The Psychic Den

Welcome to ‘The Psychic Den’, a unique space within the Wake Up and Unhypnotize community, designed to ignite your curiosity and deepen your understanding of the psychic realm. Our mission in this category is to unravel the mysteries of the psychic world, and help you harness your own intuitive abilities.

In ‘The Psychic Den’, we delve into all aspects of psychic phenomena, exploring topics such as clairvoyance, telepathy, remote viewing, and mediumship. We bring to light intriguing cases of psychic experiences from around the globe, examining them through the lens of both skepticism and open-minded inquiry.

We seek to demystify the psychic realm, breaking down misconceptions, and providing clear, easy-to-understand insights. Our goal is to empower you with knowledge, enabling you to discern genuine psychic phenomena from the fraudulent, and to nurture your own psychic potential.

Our community is rich in diversity, with members ranging from seasoned psychics and spiritual practitioners to enthusiastic novices keen on developing their abilities. We welcome all levels of experience and encourage respectful, enlightening discussions.

In ‘The Psychic Den’, we also explore the intersection of psychic phenomena with other topics covered on Wake Up and Unhypnotize. We delve into how psychic insights might shed light on mysteries relating to time travel, ancient civilizations, consciousness, and more.

Nourish your intuitive side, challenge your understanding, and join the conversation in ‘The Psychic Den’. It’s a place of discovery, learning, and growth, where we dare to look beyond the physical world and into the realm of the psychic.

New Location. I am no longer associated with SKZ Flower Market or Bent Twigs and Black Wicks shops. I am now offering readings in a more convenient and comfortable environment. I can finally run under my own rules. No discrimination. Visit to book your appointment today!

Readings (Tarot): Moved To Serve You Better

I’ve Moved! Better, More Convenient, More Comfortable Location! My Readings, Your Schedule! I want to start off by saying, this article is to explain to everyone WHY I’ve changed locations for my Tarot readings and my other services (including classes and workshops). This article is NOT intended attack or badmouth anyone. This is MY story,

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