My Channel: How It Works For Me

Why I Channel, What Happens to me when I Channel, and Why my information is sometimes all over the place.

Channeling begins with listening. You must listen to the thoughts that stream into your mind and be able to know what is your own and what is not. That is what channeling is all about.
To channel, it begins with listening. You must listen to the thoughts that stream into your mind and be able to know what is your own and what is not. That is what channeling is all about.

The purpose for this article is to explain and apologize all at once for the consistency, or maybe inconsistency, of my channeled works.

Channeling is one of my favorite things to do and, as long as I’m not interrupted, is not really all that time-consuming.

When channeling, most times it takes me days or weeks or even months to receive a full message. This is because of all the interruptions that I have to deal with in my normal everyday life. With kids, it is especially difficult to get a decent channeling session for any length of time as long as they’re awake. And by the time they are sleeping, I find myself too tired to continue and the channel does not come.

So what ends up happening most times is, I will start, and stop, and start, and stop, continuing as best I can. However, sometimes either it will get extremely repetitive, or I will end up starting completely over. When I start completely over, sometimes I will go back and try to incorporate things that may have not been said this time around, if possible. It’s not always possible. And when that happens, I scrap the first one, and go with the second one.

It works sometimes, but not always. Sometimes I’m better off keeping the repetitive works and just go with it, regardless of how it ends up sounding. It can be quite frustrating at times, but if I allow myself to remain frustrated with it, the message will never be shared. And since the messages that I am given are meant to be shared, I do try my best to share them in a way that makes the most sense.

Depiction of channeling where distorted messages come in and clear messages come out, translated to be easily understood.
Depiction of a channel where distorted messages come in and clear messages come out, translated to be easily understood.

There are times when I will channel, and as I’m typing, things make perfect sense, but then, when I go back over it to read it, it makes no sense at all and is completely all over the place. I have a few of those that I need to sort through before I can share them. I first have to make sense of them for myself before I can make them make sense for everyone else. I figure if I can’t make sense of it, no one else will be able to either; likewise, if I can make sense of it, others should be able to as well.

To channel is easy when you have silence and/or alone-time. Again, that is not always possible when you have small children. Even pets sometimes will be a distraction. But to sit here in silence, or at least to not be disturbed, is so calming, and I love it. It’s that trance that you find yourself falling into sometimes where everything is so calming and soothing. That trance state is the channeling state.

One thing I just recently learned is that some people refer to channeling as “ghost writing”. I always wondered what that was, but never looked into it. So, in that case, I guess I could be considered to be a ghost writer. However, I prefer the term “Channeler” since the message is coming to me through a stream or “channel”.

Most writers, if not all writers, channel. It’s when you get into that groove of comfort and the words just flow through your fingertips without you even having to think about them. It’s such a wonderful sensation. It’s that same trance that you get into when you daydream. I love it.

It sure does make it easy for me to write when I have someone else controlling the words. Things make much more sense that way. Things are said in ways that I cannot come up with myself. I tend to stumble over my words and then have to try to explain what I meant. With my channeled writing, it’s already clear most times and requires little effort on my part.

I do like being a channeler. I love the feeling of a channel streaming into my mind. It can be frustrating at times, but only because of interruptions or things not making sense right off the bat. I wouldn’t give up this ability for anything. It’s a wonderful gift to have. I put it to use the only way I can at the moment. And that is to share the messages that I receive that are meant to be shared publicly.

My goal for this article was to explain what happens to me when I channel. I hope that I have been able to do that. I also hope this gives an idea as to why my channels are sometimes repetitive and sometimes all over the place. I try my best to sort it out, but it’s not always possible. If you have ever channeled, you can understand. If you have kids, you can also understand. If you understand, then I believe I have explained well enough, and I thank you for reading.


If you would like to have a full discussion about channeling or any other psychic abilities, you can find me over at my forum My name there is Lady of Light.

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