The Meaning Of Life

What is the meaning of life? That is the age-old question.

The meaning of life is unique for each one of us. We are all here to learn, and to grow, but we each must do that in our own unique way.
The meaning of life is unique for each one of us. We are all here to learn, and to grow, but we each must do that in our own unique way.

The meaning of life has been sought after presumably since the beginning of time. (Time being relative, the beginning of time may very well be the case in this instance.)

The meaning of life is to learn and grow and experience. That is where the common ground stops and each our own quest begins. No two people are on the same quest to reach the goal of their learning. We are not here to learn the same things as each other. Some things, yes, but all of our experiences will vary and they should. Otherwise, what’s the point?

Since ultimately we are of one being, from one creator, which is split off into many all over the universe, we are all pieces here to experience different things. If we were all meant to experience the exact same things and be on the exact same path, we would only need to be one being.

Therefore, the meaning of life differs from person to person. No two people have the same meaning for each their own lives. This is because we each need to discover the meaning of our lives individually through our own paths. We each must live our own experiences and stop trying to live those of others. We also need to allow others to have their own experiences, and not force them to live what we believe is right for us.

You see, when you force your path onto someone else, you don’t help them, or yourself. We each walk separately even though it is difficult at times to see that. It is far too easy to impose what we have chosen as our path onto others.

No one is wrong in their path. We are here to experience life and death from every angle possible. It is important, even though hard to live with and watch, to see that some things just need to happen. Other things, we can prevent, and that is part of each of our paths as well.

Everything is a test, and an opportunity. It is up to us individually to learn and take the test or opportunity and allow ourselves to grow. It is through experience that all this takes place.

Every experience, every opportunity, every moment in our lives is important for our journey for what our lives mean. To experience everything to the fullest, we need to pay attention to every detail around us and take from those details what we can and shape our perspectives. To shape your perspectives through your experiences, you find your meaning for life.

The 4 L’s

The 4 L’s are Live, Love, Laugh, and Learn.


To truly live, we need to see the beauty in everything and not allow life to pass us by. Worry prevents us from truly living our lives because it keeps us locked only seeing what MAY happen, not what IS happening. Focus on the now, and live there, for we only have NOW.


Love is what we need to survive. Without love in our lives, and within ourselves, life can be a miserable place. If you live with love in your heart, and radiate that love, your immediate world becomes a better place. And once your immediate world becomes a better place with that love, it soon spreads to others and the entire world is different. Love gives you a better perspective on the world, near and far.


To laugh makes living life much more enjoyable and much more tolerable at times. Laughter helps us through some of our toughest moments, so that we can learn from them and continue on our path. Laughter is healthy, and not only good for our souls, but also our physical bodies. Laugh often, make it part of your day.


Learning never ends. Each moment of each day we are always shown more, and given more, and these things, even though they may be minute, are all part of our education as we stroll down that path on our journey. Never ever stop learning and paying attention to those things that are being taught to you, no matter how insignificant they may seem at the time.

See Your Path, And Follow It
It is your journey, and this is your path. You choose which way to go. You can't ever get lost is you keep to your own path.
It is your journey, and this is your path. You choose which way to go. You can’t ever get lost if you keep to your own path.

Your journey has already begun, it is now time to start to see your path and follow it. Sometimes our paths are not obvious, but that’s because we have a lot of obstacles on that path that block us from seeing the path in the first place. You are always on your path, walking it. Just because you can’t clearly see the road under your feet does not mean it’s not there.

Clear the clutter from around you and you will be amazed at what lies beneath it all. Take each moment and learn from it, take everything you can from it and always keep moving forward.

It’s ok if you find yourself back-stepping while on your journey, it is sometimes necessary to revisit some of the obstacles and challenges in order to get past them, finally. As long as you are not only moving backward, and you still get that step in forward, you are moving ahead, even if it seems like you are not.

A tiny step is still a step, so even the most minute of progressions to get to where you are going, is a step in the right direction.

Detours happen, and for a reason. Sometimes what appears to be a detour can be the best thing to happen to you, and maybe even for someone along your way. Sometimes we need to go out of our way to get to where we need to be. Sometimes taking the long way allows us to figure more out in the extra time we spent. Detours can be great, even if they seem terrible at the time.

As long as you follow your own path, and not take someone else’s road, you are well on your way to the end goal, which is to find meaning. By following another person’s path, you learn what they need to learn, not what you need to learn. Your path is the one that you choose for yourself, and can never be chosen for you. If you don’t feel right on your current path, get off it and move to another. You will find which path is yours even if it takes a whole lot of trying to find it.

The meaning of life is gained along the way with every step, and every breath. Experience each moment, observe, and keep taking steps even if they’re small ones.


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