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Our Tarot Talk articles offer guidance for beginner and experienced tarot readers alike who want to learn the practice of tarot reading. Get an overview of tarot history and explore the symbolic meaning of each card in the deck. Discover popular tarot spreads like the Celtic Cross and sample readings about relationships, career, finances, spirituality, and more. Gain tips on how to conduct intuitive and insightful tarot readings from professional card readers. Check our blogs regularly for new tarot forecasts covering love, money, and monthly outlooks. Whether you are drawn to tarot cards for divination or their mystical artistry, Tarot Talk provides in-depth insights into this centuries-old practice through exploring card meanings, spreads, interpretations, and readings. Dive into our tarot guides for beginners on how to start reading tarot today. Learn to conduct tarot readings for yourself and others with a free online tarot deck to practice. Compare different tarot decks like the Rider Waite and Wild Unknown. As you advance, get tips from expert readers on developing your intuitive abilities. Tarot Talk aims to help both starting and seasoned tarot practitioners master the art of tarot reading through articles, how-to guides, sample readings, forecasts, and more using this powerful tool for divination and self-reflection. Discover the fascinating symbolic language of the tarot cards as you learn to conduct insightful readings for yourself and others. Let Tarot Talk guide you on your journey into the world of tarot, from understanding card meanings to creating intuitive multi-card spreads. We are thrilled to help you develop a personal connection with the tarot through practice readings, forecasts, card explorations, and more tarot resources from our experienced contributing readers.

New Location. I am no longer associated with SKZ Flower Market or Bent Twigs and Black Wicks shops. I am now offering readings in a more convenient and comfortable environment. I can finally run under my own rules. No discrimination. Visit WindsorTarot.com to book your appointment today!

Readings (Tarot): Moved To Serve You Better

I’ve Moved! Better, More Convenient, More Comfortable Location! My Readings, Your Schedule! I want to start off by saying, this article is to explain to everyone WHY I’ve changed locations for my Tarot readings and my other services (including classes and workshops). This article is NOT intended attack or badmouth anyone. This is MY story, […]

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