Meditation: Mind Wandering

Meditation. Release control over the thoughts in your mind. Relax, and let your mind wander.

Meditation Is Something We Can All Achieve Whether We Think We Can Or Not Meditation is a way for you to relax your mind and body so that your stresses can slip away and you can remain calm and healthy. Meditation is a state of tranquility which can be achieved in silence or in noisy »more

Readings (Tarot): Moved To Serve You Better

New Location. I am no longer associated with SKZ Flower Market or Bent Twigs and Black Wicks shops. I am now offering readings in a more convenient and comfortable environment. I can finally run under my own rules. No discrimination. Visit to book your appointment today!

I’ve Moved! Better, More Convenient, More Comfortable Location! My Readings, Your Schedule! I want to start off by saying, this article is to explain to everyone WHY I’ve changed locations for my Tarot readings and my other services (including classes and workshops). This article is NOT intended attack or badmouth anyone. This is MY story, »more

False Readings (Tarot)

False readings aren't always as false as they appear to be. Sometimes readings come out looking false to get a person to act on their own to make something happen in their lives.

False Readings Happen, But Are Not Always “False Readings” False readings happen all the time. They happen to every psychic and Tarot reader. A false reading often gives the impression that the reader is wrong. But, there are reasons for this. Sometimes a reading turns out results that the person doesn’t want to hear. Things »more

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