Portals: Gateways to Other Worlds

What are portals? Where are they found? How are portals detected? What can you do about them?

A depiction of a portal in a mirror with Orbs coming out of it. Orbs are entities in the form of light spheres. Commonly, portals open in mirrors, doorways, and closets but are not limited to those places.
A depiction of a portal in a mirror with Orbs coming out of it. Orbs are entities in the form of light spheres. Commonly, portals open in mirrors, doorways, and closets but are not limited to those places.

A portal is an unseen vortex that connects two places through time and space, and even dimensions or other realities or timelines.

It is very common for non physical entities to travel back and forth through these portals, but uncommon for you to be able to travel through them. Physical forms will rarely, if ever travel through a common portal.

Common portals are those which are found in homes, in parks, in cemeteries, and other common places. These portals are opened for various reasons and in various ways. Sometimes portals are opened, inadvertently, by someone using a Ouija board, or other device for summons. Seances can open portals as well. Many portals are opened by calling upon, or summoning, gods or demons purposely. It is often unknown what caused some portals to open.

Summoning is when you call on a god or demon or entity or spirit of any kind. When you summon these beings, you open a portal which they travel through. This portal does not close automatically, and if you don’t take action to close it, it remains open indefinitely.

It is not uncommon to have a portal of some type in your home; even if the home is new. Sometimes, it is the land on which the home is built that has the portal attached to it.

The most common places in your home that you will find portals are doorways and mirrors and even basements. Closets and basements are notorious for having portals in them. I’m not quite sure why, but closets and basements are the most common places to find a portal in your home. Portals can be located anywhere, but closet doorways, basements, and mirrors are the most common.

How can you tell if you have a portal in your home?

There are a few ways you can tell if there is a portal in your home.

Sound. Odd or unusual sounds, or disembodied voices. Do the sounds come from a specific location in the home? Can you track them?

Visual. Do you see shadows or faint shapes, or even realistic figures that shouldn’t be there? Do they come from a specific location? Can you follow them?

Feel. If you are a sensitive or a medium, you can sense a portal. Is there a specific location in your home that gives you eerie or creepy feelings? Is there a specific location you find yourself wanting to avoid because it scares you? Is there a place in your home that just feels “funny”, or gives you a tingly feeling?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of those questions, you probably have a portal in your home.


Growing up, I lived in a house that had 4 portals in it. 2 were in a double bedroom that had been 2 bedrooms opened to be 1 room. One was just off the kitchen in the doorway to the pantry. And the other one was in the living room in a wall right next to another bedroom’s doorway.

Needless to say, I was freaked out a lot as a kid, but not nearly as much as my sister.

I will tell a few of the stories about our portals from the house I grew up in as well as the house I live in now because it gives some insight to how to identify portals and what can be done about them.

In no particular order, I present to you a few stories of portals from the house where I grew up, as well as the house I currently reside in.

The House Where I Grew Up

One night while trying to sleep, my sister saw the closet door of the double bedroom open up on its own, and two little girls came out. The girls were dressed in clothing that resembled that of Salem in the days of the witch trials.

One night, I was on my way to bed. My bedroom was the one off the living room at the time. I saw a white entity floating through the living room toward the bedroom door. I watched as it went into the wall next to the door. It left a bleached looking spot on the wood paneling on the wall where it entered.

One morning around 5am, I had gotten up early to get ready for school. It was winter, so it was very dark out. This time, my bed was in the double bedroom which has a door to the living room and a door to the kitchen. I went out the door to the kitchen to head to the bathroom, and had the fright of my life. There’s always a light left on in the kitchen, this time it was the one above the sink. I opened the door to see a man walking out of the pantry, mug in hand. This man was older, overweight, wearing purple or green (can’t remember anymore) corduroy pants and a red and black plaid shirt with suspenders. He turned to look at me as I stood there frozen in place. As soon as he looked at me, he disappeared. I was so scared that I turned around, closed the door and got back in bed, covered up tightly, blanket over my head, and waited until everyone else was up before I got back up. The interesting thing about this one is, when I described him to my dad, it turns out it was the same figure he saw probably 40 years prior at his sister’s place while playing cards. The man, then, had his mug, went to the sink and got some water, then proceeded to go upstairs. He was dressed identical. He was headed in the direction of our kitchen sink when I saw him. This was the first time I heard my dad’s story, it was AFTER I saw this apparition. Needless to say, I freaked out, yet again. Years later, someone on Montel Williams talking to Sylvia Browne described the SAME man!

One time, near the living room portal, my sister’s cat stood up on his hind legs reaching up and it looked as if he was attached to someone’s pantleg in the position as if someone was petting him or he was begging to be pet. This was about 2 or 3 feet from the wall where the entity went into 2 stories ago. This of course was years after that incident. He stood there for well over 5 minutes, leaning against something that none of us could see. There were at least 3 of us that saw this happen and can attest to it.

Back to the double bedroom, 2001, early March. I was pregnant with my son and was asked to help watch my parents’ house while they went away for a few days. My aunt was also staying there. My aunt slept between the 2 portals, one at the middle of the side wall and the other in the closet. Her head was very near the wall portal. She was held down and choked by an entity that, to her, felt like a man. She was terrified and didn’t want to sleep in there again.

And finally, this one happened within the last few years. My sister’s kids were playing hide-and-seek in the double bedroom. There was a card table my mom had set up near the closet. It had a cloth hanging over the side. One of the kids was under the table hiding. From what I’m told, and I believe it, the kid saw a face appear under the table, and naturally got scared and took  off running. None of them wanted to play in there again.

I’m sure there were many other incidents that happened that could be attributed to those portals; there was always a lot of activity in that house. These few stories were the most memorable and noteworthy.

To this day, my sister will not go near that closet. She’s completely freaked out by it. She’s also very sensitive to the feelings that the portals give off, so it’s very strong for her which makes it very scary. I used that closet for a number of years, and yes, there’s a creepy feel to it, but I have not been affected by it. No entities have come through there and bothered me or tried to contact me in any way that I am aware of.

It was so bad for my sister, feeling the energy of the portals, that my dad put up blessed crucifixes in the locations of the portals. It took the energy levels down quite a bit, she said the energy subsided quite a bit after he did that and the activity level dropped. But there is still activity to this day. I’ve learned to not let it bother me.

The House I Currently Reside In

I have 1 large portal in my current home. It is spans from my bedroom closet out into the upstairs set of stairs which faces a hallway. The stairway and my closet share a wall; my closet backs the stairs. This area is at the back of my house, near what used to be the back door, but which now leads to an added on room. In this area, several instances of various smells would occur, especially on the bedroom side. Whenever I would sit in bed with my kids when they were babies, they would stare into the closet and follow something that wasn’t there.

On the other side, at the stairs, our cat often sees things and gets scared and attacks the air. He followed what appeared by his actions to be a bird one day from that area. He often freaks out and tries to attack things at those stairs.

There was a day when in the back room (the add-on), we were all standing around looking at something on the computer. All of a sudden, out of nowhere, something hit the floor. This was nowhere near anyone. There was nothing in that area of the room either, just walls and a floor, nothing else. No animals were around and everyone who was in the house at the time was visible in another part of the room. I turned to look, and it was a button. It had B.U.M. etched on it. Not one piece of clothing in this house is that brand. We have no idea where it came from, other than somehow through that portal. It’s as if someone lost it while coming down the stairs or going out the back door, or they threw it. My guess is it fell off. I’m also guessing that wherever it came from, whoever lost it couldn’t find it, because it went through the portal.

I constantly have invisible visitors walking around my house. Sometimes they even bring their pets. I can’t guarantee that they came through the portal, but because they are usually seen around those areas, I can only imagine that’s where they are coming from and leaving through. I don’t mind; they’re not harmful. They just pass through. They do what they need to do while here, and then they leave. I have what appears to be a very harmless portal in my home.


Most portals are relatively harmless and you will find with them that “ghosts” will come through them more than anything. Those types of portals are nothing to be feared, even though sometimes they can give off eerie feelings. The ones to be feared are the ones that allow through the negative entities and demons. Those portals are less common, but do exist.

Portals can be closed. You need to perform a ritual/spell to close a portal. You can close it conditionally, which means you may open it at another time, or you can close it permanently, which means closed forever. So, if you must, if a portal is causing you grief or harm or outright fear, there is hope.

Update: Portal Closing Spell/Ritual

37 thoughts on “Portals: Gateways to Other Worlds”

  1. Bernadette, Love your blog! I just read your article about portals. It answered a lot of questions for me. My basement is definitely creepy! I am a sensitive so I will be walking around my house looking for portals. I found your blog because I was searching for answers about portals in the home. I suspect a very large (and very heavy!) mirror in my living room (appx. 6.5′ x 4.5′) It was purchased new several years ago and leans against the wall at the bottom of a staircase. My husband and I used to raise rescue border collies. We lost our last one, Bobby two years ago to liver cancer. He was a beautiful boy and when it became apparent it was his time late one night and he went into a semi-conscious state. We planned to take him for his last vet visit in the morning. He wasn’t in any distress. Of course, I barely slept that night and kept checking on him. He remained barely conscious. I finally fell asleep and woke up in the still dark early hours and tip-toed into the living room to check on him in his bed. Instead of finding him there, he was sitting up at attention on one of the sofas (where he’d never sat before) with an intense but peaceful expression on his face. He was gazing across the room at that mirror and was so engaged, he didn’t even notice me. He wasn’t seeing his own reflection, because he was far from it at a completely different agle. At the time, I felt his sister, Deirdre (who passed the year before) maybe used that mirror to come for him. I felt it was a sacred moment and tiptoed out of the room and went back to bed. In the morning, we found that he had passed. Fast forward to present. We have a little rescue now, Daisy who seems to see things in certain places in the house. She will stare at that mirror for long periods – walking up to it then backing off. She’ll do this over and over. From the edge of our bed, she often gets upset watching something on the floor coming in and out of the bedroom door. This is a frequent occurence (almost always at night) and she will watch for hours. This upsets her terribly. She also has a lot of anxiety issues. I wonder if something is deliberately tormenting her. Once in a while I see a faint shadow figure in the room. I plan to employ the suggestions you outlined but wondered if you had any further insight. Thanks for the great blog!

    1. Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed the article and got something out of it. Too often people deal with portals and don’t even know it.

      It sounds like the mirror has become a gateway where your dogs are able to travel through in spirit form. This portal may have opened on its own to allow them passage. It’s not impossible that Daisy is seeing the other dogs who have passed and that they come through often. It is also possible that because this portal opened up in that mirror, that other animals are coming through as well from wherever the souls of your dogs ended up. She is seeing something, because there is something there, it’s just that you are unable to see it. You feel it, but you don’t see it. And with Bobby, it could have easily been his spirit you saw, and not the physical body. It may have been, but I’m getting the feeling he was already passed at that point. But yes, I would say the mirror is a portal that opened. It doesn’t sound harmful though, so I wouldn’t worry about it.

      The basement on the other hand, the creepiness may be residual energy hanging around, or it may be that there is indeed a portal down there. You would need to pay more attention when you are down there. Like, is it the entire basement that gives off the feelings? Or is it specific area(s)?

      I don’t think there’s anything trying to torment Daisy, I think it’s more that she is seeing something she doesn’t like, or feel comfortable with. As I mentioned, this is open to allowing other things through, and I feel it’s mostly animals. Just keep an eye, and pay attention to see if you can determine size and movement of what she’s seeing. I had a bird spirit come through one time that my cat was chasing.

    2. When i was a kid i remember being with my mom to visit a friend of hers i would wonder at her home and i dont know why but i opened a door by the hallway an it was a portal into space i can see earth and space ships. The little girl who lived there saw me and closed the door right away and told me i shouldn’t have opened the door. She had this angry look on her face i new from there something was not right.

  2. I seen a lot I seen more then the mind can handle I still see things but I rather keep it to my self it’s more then your mind can handle

    1. Just remember not all portals are created equally, which mean not all portals can be closed by the same ritual or spell.

  3. Here is a cool clearing for closing portals, if that’s what you’re looking to do. I’ve needed to close portals in hotel rooms just to get a decent sleep at night!
    This clearing deals with the enforcer and governance entities that keep the portal open. Ask:
    “To all the governance and enforcer entities of this portal: Truth, what is your job? Truth what was your job before that, truth before that, truth before that, truth before that?… etc (until the energy shifts) and then, ask truth what will your job be in the future?”
    Then thank them for doing an excellent job and remind them they can go now.
    Pretty easy stuff actually! This is a tool from “Talk To The Entities” by Shannon O’Hara.

    1. what do you repeat over and over ? do you keep saying…truth : before that… how do you know when the energy shifts ? i said all this…but i stopped” i didn’t know how long to keep going” it was windy outside”’so i could not tell or feel anything…please explain. thanks.

  4. I don’t believe that you know the power of Jesus Christ yet. You see He can permanently close all of these portals. I’ll tell just one story of something I saw in my room.

    I am a Christian female, never did tarot, spiritism or anything of the sort. I got up one morning to a orange bright sun and I could discern, above me head and over the roof, something making a shadow of a very large bat. It didn’t seem to be organic, it was too stiff for that. It seemed to be a ship of some sort. The “thing” started emitting some sort of wave length, as if it was sucking something out of my brain. I felt in my spirit my brain bubbling but it couldn’t hurt me. I believe it was some sort of archon sent to the area to cause distress and because I was sensitive, I became aware of it.

    One other night after I said my prayers fell asleep, I awoke some time later to some sound of something “schleping” in my room. I used that word because either it was trying to walk or drop or something. When I looked over at my cupboard across from my bed, there was a wavy entity, appearing to be something cut out of a starry night sky. I knew the power of the blood of Jesus Christ and since I had prayed before I was not afraid, I just turned back to the wall and went back to sleep. I believe it was probably a human spirit. When I asked the Holy Spirit what it was, He eventually said the enemy was spying on people, trying to see who to kidnap.

    I hate these things and I don’t believe we should ever dabble with it. Jesus Christ loves us, but the devil hates us and wants to fear and take attention away from Jesus Christ. These things are manifesting because we are in the last days and Jesus said to have no affiliation to the works of darkness, but expose it. Don’t play with these portals, apply the blood of Jesus Christ and CLOSE them totally. Seek a God fearing Minister of Jesus Christ to speak to about what is going on in your home, for it may be generational and get rid of ouji boards, they are demonic. God bless

    1. I think I closed a portal by prayers and anointing my sister’s house, also writing scripture around her house. I didn’t know I did until much later when I saw a vision. I saw o hole in the room with entities on the other side peering into the room at me and my sister asleep in her bed. They couldn’t enter…… because I had applied the blood.

  5. I believe i have founf a portal in my carpet in my livingroom. I have noticed orbs when video taping and i see them coming ditectly out of the same spot. It was my cat that drew my attention to that area, and when i filmed it i saw orbs coming and going….its really interesting.

  6. Hello…this is Hanish and thank u for our wonderful blog… I too have issues in my home… I am trying for medicine and it needs a lot study… So I study all midnyt but I hear some voices calling my name….wat could be the reason..?and one day all our clocks were set 15 minutes early automatically without anyone’s intervention…. Even watches to went back 15 minutes back….this was something strange…. Wat u say abt this..?

    1. It sounds to me like either you’re a medium and don’t know it, or someone is trying to get your attention. The clock thing is very interesting. Maybe they were trying to help you out? You should be paying attention to WHEN they call your name, what you’re doing at the time, or if it’s just random.

  7. i believe i have a portal in me closet.i get really creepy feelings when i walk by it.also to mention,,I found a creature rummaging through my closet that resembled a Knome.Also there have been gravitational anomalies near it,like one time i fell of my bed and it seemed as if i was falling in slow motion,until i softly touched the ground.This blog was really helpful,but I have a question.Could a wirlhpool be a portal?

    1. Yep, that definitely sounds like you’ve got a strong portal to somewhere in your closet. Most times, with most portals, only energy beings will come and go through. You’ve got physical creatures, and from what you say, mythical creatures. Reminds me of the movie Troll. Not saying that’s what’s happening in your closet, but it seems there is a strong link to somewhere there. And yes, a whirlpool can be a portal. Many things can be portals.

  8. This blog was very interesting. I am living with a friend of ours and her family. She has told me to never close the laundry room door it must always st ay open. I never really thought about it or questioned it at first, just thought yeah ok whatever. I had told her later that every time I walk past that laundry room I think I am seeing a person standing in there then I have to go back and take a second look. When I told her that she told me that there is something standing there. A “protector” or “guardian” that is why the door should never be closed. She then told me that on that same side between our house and the neighbors house there is a “gate” or “gateway” I did not get it at first. I then said oh you mean a “portal” she said no a “gateway” Then told me that there is a difference between the two but I did not understand her explanation. So my question to you is… Is there (if any) a difference between a “portal” and a “gateway” ?

    1. A portal is a gateway. They are one and the same. It is simply a matter of terminology and the properties that different people associate with each word. Other people will have other names for different types of portals or gateways. No matter how you look at it, whichever term you choose to use, it is still a passageway from one place to another which exists in energy form.

  9. my brother has a thing with rocks and trinkets and setting things certain ways.. he is in his mid 20s and has always been into rocks.. currently he is in the hospital 7 will be evaluated by the psychiatrist .. ( I was wondering if people that are portals are mentally ill.. if they can be diagnosed or need to seek spiritual guidance.. b/c I feel that he will act normal in front of the dr and then not have to go to a mental institute ) he is able to act normal then flips 180 .. normally he isn’t like this he has a lot of anger and I don’t know why.. this has been going on for a couple days and last night was the worse so we called the police.. he stays in an apt w/his gf and there is a writer that lives below who heard commotion and was talking to my bros gf and said that she feels there is good in him and its fighting.. .. his gf mentioned to to their neighbor who is a big catholic about the rocks and how there is a Buddha with rocks around it and she said he could of made a portal… my brother is also obsessed with mirrors.. I don’t believe he would intentionally call harm or any spirits of that sort.. is it possible to create a portal unintentionally? or for him to be a portal with a switch ?

  10. I think I have a portal on my porch,l call the orbs when it stroms so I can take pictures,I have hundreds of orbs in pictures. I believe my son is one of the orbs.! It makes me feel like he is visiting me , I’m not afraid of them. I did see this red light once flying around,I don’t know what it could be!!! Does anyone know?

  11. I saw a light portal open over my stairs I was in my bed facing this area. I was on my iPad so I hit the camera and started recording this. I actually have this on video the portal opened I saw a female spirit with 2 kid spirits come downstairs and then a darker more masculine spirit passed by going upstairs and then the light portal started closing until it disappeared. Anyone else ever witnessed this

    1. I have several portals at my house yet I am not sure if I am strong enough to close it. Can someone else do it for me? I have a picture bit nit sure if I can post it on here.

  12. Alex Hetherington

    I liked your blog, very interesting! It was last September (2017) I was out walking my dog, it was around 1am we were coming back into our street, a cul-de-sac, with grass either side of road and trees on either side of road giving a tunnel effect in the summer months when leaves are on the trees. At the top of the street all the houses have long gardens with high bushes, but there is this one garden there my dog stopped and started growling I followed his gaze and saw this, what looked like a shadow gap in the bush but the doorway was too dark for a shadow in the night, the thing is I felt something on the other side of this darkness, I really ever get scared at anything, but this made me fill with a dread I had never felt, my dog would not go any where near it, we walked around the side of the bush but I could still feel someone or something watching me? So we backed up away from it and went home to tell my partner what I had just witnessed. To this day it’s haunted me, I walk past every day but don’t feel anything now, I do wonder sitting here if it would have been possible to have actually walked through it, I sometimes even kick myself that I didn’t have the courage to have that night…who knows there maybe another chance in the future maybe it will reappear?

    1. Alex Hetherington

      Just to clarify has anyone else seen one of these I do see other things in my house shadows etc. I think it all started when I was assaulted when I was a teenager, and was pistol whipped over the top of my head and had my skull fractured and ever since I’ve been able to see unexplainable things

  13. I was wondering if anyone know what might leave gifts in closets. Ever since I was little ive found things that I like in the back of my closet, for example when I was 5-11 I would find little mermaid toys and costume jewelry, when I was 15 or 16 I found real jewelry, now I find clothes that ive never seen before but fits me perfectly or some that I know I only had one of but now I have more

  14. I figured I had a doorway on my home. there always diff ghost around. lately they have been alot of them being active and loud and tricking me. I don’t send a any neg .

  15. I have a portal in the corner of my bedroom about 30 something ago I was in my bedroom it was at night I was just sitting on my bed and I was on my laptop I just happened to glance over to where my portal is and I seen between 10 to 15 of whatever I was looking at they were 7 to 8 feet tall I watched go right through my bedroom door and they was high as my ceiling but the last whatever I was seeing go by it stopped and looked at me I was freightened of course but I just sat their watching it until his eyes came out of its head but they were colorful orbs they were in my bedroom for atleast 5-10 minutes until they went back into its head then it left I kept telling my self what the heck did I just see.

  16. i saw a silver vortex portal open on my south side in our bedroom and my
    dog who I saw in his Spirit body climb up on my bed to be with me
    and I pet and loved on him then the protal cleared and showed a beautiful
    road leading into a hugh lovely garden and a all white looking spirit so bright
    called my dog home into this beautiful place and he left me . i begged to see him go home after he passed and here I did.

  17. I am a doctor working in a hospital in New York state. I have worked at that hospital for many years now, and I know the layout of the building like the palm of my hand. Once I was walking from one area of the building to another one. I walked through one of the hallways, which had doors to rooms on either side, where we typically see patients. There was a man in a black suit walking 20 feet in front of me. I thought that he was another employee of the hospital and paid no attention to him. All of a sudden he turns to face one of the doors into a room on the left. He opens the door, and walks in. But to my surprise beyond the door was not a patient room, but a dark corridor with stone walls instead. He goes into the corridor with the stone walls and shuts the door behind him. I quickly run up to that door. I open the door, and I see the patient room as usual, no stone corridor and no man in sight.

  18. Hi there, I’m a medium, I guess. Speak with spirits, have many guides, pass on messages from those who have passed, etc.

    I had sensed an entity (ancient) in me for a while, then saw it during a deep meditation. It stretched from my right hip to another dimension. Reptilian, dinosaur-like. I sensed it had been with me for several lifetimes. And it wasn’t good.

    I told a Reiki instructor this (I was training) and when she focused on me, she gasped. I had an open portal on my right side. She worked on me and I felt better, but not 100%.

    The next day I was working with a Hawaiian Kahuna who sees and removes entities. I told her that I didn’t think the entity was gone, just injured. Didn’t mention portal. She lowered her protections to take a look and she gasped, saying there was an open portal on my right side. She worked on me and closed it.

    Both teachers said independently from each other that this was very rare and told the others students the same.

    I can’t find any info on human portals. And really want to. Do you know anything about this? Since then, I’ve sensed entities in others and have removed a few. My current instructor says this is dangerous and I shouldn’t do it until I receive further training. I’m okay with that, but really really would love any comments about being a human with a portal on them.

    Thanks so much!

  19. Hi, I would like to share my experience, I have read a few paragraphs before leaving a reply, this is my own experience.

    The window is behind me, and I have a 2 mirrors in front of me, I saw a bird fly in from the window from my right hand side, it was made of crystal and only just came to live the bird was looking at its wings to see them working, the birds movement was almost fluid, the bird was also flashing colours, blues reds and more, then an opening opened up in front of me at the bottom of the bed, it was an oblong shape with slight clouds all round the edge, and inside was the desert, the bird flew thought the opening and landed on a slender high rock, I thought it strange, because birds like to perch with their feet round slender branches, this one didn’t, then I realized the bird was a Phoenix. This happened a few years ago, I know as the bird gets older it will have brilliant colours.

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