Author name: Bernadette Poirier

Bernadette Poirier is primarily a gifted psychic/healer living in the Windsor, Ontario area. She specializes in Tarot and has been providing readings for over 15 years. She loves to write articles about anything that she finds interesting including channeled messages she receives. You can book an in-person reading with her or get an online reading NOW! Get a reading NOW! »

New Location. I am no longer associated with SKZ Flower Market or Bent Twigs and Black Wicks shops. I am now offering readings in a more convenient and comfortable environment. I can finally run under my own rules. No discrimination. Visit to book your appointment today!

Readings (Tarot): Moved To Serve You Better

I’ve Moved! Better, More Convenient, More Comfortable Location! My Readings, Your Schedule! I want to start off by saying, this article is to explain to everyone WHY I’ve changed locations for my Tarot readings and my other services (including classes and workshops). This article is NOT intended attack or badmouth anyone. This is MY story,

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