16 Common Witchcraft Spell Casting Essentials

A depiction of some of the common witchcraft spell casting essentials. Common witchcraft casting essentials such as a broom, candles, cauldron, and stones.
A depiction of some of the common witchcraft spell casting essentials. Common witchcraft casting essentials such as a broom, candles, cauldron, and stones.

A list of 16 Common Witchcraft Spell Casting Essentials That Every Witch Should Have

These common witchcraft spell casting essentials are not listed in any particular order. They are listed in the order in which they came to me for the purpose of writing this article.

These are not the only common witchcraft spell casting essentials, however, they are some of the ones that I feel are the main ones.

THE most important witchcraft spell casting essential is intent. Without intent, you have nothing but words and actions, and not really a spell cast at all.


In no particular order, a list of Common Witchcraft Spell Casting Essentials


1. Salt

Used for cleansing and banishing. It is also used for protection during cleansing and banishing spells. Salt is a natural antiseptic. Salt is commonly used for circles for standing or sitting in while casting. It also ensures a clean spell.

2. Broom

Brooms are highly symbolic. Brooms symbolize the sweeping away of anything unwanted. They are used physically, as well as symbolically. You would use a broom to physically sweep away in a cleansing spell, banishing spell, also in some protection spells (ones that would rid unwanted energy from your home to keep it out).

3. Candles

Candles are used for focus and mood. Candles should be readily available in as many colors as you can get a hold of. Different colored candles hold symbolism for a variety of spells. Colors are chosen based on the nature of the spell and what feels right. White can be substituted for any color in the absence of the chosen color.

For example, some people like to use the color Red for love spells, or the colors Green or Gold for money spells, or Blue for healing spells, etc.

You can choose what colors feel right for you for any spell of your choosing. You do not have to go with the commonly used color associations if you feel another color will work better for you in a certain spell or ritual.

4. Crystals and Stones

You should have a variety of stones and crystals for different purposes. Crystals and stones contain a charge for various things so you will want to choose wisely based on your spell. In the absence of the proper crystal, Quartz can be charged with the necessary properties. I find Quartz to be quite powerful and quite generic because of its nature.

Important: You do not want to use crystals or stones of any kind (even wedding rings or other jewelry) when doing banishing spells. When you are working to banish (especially with entities), crystals and stones can absorb the energy of the entity, keeping the entity attached to that stone forever.

Be selective in what spells you use crystals and stones in.

5. Incense

Incense comes in a wide variety of scents /odors. You will always want to choose what suits the spell best and what feels right for you at the time of casting.

Incense can be used to trigger certain emotions or invoke a mindset. Different smells for different purposes.

I prefer vanilla for most spells, as it is very soothing and calming, and helps to set the mood for casting.

6. Anointing Oils and Essential Oils

Oils are used for various purposes. Some are for scent and feeling, and others are for cleansing or blessing. The different oils are chosen based on items they are needed for and for the spell they are being used in.

7. Silence

Silence is optimal for casting any spell. You need to be able to focus on your spell without distraction. If you have children, especially young ones, you need to choose your timing wisely.

8. Isolation

Unless you are with a coven, isolation is a preferable. (If you are with a coven, then the coven should be isolated.) Being alone goes hand-in-hand with silence.

9. Book of Shadows (Spell Book)

A book with your spells written inside it. It is important to always write down your spells that you cast in the event that you want to perform a certain spell again. This is something that you will always have and should keep protected. A notebook can be used, but you should transfer your spells into something more permanent. Spells, although written down in this book can be altered at any time.

10. Intent

THE most important thing you need when casting any spell. Witchcraft is based on intent. Make sure that your intentions are known before you even begin casting your spell. Know what you want to achieve and focus on it.

11. Focus

Focus works alongside intent. You want to focus on your intentions and on what it is that you are doing throughout the spell to make those intentions be your outcome.

12. Confidence

You must have confidence in order for your spells to take effect. The more confident you are, the stronger your casting will be. Know in your heart and in your mind that what you are doing within the spell has worked, is working, and will work. Believe it and so shall it be.

13. Altar

A place where you have all of your essentials gathered together to perform your rituals and castings. Usually a table or desk dedicated to your collection of Witchcraft items. This is also where you would perform offerings to the Gods or Goddesses that you are calling upon to help you. For lack of a table or desk, you can use the top of a dresser or a shelving unit, a shelf, or even a window sill.

14. Herbs and Flowers

You will want to have various herbs and flowers on hand at all times for various spells. Herbs and flowers can be used fresh or dried. If burning the herbs or flowers, you will of course want to use dried. Fragrance from fresh herbs and flowers may be needed depending on the spell to be cast and the ritual to be performed. Also, if being used for symbolism, you would choose fresh or dried accordingly. (eg. dried to symbolize old, and fresh to symbolize new)

15. Cauldron

A fireproof container for burning various objects, incense, images, herbs, etc. When a spell calls for it, you will need to burn certain things, so a cauldron will make the perfect venue for this. A cauldron is not used only for burning; it is also used for mixing. In your cauldron, you can mix any of your “ingredients” that you need to bring together for your spell or ritual. You may want to heat some mixtures in your cauldron, so this is another reason it should be fireproof. It should also be food-safe if you are mixing potions.

16. Instinct

Go with your instinct no matter what kind of spell you are casting or ritual you are performing. Use your instincts when choosing every element and every word to a spell or ritual. Only you know what is right for your spell or ritual, no one can tell you what should be used and what shouldn’t. Go with your instinct every time, even if you have a spell previously written. If that spell feels like it should be changed, then change it. Instincts will get you very far with witchcraft.


This is not a complete list of everything that you will ever need or that you will ever use in your spells and rituals, and it is not meant to be. It is simply a list of some of the most common witchcraft spell casting essentials that are important to ensure a great spell.

You don’t need all of these things for each spell. You want to use any combination of the essentials (and anything else that you feel is necessary) in each individual spell.


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