Physical Reality and Beyond: What is it?

What is real? Where are we? Who are we? Is this physical reality just an illusion?
What is real? Where are we? Who are we? Is this physical reality just an illusion?

Physical Reality. What is Reality? Where are we, really?

None of us knows where we really are. Even those that think they know where they are don’t know where they are.

Everything is illusionary and is altered on a personal level. We share some aspects in our shared reality, but everything even though shared with others is personal and can change at any time.

It doesn’t matter how much we believe something to be true, or how much we want to believe something is true or not true, it is all illusion and no one knows for sure what is going on. We can only speculate.

Even at slightly higher levels of being, like where this message originates from, no one knows what’s real. We can only speculate, even still here at another level. At every level, we speculate, because at every level, we only have slightly more of a gained perspective on things.

Just because you leave your physical body, and go on to a non-physical form, you still are locked into an illusion. Yes, you can more easily manipulate the illusion (for good or bad) once past the physical realms, but you still are locked. And, you can only manipulate your surroundings if you are aware, much like in a dream state in the physical world; you call it lucid dreaming.

One thing we know for certain (or that is at least the one thing that is agreed upon, because nothing is ever certain) is that we are all one and we are all connected on every level possible. We just don’t know how to control everything or find out where we are.

There is speculation of this being as what your Star Trek program would call a Holodeck, a holographic projection of a simulated environment. If that is true, then we are all still well under a type of spell and we may well be trapped, controlled by another force or set of beings.

If we can figure out the controls, figure out how to fully manipulate (at least on each our own levels) this imaginary world, then we can find out who we are, where we are, and get much closer to our one true self.

It is part of the evolutionary process in which we are subject to. At this point, I believe it is part of the design, part of the game, part of the learning we must go through to gain the ultimate knowledge.

Everyone also has very high opinions of what is and what isn’t. Usually, those opinions are forced on others as fact. They are only opinions; thoughts of what might be; thoughts on things.

Opinions are fine and they help us all to gain an unlimited number of perspectives on any and all things, but they are not the facts that those who force them would have us believe.

An opinion is a thought, or a result of a thought process sometimes including many opinions. An opinion is never ever fact, and one cannot say that an “educated opinion” is any better than a “non-educated opinion”. To say such a thing, is an ignorant statement, which is an ignorant opinion. Even so-called ‘facts’ get proven to be wrong, so you cannot even take a ‘fact’ as fact; it is still only opinion.

Opinions being perspectives, and thoughts based on perspectives, give us the ability to see the oneness of life. To gain another man’s perspective is to inherit “gold”. It is worth much more than gold however, much, much more.

If you’re conscious enough to have an ego, you are unable to know what is truly going on; your “self” gets in the way. Once past the ego (sense of self) stage, it no longer matters to be constantly informing others of other frequencies what’s going on. The whole thing is an ego-based way of thinking. It is essentially the “ego” that keeps us under a control.

Messages like this one come from a place where the ego still resides, therefore this message was felt to be important enough to transmit to share with you all.

Time is relative. Time gives us fixation. Time is for reference, to pinpoint a location and/or a person. Names are the same and work together with time; pinpoints, that is all. Time also keeps us locked to our illusions and our perceptions.

Do you know why specific dates carry importance? It is because numbers are representational of frequency, and frequency is what everything is all about. To rationalize and make sense out of anything in this world and some other worlds beyond this world, math, numbers, time and the measurement of all things have to come into play to make things make sense to rational minds.

The part of the mind that the brain allows access to provides us with our logic center in which we have the need to rationalize everything, no matter what it is. This logic center holds us in place and keeps us fixed and does not allow us to move on. Once you reach past that logic, you can see so many new things and accept new things even though they may or may not make any sense at all.

Frequency, and time, are logical assessments, but have no real bearing when it comes to actual reality.

While here, it is important (because of the lock-down), to pay attention to those numbers, as they put things into perspective and help assist in the wake-up process. The wake-up process is that which allows you to access your higher self and other realms, or planes of existence.

You are in the middle of those places and don’t even know it. You are surrounded by a logical depiction of reality, but it is not real. Real is what you make for yourself, not what others have made for you. We live in a co-creation of mainly what is forced on us by those who teach us what we are supposed to believe and follow.

The television (your worst enemy the way it is used), radio, magazines, newspapers, internet, etc, are all locking your minds into a set of illusional events which have become what appears to be reality. It is not reality. You will see that at the next level of existence, but for now, until you choose to break free and at least try to see otherwise by opening your mind, you are stuck with what is portrayed by others who are keeping you locked in the mass majority’s beliefs of your reality.

If you ever want to know more, you must try to break these barriers. Many people have and are seeing things more freely and are seeing the restrictions that are in place. Unfortunately, until the belief is widespread enough, this harsh world of yours will continue. Break free, believe, and move forward.

Meditation can do wonders for those wishing to break the illusion that you are subjected to. Meditate often, and listen to your inner voice. You have all the answers inside you and the peacefulness as well to free your mind.

Don’t keep yourself tied to what others tell you. Don’t follow fashion, and trends, and thoughts, just because you don’t want to be an outcast. I have news for you…. many people only follow and do what their friends do and think because they think their friends will see them as different and not want to be friends with them anymore. But, that is exactly what their friends are doing, following only because they don’t want to be shunned or outcast, and no one even knows that’s what’s going on.

Because of the unsure, and the unknown, you can never tell what is real. But you should be aware that whatever you choose to believe becomes real. Nothing is ever as it seems, no matter what you think. No matter where you are, no matter who you are with, no one and nothing is as it seems. It is fear that holds us apart from being ourselves around each other.

You need to be true to yourself first and foremost, and then everything else falls into place. You’d be surprised how many people are alike naturally and don’t even know it because they spend so much time being fake pretending to be like each other in ways that they are not even like. If everyone in your world would be true to themselves, not afraid to lose friends over being themselves, then your world has a chance. It has a chance to become great and to move on to the next level; the level of peace and love and harmony.

It’s amazing how arrogant all beings are. I guess that comes with having an ego, a sense of self. No matter what frequency we reside in, whether physical or energy bodies, etc, we still all have the need to be heard and the need to be right, and the want for everyone to know more than they are capable of knowing. We all want everyone else to know what we have discovered, whether right or wrong. We want to help, to inform, and to teach, and it’s hard not to want those things. Yes, there are those at all levels who understand that there is nothing that we can do except to allow each other to learn on our own. But still, how can anyone learn if they are being held back by other forces who have their own interests in mind who do not allow anyone to truly learn. I guess there are just so many of us that want the best for everyone, and that would be to allow people to learn and grow and be what they are capable of and not to be stifled by those who want control.

We, those giving this information now, only wish to inform those who wish to listen so that you may break free of the controlling forces that have you in a locked mode of thinking and being. We are only trying to help you to be able to reach your potential. We don’t speak of what is to come for you, but we do warn you that if you do not understand what you are and what is out there, that you may well end up under control when you move to the next level, as there are those that seek control at every stage. If you are aware of this, you will have a much better chance of being what you are supposed to be, and not what someone imposes upon you.

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