Decoding Our Dreams: Insights from the Galactic Family

A person sleeping, with a thought bubble showing a spaceship flying through a galaxy over their head.

New confidential briefings reveal secret government programs that studied dreams and consciousness in relation to contact with extraterrestrials. According to insiders, our dreams contain hidden meanings and connections to a larger cosmic reality.

Dreams as Symbols

In the transcript, insider Dr. Bruce shared top-secret teachings on dreams he learned in covert training. The key concept is that the landscape of our dreams is fixed, with locations, buildings, and objects that represent parts of our psyche. The specific symbols may change, but their deeper meaning remains stable.

By mapping out dream locations over time, researchers found people’s inner worlds have a consistent symbolic geography. This implies our subconscious plays out inner dramas using the stage-set of the dreamscape. Relationships between dream symbols reveal insights about the dreamer.

Connecting with the Cosmos

But this dream cartography hints at more than just psychology. According to this training, there is a direct link between our inner dream world and the larger cosmos.

Symbols in dreams are like coordinates mapping an energetic reality behind the physical universe. This is how extraterrestrials navigate their spacecraft using consciousness – by visualizing locations in higher dimensional space.

Dreams as Evolution

The training also explained that as we resolve inner conflicts and limiting beliefs, our dreamscape grows larger and more complex, like raisin bread rising. New dream symbols appear, representing potentials and talents activating within us.

Increased dream activity signals a dimensional shift in consciousness, allowing contact with cosmic intelligence. Dreams prepare us for humanity’s coming graduation into the galactic community.

A Galactic Guiding Light

These revelations suggest our dreams convey guidance from a hidden reality connected to alien minds. By paying closer attention and recording our dreams, we can accelerate an unveiling of cosmic truths. The future course of humanity’s evolution could be encoded in our nightly dream journeys.

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