Paul Walker Is Not Dead

Paul Walker And Roger Rodas Did Not Die On Saturday November 30th 2013

If you are not open-minded or into conspiracies and conspiracy theories, please stop reading this now. If you are open-minded enough to accept other possibilities other than what is presented to you in the media, then please, I urge you to read on.

Paul Walker (left) and Roger Rodas (right). Both men supposedly died in a horrible car crash on Saturday November 30th, 2013.
Paul Walker (left) and Roger Rodas (right). Both men supposedly died in a horrible car crash on Saturday November 30th, 2013.

Paul Walker “died” at age 40 on Saturday, November 30th, 2013 (fiery wreck)

Roger Rodas “died” at age 38 on Saturday, November 30th, 2013 (fiery wreck)

When you become famous in Hollywood you join certain groups that allow you to become famous and to maintain that fame. You enter into a contract, either written or verbal agreeing that you will do as you are asked or told no matter what in order to make or keep your fame. Within any contract that you enter into, there is an “opt out” clause. The “opt out” clause usually will require either defamation of character, actual death, or faked death.

In the case of a faked death, it will almost always involve a scenario in which the actor was well known for; in the case of Paul Walker and Roger Rodas, speed and racing were the underlying causes. Paul Walker of course is well known for The Fast And The Furious (aka. Need For Speed the movie, as I like to call it), and Roger Rodas, a skilled racer.

The “opt out” clause is a “witness protection plan” type deal. You are removed from existence, relocated, appearance changed, and you are never heard or seen from again. It is assumed that you are dead. I believe this was the case with Paul Walker and Roger Rodas.

If Paul Walker chose to “opt out” and not be famous anymore, this would involve a skillful crew to falsify his death and make it look real. Hollywood’s Elite (a branch of the Illuminati) would have all the available resources to make this happen. In fact, most of the people involved wouldn’t necessarily even know they are staging a death because the people hired to put it all together might assume they are doing it for another reason; that part is unclear, but they are surely paid well to do it whether they are aware or not.

Once the “death” is performed, Paul Walker is no longer Paul Walker. All the proper documentation would already be ready and waiting, dated accordingly, for his new life and his new identity. He would now have to change his look, maybe gain some weight, change his hair style and color, etc.

The once Paul Walker is now “Ricardo Rodriguez” or “Samuel O’Brien” or something else. He could go anywhere in the world and would most likely (at least for the first while) be somewhere other than North America. However, change the look enough, and give him an accent, and he could be anywhere, even Canada or the United States. It would be easy enough for him to have vocal training to change how he talks; he may have already, as a lot of actors do. He could even be in hiding (provided by the Elite groups, and under contract) getting the training right now before he goes out as “Steven Buckley” or whatever name they have chosen to give him.

There is talk on the conspiracy-rich forums about how Paul Walker and Roger Rodas were killed by the Illuminati. There are many theories as to why. What these places are NOT talking about, likely because they are so into the surface of Illuminati murder, is that there is a strong possibility of Paul Walker’s and Roger Rodas’ deaths being faked. I don’t see how they can miss that one. But I guess, when you are stuck to a belief, you can’t see past it to other possibilities.

I believe that Paul Walker and his good friend and business partner Roger Rodas are still very much alive. I believe the “crash” was setup, and that cadavers were involved.

The car exploded. It exploded when it hit a tree. Cars don’t just explode. If cars exploded on impact, they’d be recalled. Even at high speeds, they don’t just explode. Something triggered the explosion. The car that blew up did not ‘crash’ in that location; it was placed there, strategically.

I don’t buy the story of “they were traveling at 100 mph, hit a tree, and the car started on fire.” I call this one for the load that it is. It didn’t happen.

The car was placed there and rigged to explode once Paul Walker and Roger Rodas were out of sight. The timing was set so that it would coincide with the location and speed at which they claim they were going. The color, make, and model, and even (although not confirmed) VIN# of the car would’ve been matched exactly so that there would be no doubt that it was Paul Walker and his friend Roger Rodas. There were bodies recovered from the wreck, which were charred beyond recognition. From what I read, the coroner had to wait for dental records in order to identify the bodies.

Dental records can be faked, especially when you have the kind of pull that these Illuminati groups have. It would be as easy as X-raying the mouths of the cadavers that were used before placing them in the car, and making sure those records were inserted into the files of Paul Walker and Roger Rodas. Then when the files were pulled up, they would match the charred bodies perfectly, thereby confirming the identities.

Yes, it would be that simple. Doing it that way, there are less people involved and paid off.

Alternately, the coroner could’ve been paid off, much like other false media stories {cough} Sandy Hook {cough, cough}.

Regardless, there ARE ways to fake such things, especially with the resources to pull it off.

The position of the car’s remains bothers me a great deal as well. The car is facing the same direction as it was traveling, issue #1. The knocked over speed sign post was lying in the opposite direction, issue #2. The fact that the body of the car is so mangled for the type of crash, issue #3. The rear end of the car is at a much different angle than the front end, issue #4.

The unnaturally twisted remains of what used to be a Porsche Carrera GT, supposedly crashed and burnt. Paul Walker was supposedly the passenger and Roger Rodas the driver in this horrific wreck.
The unnaturally twisted remains of what used to be a Porsche Carrera GT, supposedly crashed and burnt. Paul Walker was supposedly the passenger and Roger Rodas the driver in this horrific wreck.


Then you have all the carefully placed shots of the wreck. Angles just like what was done in any other false media story {cough} Boston Bombing {cough}. Signs and other props are placed just so and are in frame for the opportune photos to be taken for the media to spread and make the story seem true and to play on everyone’s sympathy.

In this case, Paul Walker and Roger Rodas, according to the story, died in a fiery crash in front of Hypercel’s headquarters (they deal in cell phone accessories), conveniently knocked over a 45 mph speed limit sign (to indicate they were speeding), and from another angle, there is a Wheelchair Access sign (an indication of serious injury resulting from the crash).

The (now) memorial site of where Paul Walker and Roger Rodas supposedly crashed and died. Notice the carefully placed speed limit sign on the ground (45 mph) as well as the sharp turn ahead (15 mph) sign. Also note that this is in front of the headquarters for Hypercel, a cell phone accessory company.
The (now) memorial site of where Paul Walker and Roger Rodas supposedly crashed and died. Notice the carefully placed speed limit sign on the ground (45 mph) as well as the sharp turn ahead (15 mph) sign. Also note that this is in front of the headquarters for Hypercel, a cell phone accessory company.


Carefully lined up shot of a "Van Accessible" sign in front of the burned out wreck of what was supposedly Roger Rodas and Paul Walker's Porsche Carrera GT.
Carefully lined up shot of a “Van Accessible” sign in front of the burned out wreck of what was supposedly Roger Rodas and Paul Walker’s Porsche Carrera GT.


I know at this point I may be reaching just a little, but the wheelchair sign, not only is about serious injury, but it is also an indication that he is indeed the boy from Highway To Heaven whose character was adopted by the quadriplegic lawyer’s character on a two-part episode.

Hypercel is a cell phone accessory company, and is indicative of cell phones and driving and how it can be fatal to use your cell phone while driving. Also, it shows that there are accessories that you can use to make it safe to use your cell phone “hands free” while driving. There are many things that can be taken from this; it just depends on what angle you want to look at it from.

I don’t know what Roger Rodas’ part is in this disappearing act, but I know that both he and Paul Walker are alive. I feel it in my gut; my instincts are never wrong.

And, unless someone involved in this charade comes forward with evidence, what I say here will never be proven, and will always remain speculation. Psychic abilities don’t count for much, and that’s mostly all I have to go on.

Maybe the conspiracy community is right. Maybe Paul Walker and Roger Rodas found some things out that they shouldn’t have. Therefore it was best for both of them to stay out of the way rather than actually die.

I just now read that Paul Walker’s father, after this event happened, has been talking about how Paul wanted out of his acting career, and wanted to leave Hollywood behind. I don’t find this a coincidence at all. This only confirms my suspicions that Paul Walker wanted out of Hollywood’s limelight. This was his way out, most likely under contract.

As far as anyone is concerned Paul Walker and Roger Rodas died on the night of Saturday November 30th 2013. They can never go by those names again, nor can they have any contact with their families again. As far as anyone knows, they are dead. The men live, but the names and images have died.

Wherever you are Paul Walker and Roger Rodas, I know that you are still alive. Even if no one wants to believe me. You are not the first this type of thing has happened to, and you won’t be the last. Many other celebrities have been removed from the spotlight with faked deaths. Yours was just horrific. Live well boys. I hope it was worth it.


38 thoughts on “Paul Walker Is Not Dead”

  1. Mary Lynn Janneck

    Hi I also understand why they would faked there deaths,it took me a while to figure it out after I started to put things together. And
    I was right those photos of the car crash and I just new this was fake and that Paul Walker is still alive and well and his friend!! If you ever read this Paul Walker I don’t blame you for doing this,you wanted a better life. My name(mary j.) I’m on Twitter and Facebook if you ever do read this and hopefully reply back? Oh by the way if you ever did reply I won’t tell anyone that we talked!!!! Sincerely Mary j.

    1. Hi I understand you’ve done research and think from that research that “they” are alive and well . The honest truth they are really gone . so many mediums have “chanelled Paul and roger and they have said themselves that they didn’t fake anything and they are really gone . from your post I started to believe what you were saying then I decided to get ahold of someone -medium and she connected us and its 100% truth he’s really gone . misses everyone and his fans . Paul had nothing to hide. Please look up chanelling Paul walker /Roger rodas and everybody will find the truth . I can understand there passing affected everyone but you’ve to to know they are really gone . I know you’ll fight tooth n nail to prove they alive honestly there is NO truth in that at all . I’m sorry ! We all miss him and will keep his legacy alive .

        1. If you would stop believing the media then you will know the truth on how they are both 100% STILL ALIVE AND WELL THEY ARE NOT DEAD and stop believing the media and put these pieces together yourself.

  2. Wow, so maybe I’m not crazy! I was so very sad to hear of the passing of Paul Walker and his friend Roger on the news when it happened in 2013. I thought the whole thing seemed weird. Seemed like there was a lot of secrecy around it and just no clear answers. But life goes on so I like a lot of people kind of forgot about it until they started advertising for the new Fast and Furious movie that just came out. Then a few weeks ago I was practicing meditation and I had a vision where I could see and and I just knew that Mr. Walker is indeed alive on this earth. I don’t know why I had this vision and now I cannot shake the feeling and image of this. I don’t know what it means or why I tapped into his energy or connected with him, where ever he is and whom ever he is now. It’s been driving me nuts! And now because of this damn movie he is everywhere in the media! Commercials and tributes and on social media and tidbits about his family and friends who are still mourning. Making it real hard to shake this! I have asked the universe for an answer or to communicate with him again but no answers have been given as of yet. So, you aren’t the only one. Weirdness.

    1. I have felt this also and has anyone noticed this any pics of Paul walker leading up to his accident he looks sad deep in his eyes I mean he may be smiling but he is unhappy I can see it so clearly he also is quite pale I thought maybe he was ill but I feel there is a lot of lies being told .I have never felt so strongly about anything in my life .

  3. Paul walker is alive so where is he FF7 also comes and ending of his character from movie why he is still hidden by world if they live

  4. I honestly think Paul was a Better guy than that.. I don’t think he would put his family through something like that and if he really wanted to go and leave Hollywood he would have and he didn’t need to fake his death to do that. Yall just need to accept that Paul is dead and he’s not coming back I would love to believe he’s still alive and well but that’s really hard to believe.:(

    1. Well he was a good guy but all the clues in the
      Crash that i have seen male me believe it was staged and i did see a video of 2 cars that were red and one of them could have crashed the other to get away and as far berhad as it may sound those men probably wanted a new start and anybody would even know they are alive.

  5. This may have is ups and downs but know that if he is alive his family will be the first to know. Because if its one thing I know it’s that no matter how heartless you think you are to be able to up and leave your family, your soul will drag to to them like earth magnets. It’s all about time. But if he is dead then his spirit had touched the lives of all the conspiracy theorists out there.

  6. paul walker is dead come on i really want to believe that he is still alive but i watch the video not just once but many times and i see there is someone and i know its paul he is trying to get out of the car but he can’t 🙁 its so sad.

    1. Paul wAlker is still alive and he did faek his death there is alot of videos saying that he did fake is death and the caR that crashed had a different liscens plate so he is still alive

  7. I seriously think that he would not leave his daughter she was the whole reason he wanted to leave Hollywood ! Bur from the moment I saw that crash my 1st gut feeling was this is faked ! Yes he was a good guy but at the end of the day family comes first not fans whom he doesnt know. So my feeling is his daughter may know where he is and is in contact all the time if the accident was faked but if it wasnt the accident is still very obsurd.

  8. He has to be alive he probably faked his death he just had to if you look at the license plate before his death it different than the one in the crash (I say he has to be alive)

  9. The liscense plate was Set by a fan.
    I can’t believe that it was a real accident..
    No car explodes by hitting a toothstick-tree!
    And if it really happend like that the corpses wont lay in the crashed car like the did!

  10. carrie cambrelen

    I want to know if the video they had of him in texas was 2014 or 2010 if so that’s an obvious he is alive

  11. Check out furious 7 behind the scenes tuner party,and the lykan hyper sport car,it was made in abu dhabi,you will see paul with vin.

  12. The 2 of them new cars inside and out Roger would bot have risked driving that fast knowing the car could tuen at anytime it was a psycho car and driving at that speed would be a NoNo ! I Agree the car being in a straight line and still being on the pavement at the alleged hi speeds would not have happened it would have landed in the middle of the road once it hit the lampost its physics ! Plus he has not been writtenout of the movie as dead plus on the grave there is no proper inscriptiom I feel this is not to tempt fate. Live long Roger and Paul plus these so called court cases are flimsy its to put everyone off the scent !

  13. Paul I believe is alive. I am reading this while listening to See You Again and I am like, “Paul where are you?!”
    I am gonna spend my whole life trying to find out where he is hiding and prove that he is alive. Same with Michael Jackson.

    1. Makes some fans lose all respect for Paul Walker cause one fan really loved him dearly and to come to find out he faked his death makes this person more sadder then anything it’s a shame to Hollywood s acting name….

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