Rainy Days Are Beautiful

Rainy days are beautiful. They are just as beautiful as sunny days. It is all about perspective.

Rainy days bring life and growth.
Rainy days bring life and growth.

Rainy days should be embraced, not frowned upon. Without rainy days (or nights), the plants could not grow those wonderful fruits and vegetables that we enjoy so much. You don’t have to be a vegetarian to enjoy the fruits and vegetables that those rainy days bring.

Rainy days have to happen or we could not eat. It is not plants alone that are aided with rainfall; all life requires water to survive. The animals require water, and even if they do not get it directly from rain water, the plants that they eat do. We as humans require water to survive, and we also need to eat. All of our food sources required some sort of water to grow to what it was before we killed it to eat it.

It’s not just about food that rainy days are beautiful. Rainy days are so peaceful and calming. Have you ever listened to the rain? Really listened? I love listening to the rain, as it hits the leaves on the trees, and the roof of the house, the awnings, the windows. Rain also cleanses the air so that we can breathe easier.

When you live in a city, getting as much clean air into your lungs as possible is important. Our brains need the cleanest air we can give them in order for them to function properly. Rainy days give us that break from the pollution. Just another positive side to rainy days.

A rainfall can be just rain alone, peaceful, gentle, or wicked and wild with wind. There isn’t always thunder and lightning with the rain. Even when there is, I enjoy that too. Thunderstorms are one of my favorite things in life to listen to and watch. You get not only rain, but the added bonus of rolling thunders and flashes and bolts of beautiful to see lightning.

Yes, the thunderstorms and tornados that sometimes arrive with the rain on those much dreaded (for some) rainy days can cause damage. I understand this. The wind as well will cause lots of damage, even on its own. And don’t forget about the flooding that sometimes occurs. For all of you who have experienced the damage from one or more of those kinds of rainy days, I can understand not liking them. But for everyone else, I can’t understand what is so wrong with rainy days.

For anyone who doesn’t like rainy days, I think you should examine your reasoning for it. Is it because of it keeping you indoors? Is it because it has been raining for so long (or at least seems to be) that you just want it to stop? Is it because you simply hate the rain? Is it because you enjoy the sun? Is it because of the damage it can cause?

Whatever your reason for not liking rainy days, just remember, without that rain, the world cannot survive. That world includes you and me and everyone and everything around us that is alive.

Rainy days are an opportunity to get things done you wouldn’t have done if it was sunny outside. Rainy days are a great way to spend the day crafting with your kids, or getting some housework done. Rainy days take away excuses to be outside instead of being inside where you are sometimes needed. Rainy days are a great time to spend reading. Rainy days are also great for meditation. There are lots of things you can do on rainy days.

Sunshine that brings life.
Sunshine that brings life.

Embrace rainy days, enjoy what you can of them, and even if they cause you some harm, look to what is good in life instead of what is lost. Keep in mind that everything happens for a reason. Most times the reason or reasons are unknown, but almost always are there to show us something greater. How can you find the good without the bad? Most people don’t even bother looking for the good until the bad happens. Some choose to only look at the bad, but that just makes things worse. It makes life worse, not just for the person who is being negative, but also for those around that person.

Stop being negative. Turn your negatives into positives. Enjoy the peacefulness that a rainy day can bring.

Stay positive, stay peaceful. The next time it’s raining, take a look; close your eyes and take a good listen. Nature speaks to us in many ways. Nature tells us how to treat it and what to do and what not to do in our lives. Stress doesn’t help. I know it’s hard for the lot of you to understand that stress can be done without, but you must if you wish to gain that peace. And then, and only then, just maybe, for a second or two, you can enjoy the once despised rain storm.

Life brings with it rainy days as well as sunny days. There is a balance. Like life, the rain and sun have their cycles. The ups are followed by the downs, and the downs always followed by the ups.

As much as the sun gives us life, the rain also gives life. So remember that next time you get angry over the rain. It doesn’t have to ruin your plans; it is you that allows it to.

After all, look at the beautiful rainbow that shows itself after the rain has passed and the sun begins to shine. How can you not love a rainbow? You wouldn’t have that rainbow if it wasn’t for rainy days.

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