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My Vision of Johnny Depp: November 7, 2014

I woke up this morning just after 9am (EST) and had a very vivid vision of Johnny Depp with an article that said something along the lines of “Johnny Depp: Committed Suicide”.

It was kind of freaky actually. I’m not going to lie, it startled me.

Naturally, I wanted to get this written down, before, god forbid, something actually happen along those lines.

My first thought on it was “Holy Crap!” My second thought was, “Oh, it’s going to be another fake death, like so many other celebrities, as an “out” to his contract for fame.”

Johnny Depp, I don’t actually think is going to die, or commit suicide like my vision showed me, but I DO believe that the headline may be coming.

I tried to find a picture online that looks like what I saw, and I can’t find the exact picture. I found a few that are similar, but not quite what I saw. So, here’s the best match I could find.

Image of Johnny Depp with hat and sunglasses, similar to the image in the vision I had about his death by suicide.
Image of Johnny Depp with hat and sunglasses, similar to the image in the vision I had about his death by suicide.


I’m not even sure what to do with this potential ‘information’, so I figured I would get it logged here. I mean, what’s the worst that could happen by posting this? Either a) He’s found dead, and my vision was a premonition, or b) It never happens, and my vision was not a premonition and it was simply a strange vision. Either way, it really doesn’t matter. But if it is reported that he actually died, and was found to be a suicide, I want to make sure that it’s documented is all.

Please, DO NOT take this as I’m saying 100% for sure Johnny Depp is going to die, because I don’t believe he is. It was simply a vision I had this morning is all, nothing more. And even if it is reported that Johnny Depp died, it’s most likely not true anyhow, just like in the case of Paul Walker and countless other celebrities.

So, I have to leave it at this: My Vision = Johnny Depp: Suicide

My vision of headline "Johnny Depp: Committed Suicide"
Statement of what my vision was about Johnny Depp, November 7th, 2014

2 thoughts on “Johnny Depp Vision”

  1. Isn’t it interesting that you posted this and a very short time later we see Mr Depp getting himself some bad press? You may be on the money — again. Let’s hope so/not. Either way, he will be where he needs to be. Only he knows where that right place is.

  2. I sincerely believe.. that he needs to get back to his roots.. go back to Kentucky.. and isolate.. re learn what and how you grew up in the area.. re discover peacefully your center . Much Love

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