Ascension Is Not Quite What You Believe

What is ascension?

Ultimately, ascension is when you raise your vibrational frequency to that which no longer needs a solid physical form. Ascension is the process of becoming aware of all that is, was, and ever has been and becoming one with it all. Ascension is something that is sought after by those who are on a spiritual journey who seek what is beyond this plane of existence.

A depiction of ascension in its ultimate form; the last level of physicality. Ascension from here on Earth will never look this way or take place in this manner.
A depiction of ascension in its ultimate form; the last level of physicality. Ascension from here on Earth will never look this way or take place in this manner.

Ascension happens slowly; it is not quick nor is it immediate. You have to ascend (go higher, raise up) from one level to the next and so on. It takes time. The only reason it takes time is because we are stuck in a perception of time. Otherwise, we’ve already ascended; we’re there now, on every level, and in every dimension.

There are many levels to ascension. Even at the level we are at in this physical world that we know, we have ascended from another level below where we are now. Each level comes with an ultimate goal (if you choose it) to ascend to the next level. It does not stop, because there are infinite levels to be reached. All levels of ascension are incremental.

An image of Daniel Jackson from Stargate SG-1 ascending. This is not an accurate depiction of how ascension takes place.
An image of Daniel Jackson ascending. (From the episode Meridian on Stargate SG-1.) This is not an accurate depiction of how ascension takes place.

For those that think ascension happens all at once, you need to rethink matters. You will not simply leave your body, or vanish into another reality. Your body does not just transform on the spot to become light energy. (It’s not that it is not possible for your body to transform into energy, it just does not happen with ascension.) Ascension does not happen the way it happened for Daniel Jackson on Stargate:SG-1.

Depictions such as what happened on Stargate are done so that you get a feel for what happens, to get an idea of what ascension is. It is not depicted accurately. It is depicted in a way that you, as the viewer, can see that he is no longer in Earth form. Too many people assume it is accurate, and I can’t stress enough that it’s not.

The process of ascension lasts for your entire life. (That is, the life of your physical body.) You go through your entire life on a journey (if you so choose) to gain spiritual (not religious) enlightenment. You learn as much as you can (mainly through non-formal education), and you gain as much wisdom as you can along your path. Once you reach the end of your journey, when you are ready to move on, you ‘die’. Your body remains, and your ‘essence’ carries on to the next level. This happens through all the levels, give or take having a physical body to shed. There are the ‘lower’ levels which have bodies, and the ‘higher’ levels where bodies are no longer needed.

Once you reach the stage of not having a body to inhabit anymore, you are ready to continue your journey with a whole new way of learning and experiencing. You will even learn how to create (be a creator) at some of the ‘higher’ levels. You never stop learning along the way, and therefore, as you choose, you ascend at will.

If, you happen to not finish your journey in the time limit for each level (such is often the case where physical bodies are involved), you can repeat it as many times as is necessary for you to move on to the next stage. Most people don’t finish their journey in one try. It takes hundreds if not thousands of years to ascend, if not longer. You won’t even necessarily repeat your learning on the same planet. In fact, most times, you will bounce from world to world gaining as much knowledge and wisdom as you can before finally deciding to move on through ascension.

Sometimes, just changing worlds, people think they have ascended. Maybe this is so. To move on to another physical world could be considered a form of ascension. Since you can’t remember anything from your previous ‘life’, you could very well look at it that way. And maybe that’s the case. Maybe each of those small levels of ascension are transitions from planet to planet to absorb and learn and gain wisdom from each place so that you can move on to those non-physical-form planes.

Most people when they think of ascension think that you have to be a good person, and loving and caring and that’s all you need to reach ascension. That is not the case. Well, not entirely the case. You need to be all those things, but there is much more to it than that.

Ascension is ultimately based on your beliefs. It is your beliefs that can either open the doorway to the next world, or close it off completely. Leaving your beliefs open and accepting information on everything equally will give you the best chance to ascend. Sticking to a belief (even if that belief is the currently believed truth or fact), will leave you stuck where you’re at and will have you repeating this level again. To ascend, you must drop beliefs, and open your mind, as well as be a genuinely loving, caring, honest, compassionate, good person.

Basically, to reach the ascension that is the leaving of the physical form, you need to first reach enlightenment. In order to reach enlightenment, you must go through minor ascension stages over many lifetimes and on on many planets. You cannot just ascend and leave your body in a cloud of energy as shown on television and in movies; it doesn’t work that way.

Ascension takes time, and the sooner you learn that, the sooner you can reach enlightenment. The sooner you reach enlightenment, the sooner you can evolve into something more of the energy form than of the physical form. You cannot ascend into something more until you have reached enlightenment.

Enlightenment means learning and growing and accepting. Without enlightenment, ascension (to a higher form) is not possible. You must take the time, learn as quickly or as slowly as you need to in order to reach that stage where you can accept that you are not your body. Only then will you be able to move on to another form and start all over again, but you will have different goals. You cannot and must not rush the process. You will learn in your own time, and in your own way. For some people, the learning comes fairly easily, where for other people it is much more difficult.

Once you set out on the road to enlightenment, you are surely on your own path, not on anyone else’s. If you follow someone else’s path, then you will never reach your destination. On any path you choose to take, you will find the destination that was laid out by the person who made the path. That is not your path; you need to make your own path to reach your own destination. No two people have the same path to follow, nor do they have the same obstacles blocking their paths.

Ascension is by no means the end of living. It is only one stage in the process of learning. This stage here, on Earth, in this particular lifetime, is only one small iota of the path to ascension. When you understand that, you are well on your way to reaching ascension.

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