Faeries, Pixies, Sprites And Leprechauns

Do Faeries, Pixies, Sprites and Leprechauns Exist?

Pixies, Sprites, Faeries & Leprechauns. Faerie Garden with a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
Pixies, Sprites, Faeries & Leprechauns. Faerie Garden with a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

They sure do!

This was an article that I channeled a couple years ago, but because it was never really complete, it had been set aside. I recently came across it again and touched it up as best I could for the time being.

There are many things that can be added to this, but because this is a work of its own, it must remain what it is.

With that said, please enjoy what I have channeled on Pixies, Faeries, Sprites, and Leprechauns.

Sprites, Pixies, & Faeries

All of these beings exist, and so do many more. Some use these 3 names (pixies, sprites and faeries) for these “mythical” beings interchangeably, but should not; they are 3 separate types of entities. Although similar to the human eye, they are much different; much like a dragonfly is different than a butterfly and a butterfly is to a moth. These beings exist in a realm that is different from our own. They come in and out of our existence and are seen by those who have the ability to see the frequency they resonate at.

Much like “ghosts”, some people can see them, some cannot, and some can at times and not at other times. As all is based on frequency, it is assumed that they do not exist because they are at a much different frequency than our own. The three types of beings are not necessarily in the same frequency range as each other either. Some can manipulate “time” as well.


Sprites are most often seen as mischievous, manipulative and sometimes demonic, where faeries and pixies are not. Sprites love to protect their realm from those who would destroy it. They have been known to take “prisoners” of those who dare tread in their territory.


Pixies give off a drug like effect that makes you hallucinate. They can make you see anything they want you to see. They can also use this to their advantage to make you believe things that are not true about where you have been and what you have seen, especially if you ventured into their world and caught a glimpse of their habitat. They often mask their world with this effect so that you can’t see them. Their hallucinogenic effects are a natural defense for them; a natural protection from predators (including humans).


“Faeries” is probably the most common term people will use to describe any and all of the group of pixies, sprites, and faeries. Faeries are unique beings and should not be equated with the other two.

Faeries (often spelled Fairies), or The Fey, are curious beings and are attracted most to shiny things. Faeries are rather harmless, meaning, they don’t intentionally try to cause any harm to humans. Faeries love open spaces, but will live with you in your home if you invite them and allow them to stay.

Some people like to give them offerings of honey, and trinkets and things to let them know they are welcome; some will even build them a small home out of moss and rocks and things to help them feel more at home.

You can’t always see faeries, but you might catch a glimpse of their wings every now and then as they flutter.

If you find your keys to be missing often, or other shiny things missing, with no explanation, you may just have faeries living in your home. If you want to prevent them from taking certain items, you can give them something that is just for them to admire and ‘play with’; make sure to let them know it is for them.


Leprechauns are much the same as sprites with the way they act. The main difference being, leprechauns will purposely trick humans into their realm and “tease” them. They use much trickery and are very mischievous and malevolent. The lure of “gold” works very well for them as they know that beings in this realm (humans) are attracted to such things. They will often give the illusion of gold to trap humans and trick them.

There is NO Gold at the end of the rainbow!


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