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Welcome To The Psychic’s Den: My Personal Psychic Lair.

This is The Psychic's Den. This is my place for anything and everything Psychic that I choose to write about.
This is The Psychic’s Den. This is my place for anything and everything Psychic that I choose to write about.

The Psychic’s Den is my own little corner of the internet where I can talk about anything that I want that deals with anything and everything psychic. You’ll see that I have included my channeled information, dreams and dream interpretations, Tarot, Visions and Omens, as well as Witchcraft into this section.

You might ask, “Why is witchcraft included in the psychic section?” My answer is simple, they go completely hand in hand, and often times, can be one and the same when it comes to using certain psychic abilities to achieve a goal, which could otherwise be seen as witchcraft.

I will also have anything dealing with paranormal in this little corner of the world I’m calling home. Since paranormal, ghosts, disembodied voices, etc, are common in the psychic world, I find it quite fitting to have them here in The Psychic’s Den.

I will touch on things like “What is psychic?” (where I break down some of the different psychic abilities), and other topics relating to this area. Spirituality (non-religious) will also be housed in here with me as I touch on that a lot in my channelings.

Tarot is also a topic I like to talk about. I love Tarot and have great ability using Tarot to read people and get messages for them. Although at this time, I don’t have many articles written on Tarot, I hope to in the very near future. I plan to talk about each card thoroughly. Since I am in the process of making my own divination deck, I will be examining those cards in detail for you all. It’s a work in progress, like anything else I do.

The term Psychic covers so many avenues, and is quite general. “Psychic” is generally used to describe those with precognitive abilities, but is definitely not limited to that, not by any means. It covers a very broad range.

For someone like myself, I use the term Psychic as a general term to describe myself because I fall into so many of the psychic categories. Such categories include but are not limited to, healing, channeling, medium, clairvoyance, clairaudience, sensitive, reading people, empath, seeing auras, etc.

I like to talk about my own experiences a lot. I do this not only because it helps me to deal with things that I have seen or heard or been through, but it helps others as well. I strongly feel that if others can read what I have written, especially those who have experienced similar things, that they can feel more empowered to tell their stories knowing that they are not alone.

I tell everyone to share their experiences even if they are afraid. By sharing your experiences, you can open up others who can relate to your experiences and share their own without fear of being ridiculed.

Don’t fear being shunned or ridiculed. There are many people out there just like you and you will never know it unless and until you share your story. There are too many people who are afraid to share their stories. I share to help the encouragement. I want people to know they are not alone in what they are going through, or have gone through.

I will also be posting tutorials, on how to develop psychic abilities. With each tutorial, I will try to go into as much detail as I can, when I can, to help you or someone you know, to develop your natural psychic talents and to get using them and to stop being fearful of them. Fear prevents our abilities from growing and sharpening, and my tutorials will hopefully help to remove that fear, or at least lessen it to begin with.

Although it may take me a while to get all my information published into articles, I will continue to do so in the coming days, months and years. I look forward to the feedback you may have regarding my articles as well.


Also, if you wish to have full discussions with me about anything that has to do with Psychic abilities, you can sign up for our forum, and I will be more than happy to have a full conversation with you there.

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