False Readings (Tarot)

False Readings Happen, But Are Not Always “False Readings”

False readings aren't always as false as they appear to be. Sometimes readings come out looking false to get a person to act on their own to make something happen in their lives.
False readings aren’t always as false as they appear to be. Sometimes readings come out looking false to get a person to act on their own to make something happen in their lives.

False readings happen all the time. They happen to every psychic and Tarot reader. A false reading often gives the impression that the reader is wrong. But, there are reasons for this.

Sometimes a reading turns out results that the person doesn’t want to hear. Things like when they are told “no” to their questions that they would rather have had a “yes” to, is done so for a reason. Either the reason for the answer of “no” is so that the person will fight and put their energy into making whatever it is happen for themselves, or it is “no” because it’s not going to happen with the current state of things. This makes it appear to be a false reading.

If it’s the first reason, and the person is determined to make it happen no matter what, then it gives them the power to fuel their fight to make it happen. If it is the latter, then if nothing changes, and the person is willing to take “no” for an answer, then the answer surely will be no because no action is made to change the answer/outcome.

Tarot does not EVER give definite answers. It can’t. It is a tool that shows probability. That probability is based on current events, and current energies. Anything can change at any time. You yourself can make things change.

Sometimes, after a reading is done on someone, even when the desired answers are given, the person makes the changes in their lives to make the ‘fortune’ come true. It really is up to the person read for to make the fortune shown in the cards true or false. It is not in any way the actions of the card reader that make what is shown true or not.

I want everyone to be aware that when I (or anyone else for that matter) read for you, it is not up to me to determine whether or not what I see in the cards is accurate. It is up to you to make what you want happen. I only show you probability based on now (the time you ask).

Yes, sometimes there are very strong messages that should be conveyed to the person being read, and those messages are important. Those are different than that which is shown otherwise in a reading. Especially those readings that are about love, or money, or other what I like to call ‘trivial’ things.

The bottom line is, the Tarot cards show you what you need to see; they tell you what you need to hear at the time. Sometimes what you need to hear is the thing that will motivate you the most to kick you into high gear and make you take action. Sometimes those things you need to hear show themselves as what appears to be a false reading.

No, you don’t always hear what you want to hear or what you hope to hear. Because if you did, then what’s the point in asking for help from someplace ‘higher’ that can see more of what’s going on? There would be no point.

Ask yourself this, would you have taken the action you took if you didn’t have someone telling you that you couldn’t do it? Or that it’s not going to happen?

Sometimes we can all use a little motivation to get us going on the path we need to follow. Sometimes we need to prove everyone wrong who told us it’s not possible. Sometimes, that’s what a Tarot reading does; sometimes it gives what appears to be a false reading.

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