Men and Women are NOT Equal! Get over it!

Equal is as Equal does.

The intention of this article is for open-minded, free-thinking individuals with common sense. If you do not possess these qualities, please stop reading.

Men and Women are NOT Equal
Women cannot equal men. Men cannot equal women.
Men and women are NOT equal. They are similar and have overlapping qualities and abilities, but are not and will never be EQUAL.

Some women can come close to being like men and some men can come close to being like women, but they are not the same and not equal, and that’s OK and normal!!

Just because standards are higher than women can comply with doesn’t mean that they are that high to keep women from being in that position that has such high standards. If a woman can meet those requirements, then she is allowed in most cases to be in the same job (this includes military service) as the men who meet those same standards. Not all MEN can meet those standards and are rejected. It has nothing to do with gender most times. With lower standards, you end up with people who are and never will be qualified for the position. Lower standards, does not equal “EQUAL”. Already, right there, by doing that, you are admitting they are “LESS”, and not actually equal.

Yes, in the past there may have been rules against women in such things as the military, but as long as the standards are met, there is no reason women can’t do the job. There is no reason why the standards have to be lowered so that women can get the job/position JUST so that there are women in whatever it is that women are fighting to infiltrate. There are women out there who CAN do it, but not all of them are even interested.

This “feminism” thing has to stop! There’s nothing wrong with equality, but putting women ABOVE men, and degrading men, needs to stop. Lowering standards for women, and hiring women JUST to fill a “quota” needs to stop. People need to be hired and in positions, doing jobs, that suit their abilities and qualifications. This goes for men as well. No man should be hired just because he is a man, and no woman should be hired just because she is a woman.

And don’t get me started on the gender thing, that’s a WHOLE other article in itself. Men are not women and women are not men. If men and women are equal, then why on earth would men strive to be women and women strive to be men? There would be no “trans-gender” because we’d all be one gender. That would make us already equal, already the same.

Men and women ARE different, and they are supposed to be. If we were all supposed to be men or all supposed to be women, then there wouldn’t be differences in the first place. Genetically, we are what we are, men and women, with different strengths and weaknesses meant for different purposes. It is our current society that is putting strain on what we should and should not be.

This feminism thing used to be about equality for women and allowing women to do other jobs and allow them to vote and stuff, equal pay (which, by the way, was achieved a long time ago). Feminism has turned into ‘women deserve everything and men should basically not exist’, which is BS and doesn’t make any sense.

Anyhow, my main point is that it’s ridiculous to lower standards JUST to have more women in places where men dominate. Certain jobs require those high standards. If a woman is fit to compete with the men in those jobs, then she is not disallowed to. She is more than welcome in most cases to be right up there with the men.

Firefighters, for example, is a greatly male dominated field. This is because most women can’t do the job, they can’t do the lifting, they can’t wear that equipment, they can’t handle the heat, etc. However, there are women out there who CAN and DO do the job. I know one, I grew up with her, went to school with her. And, not only is she a firefighter locally here, in the competitions for the firefighters, she BEAT all the men she was competing with. She’s not manly, she’s very feminine, is married and has kids. She is a great lady and I’m glad to call her friend. She met the requirements, where most women cannot.

The point is, women ARE allowed in these male dominated fields, they just are not qualified most times. And standards shouldn’t be lowered just to allow more women in. Most women cannot do firefighting, they are not capable, and if the standards were lowered, they would not be able to be the heroes they need to be and put the fires out and save lives.

I don’t know about you, but in a situation like that, I’d rather have someone who can save me than someone who was hired just because weak people cried so they can have the job just to say they strong, when really they are not.

Areas such as the military and policing are not any different. The people doing these jobs, men or women, need to be able to handle all the situations presented to them. They need to be strong enough, and agile enough and able to get through very tough situations, physically, emotionally and mentally. If you can’t do that, male or female, then you are not qualified. Period. Lowering standards doesn’t help. You have to be able to do the job in order to do the job.

Lowering standards to “allow women” only hurts, it does not help. Women are already allowed. They just need to qualify like any man would. It just so happens that men typically qualify more often is all.

Crying over these facts just serves to prove the point that women can’t handle the same things men can handle, typically. Hurt feelings that you cannot deal with in a reasonable manner hurts not only yourself, but it hurts society as a whole when you can’t allow others to hurt your feelings, especially when they bring up facts. And opinions are just opinions, get over it.

If laws were based on feelings, no one would be safe in any situation because everyone would be arrested for something every single day, even those of you who cry over your feelings being hurt.

So, get over it. Not all women qualify for male dominated roles in society. Heck, not all MEN qualify for male dominated roles in society. And not all men qualify for female dominated roles in society, neither do all women. But, that doesn’t mean all men should lose their roles just so that women can step in and do their jobs JUST to have women in male dominated roles. It doesn’t work that way.

It’s because of all this nonsense that I, at this time, believe all hiring for all jobs should be done “blind”, meaning, it shouldn’t be known from a resume, from an application, whether someone is male or female, no names, no gender or ethnicity stated, nothing that indicates gender or minority. Only facts. Only necessary data. Then, once taken on, before fully hired, they should be tested out on the job to see if they are actually capable of doing the job they’ve been hired to do. THAT is the only way things should be done. THAT is the FAIR way to do things.

I just find it so ridiculous and outrageous that the guy from Google got fired for stating facts and hurting peoples’ feelings. Which proved a major point, the reason a lot of women are not qualified for the tough positions is because their feelings get in the way, as they did with the women who were emotionally offended and took a sick day because of it. Those women are not qualified to do the male dominated jobs, thus proving the guy’s point. But, he gets fired over it.

This world needs to smarten up and stop going along with whatever ‘agenda’ is being pushed to eliminate family and the good in people, and that is eliminating common sense and proper judgment.

Gender equality already exists. Equal pay for equal work, already exists. Equal rights, already exist. Stop pushing for and making new laws to take rights away from those who have equal rights to you already. Stop trying to put yourself first and everyone else last. Use your own brain to do some thinking instead of just going along with what others have told you to think. Wake up and see what is already in front of you. Gain some common sense, or get back what you used to have, if you had some.

How can men and women be equal when not all men are equal to each other and not all women are equal to each other? No one is equal. We are all human, that is as far as the “equal” goes.

Yes, this article is offensive, because it needs to be. It’s making a point. And to make a point, you need to offend. To make people think, you need to offend them, you need to agitate them, to anger them, to go against them. And quite frankly, I hope that the people who are against what I’ve said here get offended. By getting offended, it proves the points that I’ve made in this article. So, thank you for proving those points.

4 thoughts on “Men and Women are NOT Equal! Get over it!”

  1. I notice you didn’t have the guts to sign your name. And no, equal pay actually is not here yet, if you have ever done your homework. And yes, I am a woman but no, I am not a crybaby woman. I feel the person who does the job best, should get the job, and that’s all there should be to it. Hey, that’s just my opinion.

    1. My name IS on it, thank you very much. And you may not be a “crybaby woman”, you certainly are sounding like an angry one. Equal pay for equal work is a real thing, in most workplaces. Just because the government doesn’t enforce it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

  2. Truly, it’s a matter of RESPECT for what women contribute to humanity. For too long, they have been assigned a lower status in most societies. This is what most women are fighting. Let’s face it-men come from women, and male sperm is all that is needed to bear offspring, and there is more than one way to collect sperm. (wink, wink.)

  3. It’s not about whether a woman CAN or CANNOT, since we know a woman can. It is about whether this patriarchal society ALLOWS her to. I totally disagree with the sentiments of your article. It does not at all delve into the aspects of the feminine and masculine that have come out of balance in this world, and how the shakti energy has systemically been repressed and oppressed for hundred of years. This is a very shallow article, poorly written, with lack of clarity, and is unsigned by the author, which really makes me wonder what the intention of the written piece really is.

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