Sin: Wearing Clothes Is A Sin

Wearing Clothing Is A Sin: A Logical Standpoint On Simple Sinning

Sinners? Sinning for wearing clothing?
Sinners? Sinning for wearing clothing?

Easter Sunday, April 20th, 2014.

I had one of those thoughts. A thought about sin.

I happened to be looking out my window and I was watching people walking to church. I noticed there were a lot more people than normal on their way into church. Then I realized, “Of course, it’s Easter Sunday”.

I was drawn to what they were wearing. I was watching and thinking how ridiculous it is to dress fancy to go to church.

Me, I don’t like to get dressed up for silly reasons. When I went to church with my family years ago I wore whatever I felt comfortable in. I got shunned as if I was sinning one time for showing up at church in shorts and a tank top in the mid-summer heat. Really? I’m the sinner? Sinning for being comfortable? At least I’m not passing judgment on the real sinners; the sinners who are judging me.

Anyhow, that memory always comes back to me, whenever I watch how people dress going to church. And the same thoughts and feelings I had then stream into my head now.

What difference does it make what you wear to church? God made you naked, not clod. God doesn’t care WHAT you wear, whether you’re in your own home or in “his”. Really, it doesn’t matter what you wear because it’s only people who are concerned with what you are wearing, not any god that may be watching over you.

So then I got thinking, “If ‘God’ made us naked, and we wear clothing, then that’s a sin.” This thought made me laugh, of course. You have all these people who believe so wholeheartedly that they need to dress up before their respective gods, yet they believe the story of creation and Adam and Eve. God threw Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden partially because they clothed themselves. Therefore making being clothed a sin against god. Sinners they all are. They sin before their god.

Of course, you’ll have hard-core religious fanatics disputing this sin. Christians have Jesus to fall back on, who supposedly died for our sins. Yet in the same breath, they’ll tell you that we are all born with “original sin” which is on us because of what Adam and Eve did. It truly makes me laugh. Sinners.

Jesus on the cross. From the former Cathedral in Haileybury, Ontario. "O Crux Ave Spes Unica" Jesus died for our sins.
Jesus on the cross. From the former Cathedral in Haileybury, Ontario. “O Crux Ave Spes Unica” Jesus died for our sins.


So God, theoretically, would favor the naked over those covering their natural state in which they were created. Right? Which would make anyone wearing clothing, who believes in a god who condemns sinners, to BE sinners. It’s simple logic. So, by wearing clothing, you are a sinner in God’s eyes, so you would then be condemned as sinners.

Yet, when you see people dressed for church, they dress in their “Sunday Best”, their suits and ties, their dresses and skirts and blouses. Why does God need to see you in your “best” clothing? He doesn’t. It is PEOPLE who see you as worth more when you wear your dressy clothing, not God.

When you dress up, you show other people that you are of a high class; that you are of a higher standard, whether you are or not. God doesn’t care; people care. God isn’t superficial, worrying about whether or not you look good; people are superficial. People worry about looks and are constantly comparing themselves to those around them. God also doesn’t judge based on what “class” you fit into. If he did, then we would ALL be sinners whether clod or naked.

I personally believe in a higher power, a creative force, but not a “god” per se. I don’t worship any deity. It’s fine for you to worship who and what you wish, that’s completely your choice, and I will never condemn you for it. There is a creative force; that is what I believe. What you believe is what helps you to get by, as is what I believe for myself. I live by love, because that is the most powerful force there is. I don’t believe in sin. When you live based on love, there is no sin. Sin is a religious term based in fear and carried by fearful sinners themselves.

If you need a religion to help you to love, then so be it. But DON’T condemn others in the name of your chosen religion because if your religion says that you are to love others; by condemning them and talking badly about them, you are NOT following your religion. By that you are sinning.

By dressing up, to go to a place of worship for an hour or so once a week, who are you really impressing? Your “God”? Or the people around you? God sees and hears you no matter where you are and what you’re doing. Sinning is sinning, inside or outside “god’s house”.

If you dress up to go to church to make you feel like you are a good person, then you are there for the wrong reasons. If you’re a good person, then you’re a good person; likewise, if you’re a bad person, then you’re a bad person. Going to church will never change who you are. Going to church is about your beliefs, not what kind of a person you are.

I’ve always been bothered by the superficiality of people and their worrying about how you’re dressed to go to church, of all places; the place where all sin is forgiven. Yet they themselves shun and cry “sinner” about others.

God created you naked. You were born naked. Adam and Eve were banished from the Garden of Eden partially for clothing themselves and covering their “shame”. Being clothed is a “sin” in the religions that follow these texts, and use sin in their beliefs. Therefore, wearing clothing is a sin.

“Let he who has not sinned cast the first stone.”

No one has the right to call “sinner” on anyone else for they themselves are sinners in their own right, especially for casting sin upon others. They sin without knowing, and they sin willingly.

It irks me that the people going to church, to “god’s house” have to dress up, and can’t accept those who don’t. Those who don’t dress up and go into a church full of people who are dressed up get funny looks and are labeled sinners. It should be the other way around. Ok, not really, because the not so fancy dressed people don’t see as much of the need, usually, to shun people, and they are right in that thinking. Shunning based on a sin you are committing yourself is ridiculous.

You won’t get accepted into your “heaven” just because you go to church dressed in rich-looking (many times uncomfortable) clothing, but you have a chance if you are actually a good person and not someone who is hiding under false pretenses, which so many churchgoers do.

They all sin, because they’re ALL sinners under their own religious doctrines. Yet, they will continue to pass judgment on others as if they have not sinned themselves.

Church really IS a place for Sinners.
Church really IS a place for Sinners.


If you wear clothes, and you belong to any religious organization that follows the story of Adam and Eve, logic dictates that you’re sinning by simply wearing any clothing. Sinner, sinner, sinner.

I’m not saying you should take your clothes off. Please, the world isn’t ready for that. What I’m saying is, there is much hypocrisy and contradiction within the church and their teachings, that’s all. A sinner if you do, and a sinner if you don’t.

These are just some of the random thoughts that go through my head when I observe people. I hope you’ve enjoyed my rantings. And if you haven’t, feel free to comment below.

5 thoughts on “Sin: Wearing Clothes Is A Sin”

  1. First of all! Adam & eve was closed them self with leafs because of there sin they have made.2nd a women should not make men look at them in church because of the clothing they are women should make a man take there eyes off of God and look at the women wearing half of dress or short skirt..God bless

    1. William Clint Moore

      Sounds like a excuse for men not being able to control there eyes… Also wouldn’t this go the other way? If guys look good In nice clothing, sholdent men where dirty sacks in church as to not distract women?

  2. Hey,
    Jesus also wore clothes. So saying that wearing clothes is a sin is like saying that Jesus had sinned, when He was sinless. Yes, we shouldn’t wear clothes to gather attention or for other unrighteous reasons.

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