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I’ve Moved! Better, More Convenient, More Comfortable Location! My Readings, Your Schedule!

New Location. I am no longer associated with SKZ Flower Market or Bent Twigs and Black Wicks shops. I am now offering readings in a more convenient and comfortable environment. I can finally run under my own rules. No discrimination. Visit to book your appointment today!
New Location. I am no longer associated with SKZ Flower Market or Bent Twigs and Black Wicks shops. I am now offering readings in a more convenient and comfortable environment. I can finally run under my own rules. No discrimination. Visit to book your appointment today!

I want to start off by saying, this article is to explain to everyone WHY I’ve changed locations for my Tarot readings and my other services (including classes and workshops). This article is NOT intended attack or badmouth anyone. This is MY story, through MY eyes of what happened to me and why I had to start reading Tarot from my home.

In January of this year (2014), I was contacted by a friend on Facebook. She told me that her future mother-in-law was opening a new store and was looking to get a Tarot reader in her shop. I was asked if I would be interested.

Naturally, I was excited over this opportunity. I had been wanting to start reading Tarot in person here in Windsor for a while now, I just didn’t have a place to do it in. I have been mostly doing my readings online for the past 10 years, so having a place to read regularly sounded pretty good. It was an opportunity of a lifetime. (Or so I thought.)

So, I told my friend I was totally interested and she gave me her future mother-in-law’s name and phone number. Now, I was to call Bobbe (pronounced “Bobby”) and talk to her about using her shop for readings.

Screen captures of both of Bobbe's stores. SKZ's Flower Market with Bent Twigs & Black Wicks (Inside SKZ). I no longer do any readings inside these stores.
Screen captures of both of Bobbe’s stores. SKZ’s Flower Market with Bent Twigs & Black Wicks (Inside SKZ). I no longer do any readings inside these stores.

I called Bobbe, and we talked for a bit. She told me about her shop(s). She runs a flower shop with a pagan shop within it; SKZ Flower Market & Décor and Bent Twigs and Black Wicks, respectively. She invited me to come down to her store anytime to check the place out and go over things.

Because this was a Friday late afternoon that I was talking to her and she was about to close I couldn’t go in just then. I decided it was best to wait until Tuesday to go in to see her because her Saturday hours are short and she’s closed Sundays and Mondays. Also, I had to prepare myself to go in with my services and price lists to go over with her and any questions I had for her. I figured that would give me enough time to be fully prepared. (Unfortunately, NOTHING could fully prepare me for that place, but I wouldn’t find that out just yet.)

Tuesday came around. I went in around 10:30 in the morning to meet with Bobbe. She seemed pretty excited when I got there. She took me on a tour of the shop. The place is big; it has a main floor, and a downstairs. On the main floor there were 2 available back rooms, one off of another, and downstairs had 2 large rooms. The one room downstairs would be perfect for holding classes and workshops. I was given a choice of which room I would like to do my readings in, and I chose the small back room off the room on the main floor because it was the most private. (I soon found out it wasn’t as private as it seemed.)

Now came the discussion about what I offer and my prices. I presented my Tarot reading, healing, and picture reading services as well as the possibility for holding courses. Bobbe seemed really excited over the prospect of the courses; she saw that she could sell kits for them in her store. As for the prices I had listed, she wasn’t happy with them at all. I wanted to charge $5 / Question, $10-$15 / Short reading, $25 / ½ hour reading, and $50 / hour reading. She thought I should charge more because other psychics charge roughly anywhere from $60-$75 / hour on average for their readings (her words, not mine).

She insisted on those higher prices because there was another psychic named Beth she had seen multiple times at the Psychic Expo that she really wanted to get in her shop for readings. She felt that Beth, or any other psychic she would try to get in her shop, would not want to compete with someone offering readings for less.

Fine. I wasn’t happy about or comfortable with the new pricing, BUT, I went along with it because that was the ONLY way I would have the use of her shop for my readings.

We sat and talked for a while more. She asked me how I knew her son’s fiancé (my friend that contacted me on Facebook). I told her the truth, which is that we worked together at a restaurant. Then I mentioned one thing that I like about my friend. I said that I like how she’s always so “bubbly”. Well, did I EVER get the STRANGEST glare given to me. It was as if I said something really offensive or something totally foreign. Bobbe didn’t think I was talking about the same person she was; that I must be talking about someone else. Nope. I was talking about my friend, her son’s fiancé. When I worked with her, every time I’d see her she was bubbly; that’s the best word I can use to describe her. (It wouldn’t be long before I found out WHY she’s not bubbly around Bobbe.)

That little incident (the discussion about my friend) lost me some points for sure with Bobbe. The fact that I get along with someone she doesn’t obviously doesn’t sit right with this woman.

I left there that day thinking that this was a great opportunity for me and that I would be able to easily start up my offline in-person Tarot reading business. Upon getting home it was quickly decided that I needed a website to promote me and my business and that could offer online scheduling. So, was born and up and running within a day.

With the site up and running, an ad was put up on Kijiji to promote my business. It wasn’t long after the ad was placed that I got my first official client.

It was now the very end of January. My month of everything looking up was about to take a turn in the negative direction. (I still didn’t know this yet, but it WAS looming.)

I went in for my first appointment. I showed up at the shop and got an earful from Bobbe. She gave me hell for not calling her before showing up. Yes, I probably should have called, but I was under the mistaken impression (because it wasn’t stated otherwise, and was assumed based on the previous conversation) that I was being given a room exclusively to work in whenever I had readings booked.

My client showed up and the reading went very well, aside from the fact that it was eavesdropped on (which I found out later and I was NOT happy about). Bobbe and one of her employees were listening in on the reading from the office which shares a wall with the reading room. After the client left the store, they were laughing about the whole thing, saying things that they shouldn’t have known about; things that were said in the reading.

At this point, I was very insulted and had a bit of an internal rage building about what had happened. I was under the, again mistaken, impression that the readings I was holding there were private. It’s not fair to me, and it’s ESPECIALLY not fair to my clients. What she did was unprofessional, and VERY immature.

Trying to put that aside, I said nothing so that I could continue to have a public place to work out of. I figured if I could get my business booming and start rolling in the clients that I could be soon out of there and into my own place.

Another month went by before I had my next client. This time, I called ahead and everything went smoothly. She wasn’t in a bad mood this time around. However, after my client left, all she talked about was the client, and she focused on the negative aspects she saw and felt about the person. Again, I very much have issues with that, but again, said nothing because I didn’t want to jeopardize my being able to hold readings at her shop.

Another thing after this reading, she was on my case about how I should be recording the readings “because every other psychic does it” and providing a copy to the client. First off, no, not every psychic does it, I’ve been to some that don’t and I’ve heard of others yet that don’t. Second, some people don’t feel comfortable being recorded; I’m one of them, but I’ll allow it if someone really wants to record their session.

She said, and I quote: “If you’re gonna be charging that high a price then you gotta give them a recording.”

Ok, hold on a minute! SHE is the one who set my prices to what they were, and NOW she’s telling me that it’s too high for what I do? What the heck is up with that?

Anyhow, she asked me to stick around after this reading to help her put an ad up on Kijiji for her Bent Twigs shop. So, being the nice, kind, helpful, computer literate person that I am, I gladly helped her out. After all, I was there to offer Tarot readings to promote her shop to boost her business, so this was one more thing I could do to help her out. And besides, by boosting HER business, SHE was boosting mine by advertising for me on her signs and stuff. I figured it’s a win-win situation. That and I like to help; I’m nice like that. And, she’s not very “internet friendly”; she has a hard time with that stuff.

One GOOD thing happened while I was there that day; I met a new friend and psychic colleague. This lady was very familiar to me even though I had never met her before, at least not in this lifetime. I’m sure I know her on a more spiritual level; most likely she and I were friends in another lifetime.

A few days later, I got a call from a woman requesting a reading for that same day. I had to tell her that she would have to come in the next day because I couldn’t book her in at the last minute because it was near closing time for the shop and I didn’t want to inconvenience Bobbe. Also, Bobbe said I should charge double for last minute appointments, and I don’t feel comfortable doing that.

I got to the shop and was told that I JUST missed a couple of people who were in there asking about me. One of them wanted a reading because he wanted to see if I’d be able to read him; apparently no other psychic he’d been to was able to read him, so he was curious. I was told both people were touching everything in the Bent Twigs portion of the store and they were asking about everything. Bobbe was really annoyed by their behavior and sent them on their way. She also told me that I shouldn’t read people like that.

Why? Why shouldn’t I read people “like that”? Just because SHE has an aversion to people for one reason or another? I’m pretty sure she just didn’t want their energy in her shop. Whatever her reason, she cost me some potential clients. (Just another example of her mentality, in my opinion.)

Forget that, I read whoever is willing to allow me to read for them. Period. I don’t discriminate and not read for someone just because I may not like them. Even when I was offering my readings for free, I wouldn’t turn anyone down. If you want a reading, you get a reading!

If what was stated above happened to you and you’re reading this, you are more than welcome to come get a reading from me, anytime. It WON’T be inside the SKZ flower shop, so you don’t have to worry about dealing with that store owner again. You will be dealing with me (Bernadette) directly. I’m very sorry that happened to you.

My client showed up shortly after my arrival. It was supposed to be a quick 15 minute reading, but it ended up turning into a full hour. Since I had no other appointments that day, I allowed it. This lady needed the hour; I only charged her for the 15 minutes. I saw the need, so that’s what happened. Bobbe wasn’t happy about it. She was angry that I only charged for 15 minutes; she would’ve had me charge for the full hour. (Normally I would have, but this situation was different. So don’t think you can book a 15 minute reading and get an hour normally; I WILL charge you for the time you’re here.)

Bobbe never liked the fact that I would give readings away for free in the past. So, naturally, she wasn’t happy with this “freebie” in a sense. She’s a business-minded person and believes that if you’ve got something to offer you should sell it, not give it away.

Then I mentioned to Bobbe that the lady I just read for wanted to come in the day before but it was around closing time for the shop. She asked me why I didn’t book her in and come in then. I said it was because of the time of day, closing time, and she said “So? You should’ve booked it and come in anyway.”

Ok? So I can book appointments at the last minute and Bobbe will be ok with it? Because… that’s what I get from THAT conversation. I just don’t feel right doing that, but if that’s what she wants and is ok with it, then ok I guess.

A few days later, I came down with what I can only assume was the flu. I had a daytime high fever that would come on in the afternoon and subside at night. This went on for days and I felt just terrible. I was delirious at times. Then, just as THAT starts to subside, my autistic 13 year old son decides to run away, again, sometime between 2am and 4am on March 11th. Luckily he was found quickly by the police, before his feet froze (he wasn’t wearing any shoes). There’s more to THAT story (about my kid), but no need for details here.

So between the flu and the running away, that made for about 2 weeks of absolute hell. During this time, I received an email from someone for a reading. I didn’t get this email right away, but I did respond as quickly as I could. This was someone who I had been communicating with on and off over the previous 6 weeks. The appointment was for the lady’s sister who’s English was poor so she required a translator. The sister was scared so she was on and off about getting the reading for weeks, even though she really wanted the reading. So, after another week, they finally booked in with me. I took them for the following day.

Again, this was an appointment that was booked around closing time for Bobbe’s shop, so she was closed by the time I had it confirmed and in the system, so I decided to call her when she opened in the morning.

I called her around 9:30am because I couldn’t remember if she opened at 9 or 9:30, so I wanted to be on the safe side. I got the voicemail (which I didn’t know they had or I might have left a message the night before). It was then that I found out from the recording that she’s now not open until 10am. That’s important information for me to know if I’m to be using her shop. Anyhow, I left a message to tell her that I had an appointment coming in for 11am. I waited until 10 and called back to ensure that I got someone and not the voicemail again to make sure that someone got the message and if they didn’t, to tell them what was going on. I am assuming it was her husband that answered the phone, so I told him and also mentioned the voicemail and said that I only called again to make sure Bobbe got the message so that she wouldn’t yell at me again for just showing up. He laughed. He laughed in a way that was confirming that she is like that, like “ya, that’s Bobbe alright”, that kind of laugh. He said he’d let her know.

I showed up for my appointment and what happened next just baffles my logical mind. It didn’t surprise me, but it did baffle me because it just shows how much this woman doesn’t make sense and how inconsistent she is.

I noticed on my way into the store that the sign out front that usually has my name on it promoting me no longer displayed any information about me and was all about the flower shop. As if I didn’t already feel like I shouldn’t be there (had a bad feeling all morning), that sign didn’t help matters.

I got inside and was IMMEDIATELY confronted by an angry Bobbe telling me “You can’t call me at 9:30 in the morning telling me you have an appointment at 11! I’ve got a business to run! We’re busy and have no room for you! Now I’ll have to put you downstairs!”

Ok??? What the heck is that? Last time I was there, she got mad at me for NOT booking a last minute on-the-spot appointment which would have given her even less notice than this did. I don’t understand. The nearest I can figure is that her rules are based on her emotional state; at least, that’s what it seems like.

So then, as I’m setting up downstairs, she goes on and on about how she couldn’t get a hold of me for 3 weeks and she “can’t go ahead and promote someone who’s unreliable”. She claims that she called me, left 2 voicemails, and sent me an email. I hadn’t received any of those messages that she claims to have left and sent. I told her as much. I also told her that during that time period I was very sick with the flu and that my autistic 13 year old son ran away and that I had to deal with the police. All of which was true.

If you never had to deal with anything like that (the autistic child situation), then you wouldn’t know what’s involved or how stressful that can be. Like I said earlier on, it was absolute hell.

I don’t know whether or not she believed me; I’m pretty sure she thought I was lying. I’m not one to make a habit of lying. I DON’T LIKE to lie; I prefer to tell the truth. I’m not good at lying and it’s MUCH easier to tell the truth.

I was very out of it and detached when I was there talking to her. I just couldn’t find the energy to care, or to argue with her. When she would talk to me I wouldn’t respond much, and when I did, I didn’t say much. I just didn’t have it in me. I was ONLY there because I had clients coming.

I knew then that I didn’t want to EVER go back to that place. I needed to find another way. I knew going in there that day that I shouldn’t be there anymore; it didn’t feel right.

It was 2 or 3 days of stressing out over this before I knew what to do. I decided it was best to host the readings from the comfort of my home. The only reason I didn’t do this before is because with the kids, I wasn’t setup to handle people constantly in and out of my home. But, with having the website set up and locked-in for 2 years, I can’t very well just stop doing the in-person readings.

It was immediately after coming to this decision that I decided to end my business relationship with Bobbe and her Bent Twigs & Black Wicks store. I sent her the following message via email:

Hi Bobbe,

I’m sorry to have to do this, but I won’t be able to do my readings at your shop anymore. There is way too much that I have to deal with right now that takes priority over being there sporadically. I’m sorry, but for now, because of circumstances beyond my control, my place is here.

Thank you for the opportunity; it has been very much appreciated.

I would appreciate being removed from your website. You no longer need to promote me.

If people ask about me, I’m still here, and they CAN contact me, but I won’t be able to be THERE.

Again, I’m truly sorry.

Thanks for everything.


She responded to the email with the following:

Well trust me after last time I did not expect to see you again. It is clear that you would be unreliable and did not respect my space. I have’nt had a chance to remove you from the website but thanks for reminding me.

Good luck

I sent a very polite and professional email, and in my opinion, she responded in a very aggressive and rude manner. Her level of professionalism does not reflect an attitude of leaving personal feelings aside.

If she didn’t want me there, then she should have come right out and said as much to me instead of handling things the way she did. Giving subtle hints to someone and expecting them to take it as “I never want you in my store again” is asking a bit much. A more professional way of doing this is to be direct, otherwise the person you’re talking to may not get the message. In my opinion, that’s NOT the way to deal with people in a business relationship.

Regardless of what went down, I couldn’t use her shop anymore. She didn’t say so to me, but I told her directly. And, I thanked her for the opportunity she gave me.

The day after I ended my business relationship with Bobbe, I got a message on Facebook from my new psychic friend that I met through Bobbe. The message was in reference to my not doing my readings at Bobbe’s store anymore. Word travels pretty fast; I hadn’t told anyone yet. Interestingly enough, the message contained some information that confirmed much of my assessment of Bobbe.

I responded back with why I left, not going into any real detail. When she wrote back in response, the message was filled with more confirming information. This information contained things that I already knew about Bobbe, and things that were now finally showing themselves, about Bobbe, to this psychic friend, and her friends.

I know that Bobbe is the type to make fun of people and talk bad about them behind their backs; I’ve seen that happen with my own eyes. I strongly suspected that she was doing the same about me; I was right. What was contained in that message on Facebook confirmed that Bobbe was indeed badmouthing me to others and trying to get them to take her side.

All I can say is that behavior like that is petty, immature, and completely uncalled for. If she had an issue with me she should have told me directly. There’s never a need to go behind someone’s back. That’s cowardice, and again, just petty. It’s the kind of behavior that you would expect in highschool, not from a grown woman.

I fear she has an issue when it comes to confrontation and so she relies on forcing others to take action so she doesn’t have to. Some people would surely consider that a form of mental illness Some others might just consider her a coward. Either way, I feel sorry for her and for people like her.

So, left with no other choice, I have been preparing my home for the readings. It’s coming along nicely, but there are things slowing the progress down. But, it is getting there. It won’t be long now before my dining room is transformed into my reading room. In fact, by the time you’re finished reading this, it will most likely be ready for my Tarot readings.

Writing this article has taken quite a bit of time away from the effort. But, things like this article NEED to be written because of people who are badmouthing me to others for no reason other than not liking me which may be only being done to make herself look good. I also I write this article because I need to let everyone know that may be looking for me at SKZ flower shop that I’m not there anymore and they can find me elsewhere.

Regardless, I don’t wish Bobbe or her business any ill will. I’m not the type of person to wish harm upon others, even when they may wish it upon me.

I have to look out for me and my family’s best interests. I have to do what’s right and what’s necessary for my family. That shop and Bobbe, although in the beginning was a good opportunity, were placing a lot of negativity on me which I’ve now rid myself of. I feel much better and lighter for having rid myself of her and that place. Things are starting to come together again.

An image of a business card (color version) for with contact information for Bernadette (Lady of Light). Book your Tarot reading today!
Windsor Tarot business card with contact information. Book your Tarot reading today!

I’ve got my calendar turned on for reservations again. My hours are from 9am to 9pm, 7 days a week for the utmost convenience to anyone in need of my Tarot reading or Psychic Counseling services. My prices have also changed and are much more reasonable. $15 / 15 minutes, $30 / 30 minutes, $40 / 45 minutes, and $50 / 60 minutes. And, I take last minute appointments without an issue, and I no longer have to turn people away.

So now that I have the freedom to read for you whenever it is convenient for you, and my prices are more reasonable, I invite you to share this article (by using the sharing buttons below) as well as my website ( and my Facebook page (Windsor Tarot on Facebook) with everyone you know and help spread the word.

Thank you.



It will be $20 for a 15 minute reading, not $15.

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