Frequency & Dimensions: What They Mean

What is a Frequency anyway? What is a Dimension? Why is it important to understand what they are?

A depiction of how frequency creates our reality throughout different dimensions.
A depiction of how frequency creates our reality throughout different dimensions.

I apologize, this is another channel that jumps all over the place, but that’s what happens sometimes.

Frequency is the stuff our reality is made of. Reality, and levels of realities, are Dimensions.

When moving beyond this, what is called “dimension”, there is a bigger view of your ‘light spectrum’. When you move higher in the ‘dimensions’, you vibrate at higher frequencies each level you move up. This allows you to see other things and hear other things that you may or may not get a glimpse of at your current level of being.

The higher frequency beings can see what you see and beyond; the lower frequency beings can only see the level they are at and lower, but not higher. Any level can only see where they are at and lower; the higher beings can see the lower ones, but the lower ones cannot see the higher ones. You can intermingle with slightly higher, if you are hovering in that area, hence “ghosts”, and that is why not everyone can see them.


Dreams are reality at a different level of existence. They are our way of ‘merging’ into another ‘dimension’. For some, dreams are the ONLY way to connect with this other dimension or level of existence. Our “souls” are at a different frequency than our bodies are, so dreaming is what allows us to enter that other realm frequently and easily.

The Human Mind

The human mind is a very fickle thing, very susceptible to everything around it and susceptible to suggestions from every direction. It is easiest to contact humans and send messages to them in their sleep-state. This is where they are in a state which they can see and hear us in the higher frequency realms.

The Other Side

“The other side” is a misnomer. There is no ‘other side’. Everything exists here and now, we just can’t see it. We have a tendency to call it the other side because the easiest way to reach that level and stay there is to die, so therefore, because you can’t come back, it must be the “other side”. Also, you have the saying “the grass is always greener on the other side”; people assume that “heaven” is on the other side. It’s all right here, right now and you have access to it now, you just need to know when you are visiting there and then it becomes easier to understand.

The Term ‘Dimension’

Dimensions are a way of labeling things to make it more easily understood for those who are on the ‘lower’ levels. Once you reach the ‘higher’ levels, things become much more clear and you don’t need words like “dimension” to make things clear.

“The Awakening” or Detox

For most people this “awakening” is like going through a detox. We detoxify ourselves from the taught beliefs that were instilled within each and every one of us as we have grown and lived our lives. To expect to feel better once reaching an awakening point is silly because in order to cleanse your ‘soul’ you must rid it of the unwanted and unnecessary things that clog it. Much like when your body goes through a detoxification process to remove unwanted germs and bacteria and chemicals and drugs from within itself, you must flush out physically, the “soul” must also flush, but on a “spiritual” or frequency level. Anyone who as detoxed can tell you, it’s not easy at the beginning; it’s a very uncomfortable process, but in the end you are left feeling wonderful.

Mind Control And Perception

It is silly to believe that any one of us is not under any sort of “mind control”. We are ALL under one form or another and although many have broken former beliefs that were instilled upon them from birth, there is still much that lingers and much that is encountered along the way that clouds what is; this therefore has our minds under a “control”. It will continue to be this way until we are all united as “the one”. And even then, that “one” that so many speak of, is just the beginning as we are here.

It is endless, by design; we create as we go. We are entangled in a “web” of creation that is held by all beings in every “dimension” and every “universe” or “multi-verse”. We each create what we need “next” for our encounters, and all things, all beings, all thought, all frequencies, intertwine to make that which we perceive. Even when we change our perception, we are creating what is. We are everywhere, yet nowhere; we are everyone, and no one at all. We exist, and we do not. We believe and perceive, therefore we are, we were, and we will be.

It is impossible in this existence to comprehend what actually is, or is not. We make it make sense to ourselves the best we can, however, no matter what we do to try to comprehend it all, it is still wrong, our perceptions skewed. We try to explain to others, but they resist, because even those who DO seem to have somewhat of an understanding, each have their own perception that makes sense to them individually.

No matter what we do, we are just as right as we are wrong.


A lot of people are the same. It doesn’t matter what part of the world they are in or they are from; we are all the same on so many levels. It is because the frequencies are the same.

Frequency is such a funny thing. You can control it, and it can control you. At any given time we could all be controlled by some other “master” that uses specific frequencies to control us and we wouldn’t even know it. It just so happens that is exactly what is happening, or at least, it is how it perceived to be happening. The television does this to us almost constantly, and the effects are long-lasting. Frequencies such as this are difficult to break free from and change to being controlled by our own frequencies. For some, that is. For others, we have already broken free from such controls. And even still, for those of us who have broken ourselves free from that control frequency, we still have no clue as to what other frequencies that could be and may very well be controlling us.

The Complexity Of Explanation

It is such a complex topic when put into words. Once understood, the words no longer need to be there to explain and it is so simple. But, most people require an explanation for things to make sense, so an effort is made as in this case.

Looking Past The Surface

It’s easy to blame the surface for the problems that we see. The problem with blaming the surface is that you never get to the root of the problem and what underlies it. You need to look past the surface and see what is ‘beneath’. Any and all problems are a frequency, as WE are all frequency. Follow that wave back to the source rather than chasing the fleeting ‘bursts’ that you may capture and you will see what is there and be able to control that frequency which encompasses you so. It’s pointless to hack away at the branches of a tree to remove the tree; the branches will grow back. To remove the tree, you must aim for the roots. Too many people focus on the surface, thus creating the hatred in the world. Hatred is something that is sprung from surface differences.

What’s Real?

How do we really know what’s real and what’s not? We can never know. We only have at any given point what we perceive to be real; that perception varies from person to person. It’s how we interpret things that makes those things real to each of us. Some agree and some don’t. Reality and illusion are so well blended that everything is real if we perceive it to be, even all the illusions that we succumb to.

Death Changes Perception And Perspective

I believe that I “died” when I had my last child (with very good reason), and everything since has been another grand illusion. My perception has changed drastically since that event. I am not really here; no one is. I didn’t have a “near death” experience, I died, and I am stuck in another illusion right now. Crazy? No. It may sound crazy, but this is the reality that I live in. I can’t prove one way or another that what I believe is true, but I have my strong deep-seated suspicions.

Blinded By The Frequency

“Blinded by the light”, has a whole new meaning when you look at it from a perspective of frequency. All frequency being light, when you are stuck to beliefs, you truly are blinded by the light.

Dwellers and Guardians

There has been discussion come up in my forum not too long ago about entities referred to as “dwellers on the threshold”, and the issue needs to be addressed. These entities reside in a frequency that appears to be between dimensions. They are “stuck” in a manner of speaking. These entities come in many forms, some can be viewed as benevolent, where others can be viewed as malevolent. These beings can be “absorbed” or contacted not only through astral travel but through channeling as well. These are the beings that like to attach themselves to other beings which have a physical form so that they may do whatever it is their agenda has them doing.

The Wikipedia’s (Guardian of the Threshold) states that these “dwellers” are also called “guardians”.

Guardians ARE dwellers, but that is only because to “dwell”, one resides; dwellers however are NOT guardians. Guardians serve a purpose, to guard, to protect, to block an entrance or exit to let in or out those who they deem worthy. Guardians are there to keep the normal dwellers from getting out. Dwellers reside in the same space as the guardians and can leave only by other means, ie. attaching themselves to other beings. Guardians and Dwellers are NOT the same thing, even though Guardians dwell in the same “space” as the “dwellers”.

You Are Not Your Body

Whatever is going on with your physical body is NOT who you are. You are NOT your physical body. Your body is a vessel which carries the “you” or the “soul”. Judging someone based on their outer casing is ridiculous. It is frequency that causes this case, or vessel, to look the way it does and to function the way it does. Your ‘soul’ is a ‘different frequency being’ that uses the physical body to learn in this plane of existence, or physical world.


By standing apart and being negative, our wave-lengths, or frequency becomes lower and longer and ultimately, we push each other further apart which creates undue stresses in the entire world. By creating these undue stresses we inadvertently cause ourselves and everyone else around us pain and suffering.

Frequency, Dimension, and Density are three terms you will here when dealing with this subject.

Frequency can be likened to a radio or television. Radio runs on a range of signals, which are waves of light, and television runs on other signals, which are also waves of light. Light is frequency. Those waves of light, or frequencies, are translated, or decoded, into sound or visuals inside the radio or television. With our physical bodies, we are limited to a range of frequency that allows us to be and interact physically and we are limited to being able to see a small range of light (colors).

Density is a frequency range. Each range of frequency encompasses different light spectrums. Density can be likened to octaves of a scale in music.

Dimension is a variable of endless possibilities. It is possible to jump from dimension to dimension without even realizing it. Dimensions include all ranges of frequency and are not limited to the physical realms.

Frequency and dimension are important things to look at and discuss when you are trying to make sense of the world around you. If you lock yourself into what you think is real, and allow those thoughts to be your reality, you really do miss out on so much more. We are not limited by anything but our own thoughts and beliefs. Frequencies and dimensions are limitless, and so are your possibilities.

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