Death, Dreaming, Astral Projection, Out-Of-Body And Near-Death: How To Remain In Complete Control Wherever You Find Yourself – Lady Of Light May 23 2012

Lady of Light
May 23, 2012

Death, Dreaming, Astral Projection, Out-Of-Body And Near-Death

I had 2 separate channels that had come through on the subject of Death and Dreaming. I cannot tie them in together easily, as they touch on slightly different aspects of these subjects, so I’ve decided to give both accounts, one after the other, in the same post. Some of the information will be quite repetitive, some of the messages will differ slightly as well, but that is because it is from different sources, and is why I am separating the accounts.

I will list them in the opposite order in which I received them, but will name them for the order in which they came through.

Channel #2: Deals in more detail the explanations of Astral Projection, Dreaming, Death, Out of Body Experience, Near Death Experience, and the Astral Plane itself.

Astral Projection (Astral Travel):

Astral Travel is the act of your “soul” or non-physical (energy) form leaving your physical body. While traveling astrally, you can visit anywhere you like. Because time does not exist in the Astral Plane, you can also travel to anywhere in time you wish. You are not limited. While in the Astral Plane, you can choose to stay within the realm in which your physical body resides. You can travel throughout the world in which you live, or you can choose to leave the confines of this planet and go to another one. But beware, if you choose to leave this planet, you may be brought back. If you choose to go somewhere throughout time, this also may be the case where you are found and returned, but nonetheless, you can do it. You can also change your form in the Astral Plane. You can choose to be or look like anything you wish. And so can anyone else who is in the Astral Realm.

Astral Travel is achieved through dense meditation, and is induced on purpose (with intent). One must focus on what one wants and only then can achieve it. Many people travel astrally. It is a skill that is mastered through intent.

It is also possible to Astral Travel while entering what you think is a dream state.

Dreaming (The Dream State):

Dreaming takes place almost entirely on the Astral Plane. On the Astral Plane, you can do anything, be anything, change events by a mere thought. A lucid dream is you being aware you are on the Astral Plane, without necessarily knowing where you are. You know that you are dreaming and know you can control the dream, and that is usually all. You generally do not know consciously that you are of the Astral world. Dreams tend to piece together the events of your life. The events of your day, your week, or any amount of time, tend to blend in together giving some rather odd reality views to which you may or may not be aware are in your subconscious. But, by being aware of where you are and what you can do, gives you power over your surroundings, not only in your dream, but in your waking life as well.

You will find that in your dreams, lies hidden messages that leave you in awe. You, upon remembering what you’ve dreamt, are left with a feeling of wonder. You wonder what was in the dream, and why it was happening. This is standard for those who do not understand the Dream World, or Astral Plane. Do not be alarmed, you can learn to understand it, you need simply to listen to what is there, remember what is there, and you can start to interact and find out more.

Sometimes, while in a dream, you will be contacted by other entities. These entities will present themselves as something that you wouldn’t ever question within the dream. At times, they will give you bits of information that you require. Not everyone listens to this information and therefore will disregard it. If you look closely, you can learn to tell the difference between a “normal” dream and a dream laced with messages.

Out Of Body Experience (OBE):

Simply put, Out Of Body Experiences, or OBEs, are uncontrolled Astral Projections. They typically happen when the body goes into a state of shock. There are many reasons why this occurs, and therefore we will just leave it at “shock”. OBEs are usually triggered suddenly. Many people talk of experiencing OBEs while being operated on (this is also reported with NDEs), or in a situation where something has happened to their body. In these situations, it is reported that you see your physical body. This is because your “soul” or consciousness has simply stepped out of your body for a short time. Most times, you will remain in the same realm as your physical body.

OBE is basically the same as Astral Travel, the difference being, Astral Travel is induced with intent, and Out of Body is triggered without the conscious intent to do so.

Near Death Experience (NDE):

Near Death Experience, or NDE, occurs when the body is in severe shock and the “soul” escapes to not put the consciousness of your mind in a shock that would most definitely not allow you to repair your body and continue to live in the physical world in physical form. It is a safety mechanism that is put in place to allow you to survive and continue on your path in your current body. During an NDE, people tend to experience the same basic things, seeing loved ones who have passed away, Jesus, seeing a light, being called out to, etc. These are the most common things you will hear from someone who has experienced a Near Death Experience.


Death is the experience of being on the Astral Plane, and not being able to return to a physical body. You are now in pure energy form, but you may appear to have physical form. You can take any form you choose, much like while in a dream. At this point, you are free to see or do anything you wish, however, you may only do so if you are aware of where you are. Reincarnation is also an option when you reach this stage of being, and you may return as anything you wish to gain more experiences. Not everyone chooses to come back to experience more of “life”, but it IS and option.

The Astral Plane:

The Astral Plane in short, is simply, the state of existence where you are not within a physical body. You can appear to have physical form, but you are in an energy state. It can be said, that it is the next level of existence. For some, Heaven, and for others, Hell, and there is everything in between. It is what you wish it to be, and most importantly, believe it to be.

Beings Within The Astral Plane:

There are many energy beings within the Astral Plane. Some are of a benevolent nature, and others of a malevolent nature. All will present themselves as other things, causing a deception. But, you can force them to reveal their true nature, but you must be aware of where you are and ask them to do so. They may change to multiple forms in the process of getting to see the true forms of these beings and what they are there to do.


All of the above mentioned states take place on the astral plane. You can be on the astral plane but appear to be here in the physical. That is because they overlap to an extent. They simply are different frequencies. OBE sometimes will have you remain with your physical self, however, not always. Sometimes you will travel elsewhere, even to other planets; still in what would be considered the physical plane, but you are actually in the Astral Plane while in pure energy form.

As an energy being, while still with the physical world, you will appear to be very angelic and bright. There are quite often reports of not having feet. You float and do not walk while in this form. One major difference between OBE and Astral Projection is with Astral Projection, one can control movements of one’s consciousness, whereas in OBE this is not generally the case. But, I can assure you, it is all the same level of existence, the same level of being; it is merely your perception of it that makes it different.

Channel #1: Deals with what you generally will experience upon death and how to handle it upon getting there. It also touches on how thoughts and beliefs affect what you experience. It also gives a general explanation of Astral Travel, OBE, NDE and Dreaming.

Death (Taking Into Account The 2012 Transition):

Upon “Death” (or leaving the physical body), if you are tied to the Earth, you will find yourself in a waiting area to await the Earth while she completes her transition. You have more control in the illusion that follows “death”, than you have in the current illusion that we are all in. You need to choose to see the illusion in order to break it, much like a dream, because that’s all it is, a dream. All places of being are that way, this reality and the next one, and any following that.

Upon “death” you are drawn to a “white light”. This is for 2 reasons:

  • It is the greater consciousness of light, and
  • It is a common belief therefore it becomes reality at that stage.When you get to the source of the light, you are then greeted with what looks like your loved ones. These are not actually your loved ones that have gone before you; they are other beings posing as your loved ones to ease your transition into this new realm. This is why some people claim to see Jesus. They are not actually seeing “Jesus”, they see what they believe they are supposed to see at this stage.

    You have a choice, keep with the illusion of what is happening, or tell them you want them to appear in their true form (this may have to be stated several times). You can choose everything that happens in this realm. It is similar to a “lucid dream” state. You are the creator, therefore you create your surroundings. However, if you are comfortable with what they show you, you can choose to stay in the reality that has been created for your comfort.

    Really, because time is a thing of this physical realm, your perception upon leaving your body is what ties you to anywhere or “anywhen”. You are free at this point to travel to where you choose, but if you wish to be within the physical realm from which you were just in, you will have a choice as to what you wish to experience and where or when you wish to go.

    Think about this…

    Why do some people look just like other people and have no relation? Why do some people look like people from the past, whether related in some way or not at all?

    It makes sense to say, then, that we exist in various times at once. This limit of reality and consciousness is there to separate us in “time”, however, we ARE there and then. There is a good chance that if you look like that other person, you ARE that other person, or you may see it as you WERE that person. The soul or energy complex has much to do with what the physical body looks like on the outside. There is NO coincidence, only what IS.


    Doubt is a state of unsuredness. It is a fear that something may actually be. Therefore when we die, or leave our physical bodies for a Near Death Experience, we often experience what we doubted to be real such as meeting Jesus for example when you are not a Christian. This most often happens with those that doubt the existence of Christ. It is the doubt that makes the experience happen. It is merely manifested BECAUSE of the doubt that was underlying when the person had the NDE or died. True believers experience the same things because they so deeply believe that it becomes a reality. They had always believed that the situation would occur upon death. However, with that same thought, those who ARE Christian, for example, and have doubts toward that Christianity and think that there is a possibility that Christ (Jesus) did NOT exist and will NOT greet them, will have quite the opposite encounter. Jesus will not be there, simply because their doubt made that occur.

    NDE is the quickest way to change a person’s faith in a deity. This is because of their doubts that cause the visions of what the energies manifested for them during the time they were “away” from this physical reality.

    Dreams and Astral Travel (The Show Me What’s Really Here, Method):

    Dreams are no different than the realm we are in upon “death”. We are in a different reality where we are in complete control. The problem is, most people don’t know they are in control of it. In ANY “dream” you can ask to see what’s really there. You can change anything that is happening within this realm; you must merely believe to make it happen. With some practice, you can control your ‘dreams’ and go anywhere and do anything within the “dream” realm. This can and will lead you to Astral Travel. With Astral Travel, or Out Of Body Experience, you can not only travel to other places in this world, but you can also travel to other worlds. Other planets and other dimensions are at your fingertips in the Astral Plane or Dream World. There are many levels of these realms of other reality, but the Astral Plane and the Dream World are very closely connected and actually mistaken for each other. The overlap, so it’s understandable the two would get confused. For “dreams” you go to sleep, but for Astral Travel, you need only be in a meditative state, not asleep, but not quite awake either.

    Heaven and Hell:

    Where do you want to go? You go where you believe you should be, nowhere else. If you have it etched in your mind that you will go to a place called “Heaven” that is all glorious and “heavenly”, then that is where you will end up. Likewise, if you believe you are destined for a place called Hell, to live in agony for the rest of your spiritual existence, then that is where you will end up. This is because you “believe” it to be so.

    Astral Travel, Out Of Body Experiences (OBEs) and Near Death Experiences (NDEs):

    Astral Travel and Out Of Body Experience are typically the same type of experience. Astral Travel and OBEs are when your ‘spirit’ or ‘soul’ or ‘consciousness’ leaves your body. Astral Travel is leaving the body purposely and willingly, and is generally induced through a sort of meditation, where OBE is involuntary and happens for other reasons. I can’t really tell you why OBEs occur as there are many instances that involve numerous reasons; the reasons for OBEs are not important, as Astral Travel is the same type of experience but achieved voluntarily and can be induced at will. NDEs are OBEs that occur at the time of the body at risk of losing the ability to continue to function. All 3 take place on the Astral Plane. The Astral Plane is a level of existence that does not require physical bodies.

    So, more basically:

    Astral Projection (Astral Travel) = You left your body on purpose. You meant to leave your body and travel somewhere else usually within this realm but can take place in the Astral Plane (hence why it is called, the “Astral” Plane).

    OBE = You left your body, not on purpose. You didn’t plan to leave and travel somewhere else; usually within this realm.

    NDE = Your body almost died (or did die for a time). You had to go somewhere, so you went somewhere else usual in the Astral Plane.

    Dreaming = your mind travels to many realms, mostly on the Astral Plane of existence.

    Astral Travel (More Detailed):

    You wish to leave your body and travel across the globe, or even across the galaxy or universe. So you meditate and practice leaving your body behind. For some, this comes very naturally and occurs very easily, but for others, this requires practice and discipline.

    The Bottom Line:

    It’s all illusion. It doesn’t matter whether you are here (with your physical body), or there (on the Astral Plane, on various levels). What matters is you are AWARE of where you are at all times, and KNOW that you have full control in ANY state of existence.

    All planes of existence are an illusionary place. Some are controlled by others who are on some level in it for their own benefit, and they know what they can and cannot to do at any given point. By knowing where you are, and what is there, and what you can do while there, you take back control that any others may try to place upon you.

    While in any of these “realms”, you are, simply put, in another frequency of existence. You can appear to be a ghost, or an angel, or many other things while in an “out of body” state. In fact, quite often times, this is all ghosts are, people experiencing another frequency whether or not their physical bodies are still alive.

    What is real here, is real there. The only difference is how we perceive it and how we deal with it. If you believe it is real, then it becomes real, if you believe it to be illusion, it falls apart into just that, illusion, leaving you in complete control. But you must believe you are in control in order to control the illusion; if you do not, the illusion will be controlled for you (that goes for the real “physical” world, as well as the astral world).

    Doubt is the root of all control. Hope is spouted from doubt. And doubt is nothing more than FEAR.

    Timelines fall under this as well. The ability to “alter” a timeline is well within your reach when you are in one of these states. Our ‘dimensions’ do not work the way most people think they work, and this is the problem we have with controlling our own destinies. If we realize we have full control no matter what state we are in (Astral of Physical), we can and will control ourselves and break the control that others have placed upon us no matter what form we are in.


    There is so much to be said on this subject that it may not all be touched upon at this time. That being what it is, this will be added to as the need arises. The information shared here, now, is the most important aspects to know at this time, and therefore have been shared at this time. If and when more information on this gets shared with me, it will be shared with you.

    If you have any questions or concerns on these topics, please ask and I will try to get more information as necessary.

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