Healing: Miracles And Upsets

When it comes to healing on a psychic level, lots of people tend to not want to believe it can be done.

Healing Hands. This is a depiction of the healing power that is channeled through the hands of a healer when healing someone.
Healing Hands. This is a depiction of the healing power that is channeled through the hands of a healer when healing someone.

There are 2 types of healers. There are hands-on healers and there are remote healers (sometimes referred to as distance healers). Both healing practices follow the same level of healing which is outlined below. The difference between the two pretty well speaks for itself. Hands-on healing is healing someone with your hands, in person, whereas remote healing is done from a distance and is not in the same room, or city, or even country as the person being healed. Hands-on healing is energy channeled through the hands of the healer, and distance healing is energy channeled through the mind of the healer.

I myself am a remote healer; I heal from a distance. I do so because the energy that I channel is much too powerful to heal hands-on. I cause enormous amounts of pain when trying to heal hands-on. I have a radius around me that extends at least 5-10 feet which you cannot be in if I am healing you.

The question on a lot of peoples’ minds is: If you can heal people so well, then why don’t you heal everyone?

The answer is simple, yet complex at the same time. There are many reasons why healers who can full-out heal someone cannot, or rather will not, heal everyone. It’s not that it can’t be done, it’s that it shouldn’t be done, and won’t be done.

Why Don’t Healers Heal The Entire World?

First, in order for someone to truly heal, they must do it using their own power. It is their own power with the aid of a healer that heals them, not the healer’s power alone. If left solely up to the power of the healer, then the healing wears off soon after the healer stops putting energy into the healing. Hence was the case with my first ever healing, and the second healing as well.

Second, if the person being healed is unaware of the healing being done to them, the healing will only be temporary, as with the above. If the energy does not come from the person being healed, and it can’t if they don’t know they are being healed, then the healing will never be permanent and stops shortly after the healer stops the healing process. Again, was the case with my first ever healing, as well as the second healing.

Third, if the person being healed does not want to be healed, they will not be healed. It doesn’t matter how much healing energy a healer puts into someone, if the person does not want to be healed, they will not allow the healing to take place. Some people don’t want to get better and that is something that needs to be accepted; it is selfish to think otherwise.

Fourth, if you heal someone, especially a child, it gives them a hope that can easily be stripped away if the healing does not last. This prevents any future healing from taking place as the patient may give up hope of ever being healed. It is not ok to give someone false hopes that the healing is a miracle of someone else’s power. The patient must do the healing on their own. Children have a harder time sometimes to heal themselves, so if you do things for them, it doesn’t help them. Children will only ever see it as a miracle and when it wears off, they will be worse off. The same goes for the mentally unable to understand.

Fifth, if you heal someone, especially someone who doesn’t know or doesn’t want to be healed, you prevent them from going through a learning stage which they need to go through. This is often the case with children. There are those who need to go through the process of being ill or injured to learn something that is very important for them to learn. If you heal them they will only have recurring problems; this is because they need to learn something from those problems. The something that is needed to learn is different for everyone even though the illness, injury, or disease may be the same.

So, yes, many of us healers CAN heal people with or without their knowledge and/or consent, but we don’t, and won’t. There’s no point in healing someone if they won’t stay healed; it only causes more heartache and hardships.

I personally, after learning from past healings, will NOT heal someone without their permission and knowledge. I make it known to those I heal that it is THEY who are aiding in the healing and if they don’t truly want to be better, they won’t be. This is my healing rule. I take no responsibility for those who choose not to heal when I aid them in their healing. It is upon each and every one of us that decides whether or not we will heal and be better, not someone else.

I have done two healings in the past (in my youth), before I knew officially that I was a remote healer. Both people being healed were relatives of mine, and were from the same side of the family. Neither one knew I was healing them. These stories go back to when I was still considered Catholic even though I was mostly broken away from that faith.

The first story is about my aunt who moved to the other side of the country. She had been living out there for a few years after her husband died; she went out there to be closer to her children who all moved out there over the years. Well, she had gotten very ill; she was bedridden and to the point where the doctors were giving her only weeks to live. I loved this woman so much and missed her greatly, and so I began to pray. I prayed long and hard that she would heal and get up out of her bed and prove the doctors wrong. I don’t think it was even a week later, she was up and around without the use of her wheelchair (which she had been stuck in for a few years). She was acting like she was young again, and very healthy. So, happy that she was healed, I stopped praying. I did still think about her on and off over the following weeks, happy that she was better. But then, I stopped thinking about her. And that’s when she took a turn for the worse. This was probably 2 months after I started the initial healing or ‘praying’. She died shortly thereafter. Naturally, I was sad, and wished that I kept praying and kept her alive for longer.

Within months after this aunt of mine passed away, a cousin of mine was in rehab here in town for alcohol addiction. At this point, he was in extremely bad shape and was given a maximum of 2 weeks to live. Naturally, I didn’t want this guy to die, so I, again, started to pray. I prayed for him to live and to get better. I prayed for 6 weeks, and during that time, he was alright and seemingly getting better. And then it happened, not sooner did I stop praying, he died. I was extremely sad; I felt like I failed yet another relative.

In both of these instances, no one knew that I was healing these people. My aunt and my cousin had no idea they were being healed. This is why, once the energy was pulled back, they deteriorated and their bodies failed and they each gave up and passed on. It was at this moment that I knew I could heal, but it wouldn’t be until years later that I would know why the healing never lasted.

I have, since these two incidents, developed ways that make the healing process easier to perform. (I am no longer Catholic so ‘prayer’, as such, is not what happens anymore.) I have techniques which I will be sharing in a separate article; techniques which I have developed over time that work for me. I use remote viewing and visualization with my remote healings. This is how I do them. I’m sure others have various techniques, but what I will share is my own technique.

On the surface, to the onlooker, it seems as though it would be beneficial to heal everyone if one has the power to do so. It also appears that it cannot be done because it IS not done. Sure, what a wonderful thing it would seem to be to heal everyone all at once and be done with illness. It’s not right to do so unless asked by each individual person seeking the help. It is part of the process of healing as well as learning and needs to be handled in this manner.

We are each here to learn something from this life and sometimes part of that learning is to be ill. Sometimes the learning comes with asking for help to heal. But learning will never take place if we go around healing everyone, even when they don’t ask for it.

A healer, such as myself, could go around healing all kinds of people, but like I said above, won’t do it. It’s not because we don’t want to do it, or that we can’t do it, it’s because we won’t because it’s not right to do so without permission.

I would love to heal the world, and I’m sure I have the power to do it, so do many others, but without people healing themselves and getting the lesson(s) they need to learn, it’s just not right to interfere. Things are the way they are for a reason. Illness and injury are included in the things that need to happen, no matter how sad or angry we may be about them.

True healing comes from within, even when someone on the outside is aiding in that healing. Support for healing is sometimes all someone needs to want to get better. Healers aid by supporting as well as channeling energy to those in need. It is up to the healer to know the difference for what he or she can or should do for someone.

There is more that can be said on this subject, but this is what I have pieced together for what absolutely needs to be stated at this time.


Thank you for reading. Please feel free to comment below. If you have further questions or wish to discuss this please visit our forum, Unhypnotize.com.

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