Luthor says “I just want what Prometheus wanted.” Kitty Kowalski says “Sounds great, Lex, but you’re not a god.” Lex Luthor says “Gods are selfish beings who fly around in little red capes and don’t share their power with mankind” (Superman Returns 2006 at 12:17)
    3. When Kitty Kowalski is singing the song “He’s got the whole world in his hands.” these are the lyrics are heard “And he’s got the whole world, In his hands, He’s got the whole world, And he’s got the whole world in his.” (Superman Returns 2006 at 46:54) obviously attempting to subtly imply Superman is a god.

      Does Superman as Atlas fit in the Superman Bible Similarities?!
      Though the Greek god Atlas is not in the bible, it is an attempt to imply Superman is a god, again!
  3. Zod even wants to be worshiped, as pointed out when he says “I see you are practiced in worshiping things that fly.” (Superman 2 1980 at 1:16:49) Most demons and devils in the bible ask that they be worshiped.
  4. Perry White said “…whichever one of you gets it out of him is gonna wind up with the single most important interview since God talked to Moses.” (Superman 1978 at 1:20:19) Implying interviewing Superman is akin to interviewing a character from the bible.
  5. Here again this time a disaster is compared to the bible story character Noah when a reporter is heard saying “A spokesman for the Department of Meteorology said this was, I quote: The most awesome display of natural forces since Noah’s ark.” (Superman 3 1983 at 54:45)
  6. In the movie Man of Steel during when Jor-El says “…using great machines to reshape environments to our needs.” (Man of Steel at 46:05) a large wave is shown changing a planet or terraforming it. Is this the great flood in the bible? Was that a reshaping of our earth by an alien race? The scene even shows a large machine making water like waves or a deluge over the land; is this why Noah needed an Ark?
  7. Lex Luther has a skull of a goat with horns at his headquarters, reminiscent of Baphomet the goat-headed God commonly believed to be the likeness of the devil. (Superman 1978 at 1:00:54)

    More Superman Bible Similarities, the devil, Baphomet in the 1978 Superman.
    More Superman Bible Similarities, Baphomet goat skull found in the 1978 Superman, the devil is commonly thought to have a goats head.
  8. All these movies feature a story line where an alien is breeding with humans (ie. Lois Lane and Superman). Same as the Nephilim are stated to have done in the bible.
  9. One of Superman’s enemies is named Zod. A simple play on words change the “Z” to a “G” and you have God. They even point it out in the movie here: The president says “Oh God!” and General Zod corrects “[No] Zod“. (Superman 2 1980 at 1:18:09) Is God an alien and did we get God’s name wrong which is really Zod?
  10. Groups of three people is a common theme in the bible, such as Noah had three sons, Job had three daughters, three Wise-men or Magi visited Jesus after his birth; so it is interesting that the Three criminals general Zod, Ursa and Non are a group of 3. (Superman 2 1980 at 1:00)

    Superman Bible Similarities of the Three Magi or three Kryptonians?
    Three Magi visited Jesus or is it three Kryptonians visited Kal-El?
  11. Is Superman a fallen angel? In the bible Lucifer fell from heaven to earth. Superman also fell from heaven to earth in his starship.

    Are Lucifer and Superman Bible Similarities?
    Lucifer was also a fallen angel. Is Superman a fallen angel? Are Lucifer and Superman Bible Similarities?

Superman Bible Similarities Conclusion:

With 11 Superman bible similarities it seems the creators wanted a biblical feel to these movies. I do not think these Superman bible similarities are very significant, nonetheless they are found in these movies.

I do not consider this a full and complete list of Superman bible similarities.

Did I miss any Superman bible similarities? Post them in the comment section and if significant enough I will add them.

3 thoughts on “Superman Bible Similarities: 11 Revealed”

  1. It’s Not Superman That is The Fallen Angel.
    But it’s The 3 Criminals From The Planet Kripton.

    When Zod, Non & Ursa Were Casted out From The Planet Kripton …Then Eventually Ended up on Earth…It Reminds me of When GOD Casted Out The Fallen Angels From Heaven.
    They Revenge GOD By Wanting to Rule & Dominate Over GODs Creations. The World and Humankind.They Hate GODs Son.

    Zod, Non & Ursa wanted To Rule & Dominate The World & Humankind…& They Hated The Son Which is Superman.

  2. Eric 'a son of the Most High'

    I strongly recommend listening to the book of Enoch (Youtube). Hollywood is very privy to what is going on in biblical terms. Superman represents of fallen angel (most definately). High probability he is one of the ‘Gregori’ that sexually forced themselves upon mortal women (of whomever they wanted & multiple wives). Since the most serious offenders were convicted (by the Almighty) & imprisoned in Tartarus (more horrible than Hell), the identity of the fallen angel is a mystery (that Superman represents; he could be Satan himself as they all took multiple identities). All the Gregori assumed multiple identities while they ruled (pre-Deluvian). Superman (much like the Gregori) holds a ‘Holier than the rest’ attitude. Now we see in Superman & Louis, Superman has 2 sons just like the Gregori had sons (the Nephilim; ie: Giants, Heroes of Old). Only differance in the way Superman is portrayed is he isn’t a cannibal & only has 1 wife (that we know of :>)

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