Jail Dream: We Hold Ourselves Prisoners

A Dream About How We Keep Ourselves Locked In Our Own Jail Cells

We hold ourselves prisoners with our own fear. The only locks on our jail are being held shut by us; there are no guards.
We hold ourselves prisoners with our own fear. The only locks on our jail are being held shut by us; there are no guards.

I had a very interesting dream the other night. (I didn’t document the date but it was sometime between December 10th and the 12th.) It was more than a dream; it was more of an experience. I like to call these experiences “travels”. Although not quite an astral travel as such, it was a travel, while in dream mode.

I have previously written about the differences between dreams and astral travels and the like which can be found here: Death, Dreaming, Astral Projection…

I’m not sure how it began, much like any other dream, you start out in the middle of things. I had to go to the police station and turn myself in or report myself for something; a minor something, but a something nonetheless. I parked our minivan outside in the parking lot. It was night-time. I remember a room with people. It was a fairly decent sized room, with a  few large round tables, and it was dimly lit. There was an old man with white hair sitting at the main table, with some other people around him. It was as if they were having a party, but they seemed to be watching a television. This room somewhat resembled that of a pub. Although the people in the room could see me, they did not interact; just the old man.

The next thing I knew, I was in a holding cell with 2 other ladies. One was an overweight hooker named Sally (who I didn’t recognize), the other was a woman I had seen somewhere before. I then remembered, I had been in a jail cell before and these ladies were there with me. This room that I was in was not an ordinary jail cell; it had a comfy couch and soft  cushiony beds where the hard steel ones would be, and it was a rather large room at that. Across from me, there was another room, this one I think was the one with the people in it that I had been in when I originally arrived. There were many other rooms or cells down this corridor; maybe 3 or 4 on each side, and there was a door on either end. To my left was the door which entered from the main part of the station to the holding cells here, and the other end, I’m not sure where that door leads. It was all glass doors between everything.

In the room that I am in with these ladies, to the left side (when looking toward the corridor) there is another door that leads somewhere, like to another portion of the cell. I went through the door. Now I find myself in a room with a whole bunch of other ladies, all of whom I know from the last time I was there. Or at least that’s what I thought. There was one lady in the room that I thought was from the last visit to jail, and I knew her name. I said something to her and she told me that I didn’t know her from jail, she’d never been there before. I responded to her with “where do I know you from then?” (Upon waking I realized where I know her from; she is an online friend.)

So, it seemed to be getting rowdy in there with all those ladies, so I decided to try to call a guard. I couldn’t see any cameras that should’ve been watching us, so I ventured off to see who I could find. I made my way back to the original cell from this back area. When I got to the door, it was locked, of course. But, it was locked from the wrong side. I had access to the lock to turn it to open it. I thought it was quite odd, but ok, let’s see if it turns. Sure enough, it turned and the door was unlocked. I went into the corridor, but instead of going left to the door to go out, I went right to see if there was a cop or guard or someone in the room at the end.

I got to the room, opened up the door (this one was not glass, it was solid wood) and found myself in a dark room that looked like a wine cellar. There were wine barrels lining the walls on racks. Then it occurred to me, this “jail” was an old restaurant converted into a jail. I was starting to think there was no one watching the place and that the locks were only there to keep us from realizing that we can get out.

Well, I headed down the other end of the corridor to the entrance and went through the doors to find myself in front of a second set of doors. This second set of doors led directly to outside. I didn’t try to leave because I needed my keys so I could drive home. There was no way I was leaving without my keys and without my van. So, I looked around to see there were many exit points, and no one guarding them. We were actually free to leave at anytime and it was our own fear and possibly guilt keeping us locked up inside there. If the others knew they would surely leave, I thought.

So, I turned around to find someone who might have my keys. I went back into the bar-like room where the old man was. He looked at me and indicated that I shouldn’t be there. Then I asked him about my keys and that I want to leave but I need my keys back. Again, the others in the room didn’t notice me. I was beginning to think that they were just there to seem like there were people there and maybe they were holograms or something.

Anyhow, so he handed me a large key ring that was filled (with no room to spare) with goldish keys; old style keys at that. He handed them to me having me handle them by one or two keys sticking up. His words to me were this:

“Tell the keeper of the keys “The eggs need to be moved, they’re not cold enough, they need to be greener” and you’ll get your keys back and you can leave.”

Then he told me he’d go find the keeper of the keys for me. I followed him, not sure if I was supposed to. I followed him probably 5 or 6 steps behind through a set of doors, down a corridor and into another room. When I rounded the corner into the room he entered, I saw the last part of his transformation. It was quite an amazing site. He transformed into a very old-looking woman who looked like she had been around for centuries, but not all that aged, but aged enough.

So, I told her what he told me to tell the keeper of the keys, because I’m assuming at this point that’s who she is. I handed her the key ring as I told her. She took it and said to me something along the lines of “you wouldn’t have needed this to get your keys back; I could’ve just smelled you to know which keys belong to you”. And with that, I was given my keys.

That’s about all I remember before I woke up. I really don’t understand what that message meant. I usually don’t receive messages so strongly like that in a dream; and this one was extremely cryptic to me. Why do eggs need to be “greener”? Are they eggs as we know them? I’m so confused.

I get what the underlying message of the dream was, and that is “we are held in our own prisons by our fears” and that sometimes that is the ONLY thing holding us and preventing us from being free. I will be writing an article on that soon, but for now, this dream must be published. When I get that article done, I will link to it here with an update.

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