Black Magic Vs White Magic

What is the Difference Between Black Magic and White Magic?

Black Magic VS White Magic. A depiction of distinction between Black magic and White magic.
Black Magic VS White Magic. A depiction of distinction between Black magic and White magic.

There really is little difference between what is considered Black magic and what is considered White magic.

Black magic is usually aimed at attacking people, and harming people and often uses animal sacrifices. White magic is used for helping people, protecting people, and so on, all the while causing no harm to animals or people.

People often think that there is more power in Black magic than White magic, and are often fearful of it. The truth of the matter is, there is no difference in the powers of Black magic and the powers of White magic. Belief is the only thing that makes the difference.

Fear feeds the power of Black magic; Love feeds the power of White magic.

Black magic is used by Satanists, devil worshipers. White magic is used by Wiccans and Pagans. Witches fall into either category depending on their beliefs and how they choose to use their magic. Some witches are drawn to Black magic, whereas other witches are drawn to White magic and refuse to cause harm to anyone.

There is so much fear associated, even in the witching communities, that the magic done by these followers of Satan cannot be easily overcome. This is not true and I would like to make it known that it is just as easily overcome as any spell done through White magic.

Black magic is misunderstood, and that is why it is feared. It is natural for us as humans to fear the things that we do not understand. And usually, those things that we do not understand, because we are fearful, we tend to not remove our ignorance and give ourselves an understanding of them.

We need to remove our ignorance and gain an understanding of everything, not just Black magic and Satanism. It is only when we truly understand something that we remove our fear of it completely. And when we remove our fear completely, it no longer has power over us.

Black magic is mainly fear tactics, with little power behind it at all. It is the fear that is instilled upon the victim that causes the victim be his or her own undoing. This is done with items that have been “cursed” or charged with something from the victim. The item is given the charge; the victim sees the effects, gets scared and recharges the item. This becomes a seemingly endless cycle. Seemingly endless because it is the fear given off by the victim that keeps the charge therefore keeping the “curse” alive. Remove the fear, and remove the charge. Remove the item (if you can) and you remove the problem.

While, yes, dark entities or demons can be summoned to aid in causing harm, ultimately, those entities and demons feed on fear. If you fear them, they have power over you; if you do not fear them, they have no power and can do little to no harm.

Remember, you are just as powerful if not more powerful than any other entity. Knowing this is the first step to overpowering Black magic, or any dark forces.

A Story to Demonstrate White Magic over Black Magic

I have a little story I would like to share to demonstrate a point. For privacy reasons, I am changing the names of those involved. I don’t think it’s fair to anyone involved to have their real names mentioned.

The story goes like this:

Recently I had gotten myself involved in a situation where Black magic was being used.

Sarah, a concerned woman, had asked for help and advice on what to do, what spells could be done, etc for her friend Bob. Bob was terrified and didn’t know what to do or where to turn.

Vase with a rose on it.
Vase with a rose on it. An example of the vase that was seen on the table near the entrance of the home.

I had immediately gotten an image when reading the message. The image was that of an entrance-way to a house. Front door on the left, stairs to the right, and a wall straight in front. All wood, very gloomy, very dark, almost black and white. On the wall, I could see a picture frame or a mirror, and underneath that, against the wall was a small table with a vase on it. Also, I could see the leg of a man as if walking or running toward the table area.

As it turns out, Bob’s son, Dylan, had gotten into Satanism and joined forces with a well known Satanist who has many followers. Well, Dylan and this Satanic leader somehow placed a curse over Bob. Bob was seeing all kinds of shadows and things that would terrify him, hence why the need and call-out for help.

I’m not sure how long this had been going on for, but it was quite a while from what I understood.

I asked for more information so that I could psychically go in and take a look at what was going on. I used my remote viewing capabilities and went in, looked around for what I could, and was mostly locked at that entrance. Same imagery. I did manage to step outside onto the front porch to see outside. This was when I was able to see that it was an Illusion that was cast.

Outside of the house was gloomy, dark, and seemingly dead. There were no other houses around. I could sense that they should be there, but they were nowhere in sight. It was this house alone, with a dead looking tree in the front yard.

I stepped back inside the house, tried to move around, and was locked in that entrance, facing that wall, facing that table.

I informed Sarah with what I saw, and I told her that there is something in that area that is feeding this “curse”. I called it a curse for lack of a better term. The message was relayed and Bob immediately started looking around those 2 areas for an item that could be causing the problem.

During this time, I found out that I described the items in the entrance very well. There was indeed a small table, with a vase on it, and a picture as well as a mirror on the wall above it.

Anyhow, after some searching, an angel was found inside the vase on the table in the entrance. This angel was not new to the house or to Bob, but it was new to the vase where it was found. It was not long after it was found that I knew that this was indeed the “cursed” item. And it explains why my focus was locked to seeing that area.

A depiction of an angel with wings and glowing halo.
A depiction of an angel with wings and glowing halo. This is to illustrate the cursed angel in the story.

Shortly after Bob found the cursed angel, I sensed a lightness come over the entrance area of the house, and color was returning. I talked to Sarah to see if she had performed any of the spells we had discussed. She hadn’t. Shortly after THAT, I was able to move elsewhere in the house, but only slightly elsewhere. My focus was now on a kitchen table, and again, I became locked in that place.

I asked Sarah and was told that indeed the angel was moved to the kitchen table. Sarah advised Bob that the angel be burned; I agreed with that. If not burned, then completely removed from the property at the very least.

The next morning, I was looking back in, not on purpose, but I kind of just drifted in there. What I saw was an amazing change to Bob’s house. I could see Bob, on the front porch with some flowers in hand. I could also go freely to other rooms in Bob’s house.

Curious, I told Sarah what I saw. Sarah informed me that Bob had had the best night’s sleep he had had in a very long time. Naturally, I was pleased. And I was glad I could help in such a desperate situation.

The situation was caused by a spell, or curse placed upon an object that was placed in a specific location in Bob’s house. The object was holding the curse so that any illusions that were projected for Bob would cause him fear and outright terror. The fear that Bob had, powered the curse to continue the illusion. Once the cursed item was removed, the power over Bob, the fear given to Bob, was also removed.

Black Magic…

With Satanic magic, and Black magic in general, an item from the person the spell is cast on is needed to perform the spell. That item has the energy of the person and so it is attached to the person. Hair, trinkets, items that hold special meaning, clothing, jewelry, etc, are all things used to cast a spell upon someone for the purposes of Black magic. Voodoo is notorious for its Black magic.

Not only does this target the person specifically with little effort, this allows the person to instill the curse upon him- or herself.

You are your worst enemy when it comes to Black magic being used on you, not the person placing the curse on you. It is your belief and your fear that causes more harm than anything else.

You must remove that fear, remove that ignorance and know that you have power over the “evil” that is being sent your way. I know, the Illusions that are cast are seemingly real, so it can be difficult to believe that they are not real, as in the case above, but you have to try.

White Magic…

White magic uses items as symbolism for the rituals and spells that are performed. No curses are placed on items. However, items can be blessed or charged with certain types of energy to aid someone for various purposes.

An Example of a Talisman pendant for a necklace. Talisman is used to protect against Black magic and negative entities.
An Example of a Talisman pendant for a necklace. Talisman is used to protect against Black magic and negative entities.

A crystal or gemstone, or even just a regular stone can be charged with healing properties to aid in hands on healing or in healing spells, for example. Another example would be an item to be used as a protective agent against dark forces; a talisman. Any item can be used.


So you see, there really isn’t much difference when it comes to Black magic and White magic. It is all in your mindset and your intentions. If your intentions are to cause harm or destruction, then you are practicing Black magic; if your intentions are good, and your spell or ritual is for helping, or banishing dark entities, then you are practicing White magic.

The power behind any spell or curse comes from the beliefs of the person casting and/or the person being cast on. Beliefs are everything in a spell, and are just as important as intent.

Never underestimate how powerful you are. When it comes to combating Black magic, you are just as, if not MORE, powerful than what you are fighting against. Never forget that.

If you fear the dark forces, you give the Black magic power. Take that power away by not feeding into the fear. By removing the fear, you remove the power of the dark spell.

Believe. Believe in yourself. Believe in your own power to overcome anything.
Believe. Believe in yourself. Believe in your own power to overcome anything.

Believe in your power, be confident about it, and you can overpower Black magic. White magic CAN overcome ANY dark forces, but you have to believe it, and believe in yourself.




If you have any questions or wish to discuss this matter further, please feel free to visit’s Wicca/Witchcraft section, where this topic can be discussed in more detail.

7 thoughts on “Black Magic Vs White Magic”

  1. Hello. I am a beginner witch. I was wondering if u could give me some guidance since I cant find any pagans in my community.

  2. Hello; I was wondering if you could help me with something. You see, I was on a game, and someone casted a black magic spell on my character/user/avatar. I wasn’t sure if it was real or not because it had no bad effects on me in reality, nor the game and character. However, just in case, I wanted to ask you about how I should deal with this situation. Should I avoid or stop playing the game? Should I remove my character ( if possible)? Should I delete the game from my device completely? Or should I just let it go? I’m really unsure of what to do at this point. So far, I’ve been wearing a lucky charm and praying. So, what do you think I should do? I would really appreciate your help.

    Thank you,

    1. What kind of game was it? Was the spell cast by the person or their character, toward your character? Do you know what the spell was supposed to do?

      As long as nothing is happening to you in real life, which you’ve stated nothing is, then there is nothing to worry about. It’s a game, and should be treated as such, as long as nothing was done to you directly, and only your character in the game. If you are enjoying the game, continue to play, you will be fine. If you’re not enjoying it, then quit and avoid it.

      As long as the spell that is being done is done inside the game (by one character to another), there is no power behind it, and is only for fantasy purposes. It is there to allow people to do what they wouldn’t otherwise be able to do in real life. So, with that said, as long as it was JUST within the game, you have nothing to worry about.

  3. hi i’m a beginner witch can you help me study and i think someone cast a black magic spell on me cause bad things have been happening to me and my relastionship with my family

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