Crazy: We All Are In Our Own Way

We’re ALL Crazy No Matter What You Think

Crazy? What is crazy anyhow? Crazy is a matter of perception. Anyone or anything can be seen as crazy at any given time; even the most "sane" of people.
What is crazy anyhow? Crazy is a matter of perception. Anyone or anything can be seen as crazy at any given time; even the most “sane” of people.

We’re all a little crazy. That’s because each one of us believes things that each other doesn’t believe and therefore sounds ridiculous for some of it; and so it seems like ‘crazy’. But really, crazy is just our differences and our inability to accept those differences; it’s mostly differences in beliefs above anything else.

Anytime you feel or think that something is “crazy”, in all reality, you are the crazy one. Everything you see in life, every perception you have, is a direct mirror reflection of yourself. By fighting that craziness, you make yourself even MORE crazy. It’s easier and much more enjoyable to go along with the craziness, as you perceive it, and to enjoy life more.

There are so many possibilities out there, and by seeing those possibilities as “crazy”, you truly do limit yourself, and place yourself into a box. Sometimes you poke holes in the box to see things, but you quickly close those holes back up, blocking out everything that you are not willing to accept, and labeling those things as “crazy”.

Really, who looks crazy in that situation? The people living free with their endless possibilities and ideas? Or the people locked inside boxes who only ever peep out once in a while to see if it’s safe for them to come out? You see everyone living free with minds of their own and beliefs of their own as crazy, but they too see you as crazy.

Is it really so hard to accept people for who they are and what they believe even when those beliefs differ from your own? It is when you follow any form of media, be it social or political or otherwise.

I realize that it’s far easier to conform to what you are conditioned to believe through schools and television shows, and even the news. I realize that for too many years you have been following the crowd so that you don’t feel like an outcast or get treated like one. I realize you don’t want to be treated the way you are treating others that don’t conform. I realize a lot of things about you that you don’t even realize yourself.

You treat others in a manner in which you yourself would never ever want to be treated in a million years. Yet, why is that ok? Why is it ok for you to treat someone terribly for being themselves and not being like everyone else? You do know that it’s ok to be different, don’t you? And that it’s ok to think for yourself?

If you look in your heart, and listen to your mind, you will know what is right, but you have to let yourself do and be what is right instead of following the crowd. You have to step out, be yourself and not what you have come to believe you should be by other influences.

Your friends don’t have the right to dictate who you are and what you should do. If that is why they are your friends, then they’re not your friends, they are your controllers. True friends would allow you to be yourself no matter how “crazy” you might seem at times.

We all seem crazy at some point, some of us more than others, but that’s only because we don’t agree with each other and won’t allow each other’s points of view interfere with our own set-in beliefs. When you lock yourself to believing one way only, you truly are lost, and you have tunnel-vision at best.

I’m crazy. You’re crazy. We’re ALL Crazy! It’s all a matter of perception, and perspective.

We're all crazy in our own unique way. No matter how not crazy you think you are, you will always be seen as crazy in someone's eyes.
We’re all crazy in our own unique way. No matter how much you think you’re not, you will always be seen as crazy in someone’s eyes.


It’s the crazy people that end up being the geniuses. Sometimes you need a level of lunacy to be steps beyond everyone else. Accept your traits that have others seeing you as nuts and don’t worry about what they say. Anyone who calls anyone else crazy is “the pot calling the kettle black”.

Different is good. I’ve been called crazy over the silliest things. I was a dishwasher for 4 years at Montana’s Cookhouse restaurant. I absolutely LOVED my job. Everyone thought I was insane. I didn’t love it because of the disgusting things like having to touch half-eaten food that’s been god knows where. I loved it because of the atmosphere, and my work area, and the peacefulness of my job; most of all, I loved it because I had a positive attitude toward it. Again, they thought I was crazy. Crazy is a matter of opinion.

Be different. Love what you love because YOU love it. Keep that attitude no matter who calls you crazy because of it. I say THEY’RE crazy because they have such a negative attitude toward it.

So… CRAZY rules the world; because we’re all it.

And if you think you’re not crazy, then you’re crazy; because it’s crazy to think that you are not crazy in a world where everyone is each their own brand of crazy.

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