Dreaming Of The Past

Dreams Of People From The Past

An example of a dream where long dead great grandfather comes to visit his great granddaughter within a dream.
Great grandfather and great granddaughter together in a dream. What is the significance? Is there a message?

I often get asked questions along the lines of “Why did I dream of so-and-so last night? I haven’t thought about them in years?” or “I had a dream of so-and-so, but they’ve been dead for years” or “I had a dream where my dead relative was talking to me as if they were trying to tell me something?”

Sometimes messages come through in ways that make you pay close attention. For example, a dream will contain someone who is dead long ago in a scenario of something in the present or future. This happens sometimes because of a message contained within the symbolism in the dream would be overlooked and the dream perhaps forgotten if that person was not there. The dream, because of said dead person, now becomes prominent in your mind so you are more likely to remember the happenings within said dream.

This not only happens with dead people, but it happens with other people in your life as well. Primarily, it happens with people from the past, and more often than not, someone who has not been seen or heard from, by the person having the dream, in a long while. This being the case, these dreams are also of importance because there is something there that you need to know or pay close attention to that you would not otherwise.

However, there are times that a person appears in a dream, who has passed on, IS actually that person’s “spirit” or energy that is coming to the dreamer. With these types of dreams, there is an opportunity for two-way communication, however, sometimes they are there to simply convey an important message. Pay attention to every word and every action.

These are very common things to have happen. I’ll explain.

When You Dream Of Someone From Your Past

Often times, we tend to dream of someone from our past. One of two things is happening here.

  1. You are being thought of by that person, therefore you end up seeing that connection through a dream, or
  2. That person is appearing in your dream to make sure you receive the message through the symbolism of the dream. The specific person shown in the dream may very well have significance to the message as well as make you remember the dream.
When You Dream Of Someone Dead

Sometimes, the images of people who have died will come into our dreams. Again, as with someone from the past, there are a couple reasons for this.

  1. The dead person is actually contacting you. Sometimes this will be because they want to talk to you. Sometimes this talking to you is reaching out to you (especially when it’s someone you don’t know), or it could be to let you know something that has been bothering you (usually when it’s a relative or friend). Or, they might just be there to see how you’re doing, and to let you know they’re watching over you. There are multiple scenarios for when it is an actual spirit in your dream. Or,
  2. The person appears to you as someone who has passed because there is an important message that you need to take heed of. You may forget otherwise about the dream entirely if that person was not there.
Understanding It All

Although you may never truly understand it all, you can at least get a better picture of what’s going on and put your mind somewhat at ease by figuring out which type of dream you are having.

To know which of these it is, you need to take note of what else and who else was in the dream, as well as what was going on in the dream. Note every detail you can. If the dream makes absolutely no sense, or it’s just a revision of what happened at some point with your relation to this person, then it’s most likely that you are being thought of or contacted. However, if the dream is extremely strange, or there is an odd scenario taking place, something that would never or could never happen, then it is most likely a message you need to be receiving.

Many times we forget our dreams, but to put someone or something of significance in our dreams, we are more likely to remember them, along with the details.

We also struggle over the “why” of what we’ve dreamt, but the “why” doesn’t matter as much as the what. It is what is contained within that which you have just seen and experienced that matters most.

Dreams are our gateway to other worlds; worlds where we connect with all kinds of energies and entities that we cannot connect with while awake. It is through this gateway that we are able to be given messages that we need to hear which we otherwise don’t pay attention to. For some, dreams are the only way to receive these messages. And when you’ve dreamt of the message, it is almost ALWAYS significant, so pay attention to those dreams.

Pay attention to ALL your dreams; especially those containing people you once knew, living or dead.

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