Ignorance Is Bliss

They say that ignorance is bliss. Ignorance is only ‘bliss’ because it is less stressful to be ignorant; at least, right now it is. That is soon to change.

Ignorance is Bliss when we focus on our televisions instead of what's going on outside. It's all in plain view but we choose to ignore it and pay attention to simulated life instead of real life.
Ignorance is Bliss when we focus on our televisions instead of what’s going on outside. It’s all in plain view but we choose to ignore it and pay attention to simulated life instead of real life.

The vast majority of this article is channeled information. As with all of my channeled information, sometimes it gets repetitive and seemingly off topic. This happens because the channel happens over a period of time; sometimes days, sometimes weeks, and there is time in between sessions sometimes that lasts for just as long. I cannot control the channels; they come as they are, and are relayed as they came.

In all reality, ultimate knowledge is true bliss, but only when everyone has the knowledge.

When knowledge is suppressed from the mass majority of people, we are not knowledgeable; we are ignorant. By not knowing what truly is and what truly is not going on in our world, we think we are happy, and when we find out what is going on it is upsetting. However, if we were to know what is happening all the time, know everything our governments do all the time, we would gain that knowledge. When we gain that knowledge, we lose our ignorance.

Being ignorant is like having blinders on. You can’t see anything accept what is straight ahead of you, so you are not bothered by it or ‘spooked’ by it. You don’t get a chance to react to it because you don’t see it. Once you take those blinders off, yes, it’s scary at first, but you get used to it and it becomes normal.

Darkness hides when we don’t shine light in its direction. If we bring things that are hidden in the darkness into the light, many of those things will stop happening. The bad stuff mostly goes away because it is no longer hidden.

Awareness is the first step to gaining knowledge. If you know something exists, you can learn about it more and become knowledgeable about it.

Knowledge is suppressed from us all and for those of us who gain bits and pieces of the knowledge, it becomes frustrating because everyone around us lives in the ignorant world and they don’t want to be knowledgeable. This happens to more and more people every day, but because the mass majority is living with suppressed knowledge, the people who find out the truth and see the truth are inevitably stressed out trying to deal with people who live in the “dream world” of ignorance.

Sometimes, I wish I could go back to not knowing all the things that I know. Life is much simpler, much easier to deal with when you don’t know. I don’t really want to go back to the ignorance that I came from; it’s just that sometimes it looks better. You know what they say, “the grass is always greener on the other side”.

Although stressful sometimes, it really is better knowing than it is not knowing. At least being on the side of knowledge, you are always learning. Being on the side of ignorance, you don’t learn anything but more ignorance. That, and being ignorant leads to people being in control of your life. No one should be in control of your life except for you.

People think that going to school and going to work is better than having a free world where you work only for what you need, not for money.

Money is a trap. Money is power over us.

Without money, we would all have what we need and we would all be much happier and we would be more productive. Without money, we could all do the things that we enjoy because there is no money involved in the cost of those things. Materials for building things wouldn’t cost anything. Travel would be free. Everything would be free, and so would we.

So tell me, is it better to be free or is it better to be enslaved?

Ignorance is enslavement, and knowledge is freedom. I choose knowledge and temporary stress over the bliss of ignorance any day. The stresses that come along with the knowledge do subside leaving bliss; but we have to work for it.

We have to work for that freedom by taking away the ignorance by educating ourselves about our world. We need to stop relying on schools and governments and media for our information. Media and schools and governments are our enslaving forces, yet we are unable to see that, and that is what I mean about taking away ignorance.

Common statements when you try to open their eyes to the world around them and the rights that are being taken away from them are “But what can I do about it?”, and “I don’t want to get involved”, or “I just want to not think about that stuff. I just want to go about my life, and go about my business”, etc. No one wants to take any kind of responsibility for the actions of their governments or anything. They’d rather go on living the way they always have, turning a blind-eye to everything around them. They would rather keep their blinders on and keep living the blissfully ignorant life that they’ve grown accustomed to.

Ignorance is bliss if you want to be happy in a world of ignorance. But knowledge is bliss if you want to be truly happy and live in a peaceful world. We just need to work on getting it to that point.

The only way to get it to that point is to start talking. Start talking about the things that you would rather not talk about. Get things out into the open so those things can no longer hide in the darkness. Start talking to and about our political leaders about the things that concern us rather than just muttering to ourselves about it and complaining to others that can’t or won’t do anything about it.

Start talking, and making the lawmakers accountable for the suffering they are causing by taking our rights away. Make them accountable for leaving people homeless because their homes were foreclosed on. Make them accountable for not providing shelter for those they have made homeless and for allowing the empty homes to become dilapidated and rat infested when there could have and should have been a family living there.

Open your eyes to the society that you have helped to build because of your turning away and allowing your governments to do things for you. You’ve allowed for so long your legal rights to be violated with your silent permission. Why? Why did you let it? Why don’t you do something?

You have the power to put an end to the tyranny that is going on right in front of your eyes, yet you refuse to see it. You refuse to see it, and if you do happen to catch a glimpse of it, you opt to let someone else take care of it for you.

I have news for you, no one is ever going to take care of things for you; you have to start taking care of things for yourself. You, one person, CAN change the world, but you have to try. Start by removing your ignorance of what is going on in your immediate world. Stop focusing on your television and newspapers to tell you what is and what isn’t going on out there. Use your own eyes, and pay attention to everything.

Pay attention to words. Words are THE most important thing when dealing with legal matters, so if they are so important in a courtroom, then they are important EVERYWHERE. Listen to the words of everything very carefully. You can start with commercials on your television; those are the most obvious. Wording in advertisements is done in a way that is the most legal so that you cannot sue them in a court of law for something that was implied but is not true about their product. Listen to the words carefully and you’ll soon see that what is said is different than what is implied.

When you remove your ignorance over words, and the importance of the use of them, you can soon see the actual statements versus the implied statements. Advertisers use implied statements to tell you something untrue about their products, all the while stating the truth without telling the full truth. All you have to do is to pay closer attention. Stop listening to what is implied and listen to the actual words stated.

Ignorance is only bliss because you are comfortable in it. It becomes uncomfortable in the beginning when you start to remove your ignorance, but once you start, you cannot stop. If everyone chose to be mindful and to pay attention instead of being distracted by their work, their sports, their televisions, their games, etc., then ignorance would not be bliss anymore because no one would be ignorant. Ignorance would then become looked down upon and knowledge becomes bliss because everyone is in the same place. Bliss is when everyone works together and creates a harmless society.

We live currently in a very strict harmful society that has taken many of our rights and freedoms away, and they have done so in a manner that we were told “it’s for our own good”, which in itself is a lie. We allow our freedoms and rights taken, but the truth is, when you take away the freedoms of one, you take away the freedoms of all. When and where does it end?

This forces me to cite a poem from Martin Niemöller around the time of World War II:

First they came for the socialists... then they came for me... If you cannot speak out for anyone else, how can you expect anyone to speak out for you?
First they came for the socialists… then they came for me… If you cannot speak out for anyone else, how can you expect anyone to speak out for you?

“First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out–
Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out–
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out–
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me–and there was no one left to speak for me.”

An “I can’t be bothered” attitude leads to our own enslavement. “It doesn’t affect me, so I’m not going to worry about it.” What an ignorant statement. The poem above demonstrates how ignorant of a statement that is. It may not affect you right now in this very moment, but it will. Eventually, you will be the one wishing someone had taken action and saved you instead of staying ignorant. You are your hope for salvation in this world, not someone else. Start paying attention, stop being so afraid, and speak up. Start saving yourself.

Ignorance, blissful ignorance; people who did not want to do anything about anything, just going along with the crowd, didn’t want to cause a fuss, caused things like that to happen. And if you think things like this are not still going on today, you are blissfully ignorant. Things are happening now, and they are happening right under your noses, but you are too blind to see it; you are comfortable where you are, and with what you do, that you do not, cannot, or will not bother to see it. You have your blinders on.

To go on about your lives is one thing, but to be ignorant to what is going on around you while your rights are stripped from you is another. We all need to survive, but by being ignorant to what’s happening, to what’s TRULY happening, you will soon not be living in such bliss; that bliss will be stripped away.

Help create a better world by removing your ignorance and you can have TRUE bliss, not ignorant bliss.

Ignorance is not bliss, truth is bliss; the sooner we all see that, the better off we will all be.

We also choose to let our doctors and teachers and scientists and media do all our thinking for us instead of thinking for ourselves. That is ignorance at its finest. When we let others think for us, we take their word for it because they must be right, right? Just because someone goes to school and ‘learns’ what is taught to them, does not make them any less ignorant, because what they are taught is to think that the original opinion that is being taught is correct and is fact instead of thinking for themselves to potentially see things otherwise. When you do such a thing you lock yourself into a belief that keeps you from thinking anything different and thinking on your own to see if maybe there is something else that you were not taught. You need to think on your own and us your own brain, your own mind to see for sure that which is and that which is not. Our schooling system teaches us WHAT to think, not HOW to think.

You must think for yourself, not allow others to form your thoughts and opinions for you. Look for yourself, see for yourself, read for yourself. Every action and every word is important. Question everything. Questions, although can annoy some people, are your best friend. Questions tend to annoy those who are stuck in a belief, or system of beliefs. If someone is angered or annoyed or frustrated by someone asking them questions, then they are closed-minded and therefore are ignorant themselves. So, why follow someone who is ignorant?

Ignorance Equals Discomfort
Ignorance Equals Discomfort

Ignorance = Comfort

Comfort = Enslavement

Enslavement = Discomfort

Discomfort = Ignorance

This leaves you with an endless cycle of what you believe to be bliss, but is actually discomfort due to enslavement which leads you to believe that you’re working and slaving away for comfort.

Knowledge leads to Initial Discomfort. Initial Discomfort leads to Understanding. Understanding leads to Freedom. Freedom leads to Bliss.

Knowledge Equals True Bliss
Knowledge Equals True Bliss

Therefore, Knowledge = Bliss

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